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I think so much about the food people ate pre-Columbian exchange. Huge parts of cuisine extremely important on both sides of the pond just didn't exist.

You've probably heard a little about what was brought over from the New World, corn, potatoes, cocoa, cassava, peanuts, chili peppers, avocadoes, cranberries, pumpkins, and the like. Imagine cooking without chili! Without potatoes! Modern Indian cuisine contains enormous amounts of potatoes and we just didn't have those for the vast majority of history. The best of the nightshades all on one contiguous hunk of land. Hell, tomatoes! Almost forgot about those.

But we don't often look at what the Old World had. Wheat! Barley! Rice! A profusion of incredible grains, really, the finest poaceae has to offer. Carrots! Tons of rosaceous plants like apples and cherries and pears and peaches and apricots! Grapes! Soy and Bamboo! Okra and watermelon! All these things were simply never found in the Americas. The grains one is the wildest for me, the variety of grains available across Eurasia and Africa was truly astounding.

You know what binds together the food of all cultures across the world? Onions. Onions are fucking everywhere. There's probably onions growing near you right now. Allium Gang Unite.

in absolute despair because my friend just sent me this tiktok and I realised there would never be a man more my type on this entire fucking earth. as if I wasn't sold on the MOST IMPRESSIVE DOORS I'VE EVER SEEN, you also had to show me most attractive man building them

some facts about my father, a perfectly ordinary human being:

  • got tenure in two years by getting two 2.5-million dollar grants from the government and he's now held that job for the longest time any faculty at his university has ever been tenured. literally almost longer than his entire school has existed.
  • he's won a fullbright...thrice.
  • speaks five languages (fluently: english, hebrew, russian; functionally: polish, dutch) and can get around in three others (german, japanese, and "pidgin arabic" whatever the fuck that means)
  • he was once locked inside the great pyramid at giza. on purpose.
  • one time i went to austin when he was out of town and when we got back to his house the only food in his fridge was 1) bulk family size cocktail shrimp from costco with all the shrimp eaten out of it and only the marinade left, 2) three boxes worth of frozen yoghurt bars, 3) two bags of frozen mini-wontons that expired two years earlier
  • has only one demand for his funeral and it's that while his casket is being lowered into the ground i make sure they play "whatever it is, i'm against it!" from the marx brothers film horse feathers
  • broke into (and out of) martial law poland in the early 80s and brought four hams in his back seat so he could spent six months living with his girlfriend, including a short period of time where he tried to drive from białystok to kraków in the middle of a blizzard, got lost, had no phone, no map, ran into the police, accidentally gave them his fake texas passport and almost got deported, bribed them with a ham, and then somehow ended up at his girlfriend's brother's apartment by complete happenstance and got blind drunk for a week
  • made friends with his assigned kgb agent in the 70s in russia
  • his car broke down in the middle of the sinai desert in the 70s and was saved from dying by a roaming passing band of bedouin car mechanics who took his entire car apart and put it back together and drove off without saying anything except "it works."
  • convinced me and one of my childhood best friends that he had found a way to time travel an hour into the future through the careful use of daylight savings, a radio station, a car clock, and the fact that he has never been on time for anything in his entire life
  • when he got his house renovated he decided that two attics and two cleverly hidden crawl spaces wasn't enough, so he added two more attics and another cleverly hidden crawl space, and i wish good luck to whatever poor schmuck (my cousin) has to sell his house someday.
  • broke his cherry-wood dining table under piles of papers...twice.
  • when in grad school, pretended to be a visiting russian statistics professor named "professor blowjob" (in russian) and somehow got away with this in order to teach a lecture on how s of x = f of n (sex is fun)
  • conned me into the belief that i had a magical color-changing guinea pig and kept this act up for literally a decade before admitting the truth
  • became a fellow on one of the yellow river restoration projects by making friends with an old man doing tai chi with a sword in a park in beijing. turned out that old man with a sword in a park in beijing was the head of the national environmental protection office at the time.

Ah yes, Jonathan escaping a vampire lair and having a violent brain fever for six weeks but on his first able correspondence still making sure to apologize to his boss and that his boss knows he wasn’t slacking on work. I too am in my 20s, stuck beneath the heel of capitalism, and have anxiety.

Anonymous asked:

hey friend, would you mind tagging sandman gifs or spoilers in your reblogs? Trying to avoid them at the mo' before I get around to watching the show :)) love your blog!

Sorry about that. Done!

I always thought that “woman pulls something out of her cleavage” was really just sort of a cliche historically

But nope

I’m reading this incredibly niche book about the history of pockets, and there is a picture of a pair of stays from the 18th century that someone sewed a giant pocket inside of

It was apparently a big thing for women who wanted to keep their money safe or to steal it off of other people and hide it quickly


iconic doesnt even begin to cover how luke comes into the rebellion five years late with starbucks and his poncho/bucket hat combo while talking about womprats and saving their asses in the span of a few days

New wacky romance manga: A teenage boy gets locked in a bomb shelter with his crush after a false alarm for a nuclear war. The boy later finds out about the alarm being false but he tells the girl the world ended because she said she'll only ever date him "if he was the last man on Earth".

New disturbing psychological horror manga: A teenage girl gets locked up in a bomb shelter with one of her classmates after the world ends in a nuclear war. Despite her reservations, the two start to get closer. But there's something off about the whole situation. And her classmate is definitely hiding something.

#this is such a concise illustration of narrative framing thanks op

"Stop hiding behind the glasses."

" I´m not hiding".

" You always manage to put something between us."


directed by Mark Robson.

Basket hilted sword with blade crafted by Johannes Wundes the Yonger from Germany, hilt is English, 17th century

from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

fanfics can range from “they f**ked on every surface imaginable using every position, style, method and implement known to mankind, until they passed out” to “you are my light and my soul, my love for you is undying, and my heart will never be the same” and i will consume it all without a second thought