tbh I’m excited for the feminists going after the gamer club, but I have really mixed feelings about Degrassi actually doing this storyline. 

Like videos surface of one of their cast members saying misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and ableist things while playing video games and he doesn’t face any consequences. And their response is to do a storyline about misogyny in the gaming community?


idk i actually feel like this is one of the best ways they possibly could have handled the situation???

like by tackling the issue on the show they’re explicitly saying upfront that what he did was Not Okay. straight up firing andre would’ve been a much easier way for degrassi to handle the situation. they could have just immediately wiped their hands clean of everything without ever acknowledging what happened/why it was fucked up. instead, by doing this they’re literally confronting what andre did head on and making it into a learning lesson for both him and degrassi viewers. 

(i’m obviously saying all of this 1) assuming that he was reprimanded behind the scenes for what he said and 2) assuming the show will do a good job telling this story.)

idk for me personally this feels like one of the most productive end results a shitty situation like this could have???


I think I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if Andre had actually gotten in trouble. They could have fired him AND done the storyline especially since gamer culture really is so awful a lot of the time.

But by keeping him on the show, he’s still getting paid. He’s still on set. He still has racist, sexist, and homophobic beliefs and the rest of the cast still has to work with him. 

Degrassi is simaltansously calling out sexist gaming culture while also keeping a sexist (and homophobic and racist and ableist) gamer on the set. It feels hypocritical.


honestly, it does. i’m not arguing with that at all. i just, at the same time, can kind of understand why they chose to act this way?

first and foremost though: i don’t want this to seem like i’m defending andre/anything he said or did at all, though. because i’m honestly not and if he had been fired i would’ve been 810% down with it…

but given degrassi’s swift reaction to what was said, i’d honestly be shocked if he wasn’t reprimanded behind the scenes??? likely, with a pay decrease or a fine and having his character slowly reduced in importance to the point he’s currently at. right now his only connection is exclusively to miles. and, even then, only barely at this point. winston could easily be written off in the future if andre fucks up again. (writing him off when everything happened would have been a lot harder to do cleanly at the time, given how connected he had been to some major plots/characters last season. it would’ve been the type of quick, messy write-off that we saw with adam that fucked up season 13 kind of majorly. it would’ve sucked for the rest of the cast/crew to have to deal with that again.)

i honestly recommend reading the post i linked earlier bc kary discusses everything much more in-depth and way more articulately than i can. regardless, i’m going to just tack on an excerpt from it in case you don’t want to read the whole thing:


Kary’s blog was how I first heard about the incident! And I agree with that he said.

And don’t worry, I didnt think you were defending him. I wasn’t shocked when he wasn’t fired, but I really really wish he had been. I hope he did get some sort of punishment for what he did.

I just wanted to point out that not only are they dealing with Andre’s specific situation, but based on the promo and how Hunter will respond Degrassi’s also addressing the massive GamerGate controversy.  That adds an even deeper layer to the storyline given the disgusting way GamerGate came about and how extremists on each side have treated each other ever since.

I’m not sure how many Degrassi fans know about GamerGate, and it can be hard to follow because of the passionate viewpoints of people on both sides, but for anyone unfamiliar with it herehere and here are the simplest explanations of what’s happened.

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Ms. Pill? I mean, I like the camera upgrade, but I feel like she's abusing her power as principal by using them to eavesdrop on people's personal and private conversations. I may sound ridiculous, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

It’s weird having her listening in on their private conversations and I’d be creeped out too if she were giving me advice about something I’d never discussed with her.

But at the same time I’m looking at the big picture, and I’ve surprisingly enjoyed her as Principal.  When characters take over the Principal role they end up being kinda jerky toward the students while at the same time allowing all kinds of crazy stuff to happen at school.  Ms. Pill overstepped her bounds with Clare, but her intentions were good.  And with other characters in this block she’s been firm, but fair.

Anonymous asked:

14A ended with Zoe telling zig he didnt want to be with him. And let's not act as if Zig ever really got over Maya. He only TRIED to because he touch she wanted to just be friends. They dropped hints he still liked her.

Apparently you misunderstood my post.Firstly, from what I recall, this was how 14A left off with these two:

Secondly… I don’t doubt that Zig will probably always have a soft spot for Maya. That said, he spent the entirety of 14A pursuing (or at the very least, interested in) Zoe.

… and then it was just dropped without any explanation. There was no resolution to this, and that is what irks me. Not that Zaya is happening, because I’ve stated before that I have a fondness for Zaya and that it’s one of those couples that was bound to happen because the writers have been dangling it in front of us since season 11.

Zig and Maya have a complicated history but this is just sloppy writing and I have a really hard time buying into it even as someone who likes Zaya.


Yeah, I sense that Zig and Zoe definitely still have some unfinished business.

…which is why it’s extra peculiar that they are now hinting at Ziles again? I thought that ship went off the table a loooooong ass time ago. And what about Triles?

I adore Zaya, but I feel so disoriented by all the ship-shifting in 14b.

I’m liking quite a few things, small and large, about 14B, but I think I’ve been blocking out the Tenner love square (love pentagon if you include Tristan) on purpose.  My brain doesn’t even know how to process how they got here.  Did no one realize that this “ship-shifting” (I’m using that from now on) would come across as utterly senseless to viewers?  How is there such a huge gap in how things ended in 14A and what’s happening in 14B?

Anonymous asked:

Saw you on TeenNick! Very cool! And you're right. That episode is one of the best.

Thank you!! :) I really wasn’t expecting it to air this week, so I was surprised when I saw my giant forehead on TV lol

I still don’t see new degrassi episodes recording next week. I see the promo for the seasons but I just don’t see the episodes. I have AT&T Uverse

Anyone else having this issue?

I also have AT&T Uverse.  It’s Wednesday (7/15) and they still haven’t updated the DVR guide yet.  TeenNick’s schedule has a history being super wonky on of right now my DVR says the next “new” episodes of Degrassi are airing on a Sunday morning at 4am, lol.

It should be fixed before Monday, though. I’ve never had issues with episodes not recording, it’s just frustrating that they wait so long to actually update the guide.

Anonymous asked:

Since Eclare has the D plot in the finale do you suppose they got back together in one of Clare's A or B plot in 14B? It would be weird if they just choose to be friends for the baby sake even we know that big possibility the baby dies. If they want them endgame it wouldn't be in the finale because we all know couples never break up or get back together in C & D plots.. I guess that means Jackogen is done too. We also know this show is too predictable for Eclare.

From a story standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to definitively determine the fate of the most-talked-about ship in the history of show before their final episode.  This is Eclare. The writers know there are shippers and anti-shippers who’ve been hanging around for years just for this moment. I’m betting my soul (and everyone else’s) Eclare will be the final scene of the season anyway.

Eclare will not be resolved before the final episode, especially when said episode is called “Finally.”

Friendly reminder that not all viewers that hate Triles are homophobic

Friendly reminder that many of these people are LGBT themselves

Friendly reminder that those who do hate Triles because they’re homophobic are people most of us don’t wish to associate with any more than you do

Friendly reminder that shipping preference shouldn’t be used as a base by which to gauge a person’s strength of character

Friendly reminder that same sex pairings should be held to the same standards as all other pairings and are not granted immunity from criticism

Friendly reminder that same sex pairings are equal to hetero pairings - not superior nor inferior - and thus merit equal treatment

Friendly reminder that just because I hate one same sex pairing for reasons that have nothing to do with the sexes of the characters doesn’t mean I don’t approve of same sex relationships, and it’s actually very offensive to insinuate that about a person on such a flimsy basis

Just listened to "Degrassi Woes"! So much fun and really creative. A nice refresher of 14A (has it really been six months!?). Thanks for recording and sharing!


Thank you!! :)


Why do the writers have to be so utterly predictable?

Of course they couldn’t just have Zaya happen in a way that feels natural. Nah, let’s have Maya “suddenly realize” she’s in love with him AFTER he’s moved on. Because drama.  I don’t doubt that Maya’s feelings for him are complicated due to their history but for fuck’s sake. You know this is just going to make the entire fandom hate her more than they already do and I’m just really not looking forward to that.


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As someone who is generally pretty quiet, and has been constantly interrupted and talked over my whole life, I just feel the need to express my genuine love for people who actually listen. People who give me time to talk and prompt me to continue if someone interrupts me. I love you. Please keep that up.


Because when Audra stopped trying to force him to be “Gracie” and accepted him for who he was, there was no reason to keep doing it. I got the impression that he only did it when he was Gracie.