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Oh, in many ways iguanas are worse than a jaguar- you can't impulse buy a jaguar at a petco for $40, and if you release it, it doesn't become invasive in Florida.

Ok, so when people think green iguanas, they think of the cute little babies at the pet store being sold for irresponsibly low prices and with bad care guides.

However, they do not stay this way.

An adult Green Iguana is going to end up being 6 feet long. They weigh 20 pounds. They are ARBOREAL and require basking spot at 105F, with UVB. You're looking, minimum, of an 8ft x 12ft enclosure - that's a room in your house, or a custom built outdoor enclosure if you live in an climate where that's even possible, because ideally they shouldn't ever get below 75F. (The electricity alone to maintain an indoor enclosure is... substantial.) Oh, and they do best in 80% humidity. Perfectly fine inside a glass snake tank- a bit of a trick if you're modifying the spare bedroom.

Oh, and feeding them? You better go in on special calcium supplements, or else you're looking at some very bad medical issues.

So, imagine a 20 pound dog, that needs extreme heat, a climbing area, only eats fresh vegetables, and needs routine vitamin supplements and UVB lighting or its bones WILL literally turn to mush.

But are they at least easy to socialize? NO.

These fucking dinosaurs hit lizard puberty and become *very* territorial, especially the males. Oh, but whats the worse they can do? Look at the tail. THE TAIL. The tail that can, and will, whip the shit out of you with if you're in their space and you JUST want to clean their enclosure, because they can't be litterbox trained.

Oh, I mentioned they are ARBOREAL, right? So. Claws. Look at the claws. Not every Iguana becomes a furious 6 foot tree climbing raptor with a knife whip attached to its ass with extremely specific care needs- some of them just become... mostly chill 6 foot tree climbing raptors with a knife tail attached to their ass with extremely specific care needs.

And they are highly invasive. Just. Just wildly invasive.

Are they cool as shit? Absolutely.

Are their care requirements extreme enough that large number of them are very neglected by well meaning owners who impulse bought one because they are irresponsibly cheap, and they overrun reptile rescues (much like Sulcata tortoises. Ugh) and become invasive if they escape or are abandoned? Also yes.

There are much much better lizards out there. (Argentine Tegus! Ackie Monitors! Leachie Geckos!) They are more expensive to buy, but their care tends to be much more manageable and they are less likely to cause an extinction event of local fauna if they escape. If nothing else, the higher price tag and lowered availability means that potential owners are more likely to do their research and not toss one in an old fish tank with some sticks from the back yard until they became a nuisance.

To the people in the notes shocked at how cheap they are- yes, really.

I've been to reptile expos where people are selling them for $20. And sulcata tortoises for like $20. Which is absolutely insane. (Sulcatas may be even worse pets, just for being the third largest tortoise on Earth, the ability to burrow through dry wall, and the fact that they live FOREVER.)

it makes me happy that Pangur & Grim come to me when stressed. 

we had loud visitors, and so they slunk off to hide with me (I am also stressed by loud visitors), and we all hung out on the bed together in mutual animal comfort

cats are an autism animal and I will thrown my entire chest behind that 

Ravioli Of Lying To God

God: What are you eating?
Cistercian Monk: *chews faster*

I once bought vegan gummies and normal gummies for my coworkers. One Indian coworker who is vegetarian, went for the normal gummies. So I told him "Oh, those are not the vegan gummies!" to which he replied: "this candy is very small. God can't see it" and then scarfed down a whole bag 😂😂😂

Was that how Ravioli was invented?

Don't use Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp), Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, really any social media app or messenger, forum, or even Discord if you are seeking an abortion. Only use things like Signal (assuming it's still safe) that are heavily point-to-point encrypted.

Tech corporations aren't your friends, they will rat you out to fascists.

So, my university does a lot of outreach Classics work, trying to make it less of an elitist subject and more accessible to children, and as part of that, I went to give a talk to a class of 6 and 7 year olds a few months back.

And here’s the thing. Classics is really often portrayed as the last bastion of academic privilege, a subject that is only taught to rich white kids so that they can brag about knowing Latin and get jobs as Tory MPs. But these kids were OBSESSED. They had already done some stuff on myths, and they were so excited to talk about it. They knew all the stories, all the heroes, the gods, the monsters. I have never seen such an excitable group of kids as these 6 year olds shouting about Odysseus.

For the lesson, I asked them to think of their favourite myth and to consider it from the point of view of the monster rather than the hero. The end goal was to show that often the monsters and heroes are quite similar. We decided to do Polyphemus (the Cyclops) in the Odyssey, and so I asked them why they thought Polyphemus might have been so angry at Odysseus that he killed some of his men.

Because he came home and found lots of strange men in his house, eating his food, said the kids.

So, I asked them, do you think that was a good reason to kill people?

No, they said, but he was very cross, and he didn’t do it because it was fun.

And then this KID, this SIX YEAR OLD CHILD, put her hand up and said “well, it was very bad of him, but if we’re cross with him then we have to be cross with Odysseus too, because when he came home from his adventure and found lots of men in his house, trying to marry his wife, he killed them, and that’s the same thing, isn’t it?”


I am a published Classicist! A PhD student! And I have never made that connection before! Not once! And this child was six years old! And she made the link! By herself!

And so I tried not to show how gobsmacked I was, and we talked more about other monsters, including Medusa, and at the end of the lesson a lot of them said that they thought the monsters were not as evil as we usually think, and then I went home.

But I honestly haven’t got over how excited and engaged those kids were, in a totally regular primary school. Classics, in that classroom, was not elitist or inaccessible. It was something they understood, could really get their teeth into and use to think of new ideas of good and bad, of why we demonise different people for doing the same things. And that’s how I like to think about Classics. Not a series of dry texts in ancient languages, but as living stories that you actually can’t help but love, just a bit.


When you’re copying a URL that has a question mark in it, that question mark AND EVERYTHING AFTER IT are completely unnecessary. It’s tracking data telling the website whether you copied the URL from their share function, or visited them via twitter, or what search terms you used to find that page.

So a URL that looks like this:


can usually become


You can delete all that tracking shit, and the URL should still work. You can even test it in a new tab first before sharing it, if you're an anxious mess like me.

Go forth and tell your friends! And maybe I will no longer have to see URLs on tumblr or Discord that take up a full screen.

This is actually a helpful thing that I did not know

Keep up the good work

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Here are the thoughts.

NFTs are tokens for financial speculation that are uniquely suited for taking money from gullible people, centralizing power in the already-wealthy, and accelerating climate catastrophe. NFTs must be stopped.

Fortunately, the reason they are proliferating (and the reason they are so expensive) is not because they are useful, but because they appeal to a particular psychology of value.

It’s very similar to the value of rare baseball cards or stamps. Stamps do not perform any particular function and you can buy them very cheaply. Very expensive stamps are only expensive because there are a limited number, and because they were printed at a verified location. That’s where the extra value on rare stamps comes from — brand recognition and scarcity.

Right now, NFTs gain their value from brand recognition and “scarcity”. People recognize NFTs as NFTs on sight, and there are allegedly limited numbers of them. This is why Twitter implemented the hexagonal profile pics — it makes the NFT more immediately identifiable.

In order to make NFTs lose their value, which is exactly what we want to do, all you have to do is expose those two characteristics — scarcity and legitimacy — as the illusions they are. This is why right-click saving the NFTs is so devastating: it shatters that illusion of scarcity. This is also why insulting them as ugly and stupid is important work — it shatters the illusion of brand prestige.

And they are both nothing but an illusion. NFTs do not benefit from any extra copy protection beyond conventional digital material (which is why so many NFTs are minted from stolen art). The “scarcity” comes from someone applying a serial number post-creation and selling that string of numbers to somebody, with no more actual credibility than those fraudulent companies that sell stars. There is no way to prove the claim of ownership, and no way to stop anyone from replicating it.

That’s why an NFT bro, when faced with criticism of the NFT’s false scarcity, will tell you that you “don’t get” how NFTs work. It’s to protect the sham value of their investment. The NFT has to be scarce or it wouldn’t be valuable. If you point out that it’s not scarce at all, you must simply not understand the mechanism of scarcity.

But you DO get it. NFTs are exactly as stupid as you think they are. That’s why exposing the mechanics behind NFTs is actually important work. It’s praxis. The value of NFTs is entirely a rhetorical game, and every time you convince someone that the scarcity of an NFT is a scam, the scam loses some of its power. The value of NFTs is entirely contingent on belief. It’s like believing in fairies, only we want the fairies to die.


me: why are you destroying earth!!!

aliens: because theres people who think that english is the only language they need to speak

me: thats fair i understand


For some reason I find this all the more amusing because it’s written in English


moi: pourquoi vous détruisez le monde!!! l'extraterrestre: parce que il y a des gens qui pensent que l'anglais est le seule langue pour parler moi: ah ça c'est bien

ich: warum zerstört ihr die erde!!!

aliens: weil es leute gibt die glauben dass englisch die einzige sprache ist die sie sprechen müssen

ich: das ist fair ich verstehe

ég: af hverju eyðileggið þið jörðina!!! aliens: af því að það er fólk sem finnst að enska sé sú eina tungumál sem þau þurfa að tala ég: oh, það er vit í þessu. ég skil.


ik: waarom vernietig je de aarde!!!

aliens: omdat er mensen zijn die denken dat engels de enige taal is die ze hoeven te spreken

ik: oh zo, ik snap het


minä: miks te tuhootte maapalloo?

alienit: koska tääl on ihmisiä joitten mielestä englanti on ainoo kieli jota niitten täytyy puhua

minä: toi on reilua, ymmärrän

私: どうして地球を滅ぼしているんですか?

宇宙人: 英語しか喋る必要がないと思う人がいるからです

私: なるほど、わかりました

me: Wosück maakt ji de Welt twei!!!

aliens: wieldat dat Lüüd gifft, de dinkt dat Engelsch de allenige Spraak weer, de een snacken mütt

me: jo, daar seggst wat. Nu versta ik’t


aniga: dhulka maxaad u burburinaya !!!

shisheeyaha: dadka intiisa badani u malaynayaan in Ingiriisidu tahay afka oo kaliya ay u baahan yihiin inay la hadlaan

aniga: waxaan fahamsanahay. waa wax cadaalad






ako: bakit niyo sinisira ang mundo!!!

taga-ibang planeta: kasi merong mga taong akala nila Ingles lang ang kailangan nilang matutunang lenggwahe

ako: ah, sige naiintindihan ko


Aku : kenapa kau hancurkan bumi!!! Alien : karena masih banyak orang berpikir hanya bahasa inggris satu-satunya bahasa yang terpenting Aku : oh, oke lah..


tôi: tại sao các người hủy diệt trái đất!!! người ngoài hành tinh: bởi vì có người nghĩ rằng tiếng Anh là thứ tiếng duy nhất mà họ cần biết tôi: ồ thế thì tôi hiểu


Eu: Por que vocês estão destruindo a Terra?! Aliens: Porque há pessoas que pensam que o inglês é a única língua que eles precisam falar. Eu: Isso é justo, eu entendo.

jag: varför förintar ni jorden!!!

utomjordingar: för det finns folk som tror att engelska är det ända språket de behöver kunna

jag: rimligt, jag förstår

Já: Proč ničíte Zemi?

Mimozemšťani: Protože tu jsou lidé, kteří si myslí, že angličtina je jediný jazyk, který potřebují znát

Já: To je fér, to chápu.

ja: dlaczego niszczycie Ziemię?

kosmici: ponieważ są ludzie, którzy myślą, że angielski to jedyny język, którego potrzebuję

ja: rozumiem, w porządku


io: perchè state distruggendo la terra!!!

alieni: perchè ci sono delle persone che credono che l’inglese sia l’unica lingua di cui hanno bisogno

io: capisco, mi sembra giusto


Yo: porqué estás destruyendo la tierra!?!?

Extraterrestre: porque hay personas quienes creen que inglés es la única lengua que se tiene que hablar.

Yo: te entiendo, es justo.


Я: Почему вы уничтожаете Землю?!?! Инопланетяне: Потому что есть люди, которые считают, что им нужно говорить только по-английски. Я: А, ну понятно, тогда ладно!


A modern Rosetta stone.


Onipa: ad3n ti na woo se3 ewuasi

3wiamu nii: efri s3 nk⊃fu⊃ bi w⊃ ho a ⊃mo fri s3 br⊃fo ne kasa p3 a ehyia ⊃mo

Onipa: a, ma te ase

Yessssssss I love the sign language addition! @polygamouscaterpillar


This is like the side-by-side plates of the Lord’s Prayer in the historical linguistics textbook except so much better

This is the most educational shitpost I’ve ever seen

Mi: Carson a tha thu a ‘sgrios na Talmhainn?

Alien: Leis gu bheil daoine ann a tha a’ smaoineachadh gur e Beurla an aon chànan a dh’ fheumas iad a bhruidhinn.

Mi: Tha sin cothromach, tha mi a’ tuigsinn.