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Okay but seriously what is UP with that scene in the boat when Steve's about to jump in the lake? He could've dropped his shirt in the bottom of the boat. He could have tossed it at Robin or even Nancy. He could've made some snarky comment. Instead he's like "golden-lit, languishing, half-naked look over my shoulder at this dude I've known for all of two days while I toss him my clothing for no logical reason" and then swan dives.

This isn't even considering the fact that he made sure to broadcast his credentials like everyone in that boat didn't already know who and what King Steve was in high school. Who were you trying to impress, baby cakes? Not Robin, for obvious reasons. Not Nancy, she's already intimately acquainted. So who was it, hmmmm?

Couple hours later the same dude is telling Steve all about how Nancy must really love him to jump so fast, and Steve's just like "cool story bro. By the way, mighty fine lips you have there mind if I look at them instead of processing whatever you just said." I'm just.

My man.


I don’t know if this is a fear that many people have as commenters, but for those who are worried that they shouldn’t leave a comment in their native language because the author might not understand—please do it!!

Getting comments in another language is, for me, a bonus because now I’m copying and pasting it into google translate like a kid opening a mysteriously shaped present on Christmas to find when they open it that it’s exactly what they were hoping for!!

The suspense! 🤩🤩 The payoff! 🤩🤩🤩

But in addition to that, it means so much to me because it shows that something I’ve written has sort of transcended language and reached across world borders and cultures and has found a home with someone! It’s brought them joy, and I might never know that person, but to see that joy expressed in a language I don’t speak—there’s just something special about that.

Anonymous asked:

Colossal Biosciences has plans to "de-extinct" the Tasmanian tiger using gene-editing technology. I thought you'd want this information.

Unfortunately several people have attempted even getting the DNA sequenced from alcohol-preserved specimens, but the last attempt I remember was hugely infested with mold and amounted to nothing. They've wanted to try de-extinction for a long time. I found CB's page on their plans but so far it seems like they haven't managed to sequence it all either yet, so I won't get my hopes up over it. Definitely something to keep an eye on though! Thanks for the heads up!

that trope where a character stretches and reveals a small sliver of tummy, but instead of being horny steve sees eddie's scars and pulls him in for a hug because he's still here, they're both still here. it's a quiet moment between two people who understand and fought against the unseen horrors


PISSES ME OFF that glass is actually a liquid but it acts like a solid because the speed at which it flows is slow enough that the universe will collapse in on itself before all the glass in it finally settles into puddles. That is literally just the worst most useless liquid in the world. Complete and utter failure at being liquid. What a ridiculous stupid idiot. How do you fuck it up that hard. And you can cut yourself on it?? That’s the opposite of what you ever want a liquid for. Bad job. Just not good.

I read this and thought “surely this had to be fake” but then I googled it and

What the fuck. Glass is like, in a perpetual state of being *almost* solid but not quite, and moves so slowly it can’t be measured on a proper scale

actually the most significant difference between fanfiction and Serious Literature is by and large the latter is written by people whose life circumstances aligned such that they had at least the bare minimum of time and energy needed to write a novel, whereas fic authors will upload an equivalent amount of words in a single chapter update between the ceremony and reception on their wedding day because an earthquake hit and they “had some free time” while the search and rescue team was digging them out of the collapsed church

now that is confirmed that Tommy H had a crush on Steve I can’t stop thinking about this headcanon where Steve doesn’t realize that Eddie is flirting with him because he thinks that male friendships are like that because of Tommy until robin had to point it out and he’s like “..ohhh, I thought.. it was u know, a guy thing, Tommy used to do that too” “Tommy used to do what.”

 Guys, I heard children outside in the backyard of my school, and i’m on the fifth floor, but right above the playground, so I threw a paper airplane with a little message on it to them, and then they got excited so I threw another one, and then I threw another, and then another, and then they started making requests like “tell us a story” and I wrote a little thing about me throwing airplanes out the window or “draw us a picture of yourself” and i drew a picture that didn’t look too great but they thought it was fun and they’d expectantly wait and I’d throw another and they’d be screaming and chasing it and trying to figure out who i am and stuff and after twenty minutes, and, like, forty airplanes i sent one that said “do you wanna see me” and they were excited and started chanting so i threw one that said “countdown” and they counted down from ten and then i actually poked my head out the window because they still hadn’t seen me yet and i had a handful of, like, twenty paper airplanes with me and i threw them all one at a time as they tried to catch them like a giant ticket blaster at chuckie cheese, and the look of pure delight and joy on those kids’ faces was worth all that time and paper.

This is still my biggest accomplishment and the greatest moment of my life.