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Everything stinks till it's finished.
"Air Farting is 80 percent in the colon, 20 percent in the mind." — Josué Jovel, Art Farting Trainer

Yes, Virginia – farts is funny. (Via)

Chicago is not the most corrupt American city. It's the most theatrically corrupt.

Okay, so you didn't finish your spec feature or TV script draft in time to submit during last fall's go-around. (And why was that, exactly...?)

Not to worry, gentle scribes, for spring has sprung, and so has Coverage Ink's Spring 2016 "Get Repped Now" promotion.

From April 18 through May 22, 2016, every feature or TV script submitted to CI for its top-flight analysis that scores at least a "CONSIDER" for the SCRIPT will land on one of these top literary reps' desks for a personal read:

Jake Wagner - Benderspink Micah Klatzker - Industry Entertainment Kevin Steele - Magnet Management Jeff Belkin - Zero Gravity "Manager X" - Madhouse Entertainment

Wha? That's not how it's supposed to work. Launching a screenwriting career is supposed to be about futility, frustration and failure. F-that! "Get Repped Now" works! Just ask Brandon Barker, whose submitted script sold to Disney for six figures.

So maybe this time you'll finish that draft, huh?

If you don’t get everything you want, it's not always because the person you elected sold you out.

— President Barack Obama

It's down to the wire for my friends' Indiegogo campaign to secure the finish funding for their awesome indie animated horror film.

Check your couch cushions and swear jars for whatever you can toss their way to put them over the top and bring American-made animated horror to the big screen. Thanks.

(Image © Coverage Ink Films)

My pals at Coverage, Ink Films hope to crowdfund the final stages of their original (and awesome) hand-drawn animated horror film, and they've put together a great Indiegogo pitch to rally support.

The footage I've seen is amazing, and the cast kicks all kind of ass, so consider visiting their site, hear them out, and maybe toss them a few (or more than a few) shekels. They have a cool assortment of supporter perks, too.

Support Independent Film!

Image via Coverage, Ink Films

That's right, big and small-screen scribes... Coverage Ink's "Get Repped Now!" promotion is back, which means it's time to get your features and TV pilots in fighting shape to take advantage of this unique opportunity for access to the career you've always wanted.

Of course, your SCRIPT first needs to make it through CI's analyst gauntlet with at least a "Consider" score during the October 12-to-November 15 submission window. Then it's off to these literary reps for a personal read:

Jake Wagner - Benderspink Micah Klatzner - Industry Entertainment Chris Mills - Magnet Management Jeff Belkin - Zero Gravity

The sky could be the limit after that. No way, you say. Yes way. Just ask these folks...

Or, you could shrug it all off, let this opportunity pass you by, and then wonder what might have been.

STOP wondering! Make it happen. Your screenwriting career is calling you.

Stop? I thought that got you off, kid — seeing people in pain. You ever bully or hurt anybody again, I'll come back and butt fuck your father with your mom's headless corpse on this goddamn lawn. Twelve years old, my ass. Fuck you.

— Det. Ray Velcoro, from True Detective (Season 2, Episode 1: “The Western Book of the Dead”)

CAROL: You can never tell anyone, especially your mom. Because if you do, one morning you'll wake up and you won't be in your bed. SAM: Where will I be? CAROL: You'll be outside the walls, far, far away… tied to a tree. And you'll scream and scream because you'll be so afraid. No one will come to help because no one will hear you. But something will hear you. The monsters will come, the ones out there. And you won't be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and eat you up, all while you're still alive, all while you can still feel it. And afterwards, no one will ever know what happened to you. Or, you can promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw here, and then nothing will happen. And you'll get cookies, lots of cookies. I know what I think you should do.

—from The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 13 — “Forget”)

Clever film junkie wall candy from former UK ad industry creatives turned conceptual artists.

(Image © Dorothy)

A street map made up of over 900 film titles including cinema classics such as Lost Highway, On the Waterfront, Jurassic Park, Reservoir Dogs, Carlito's Way, Nightmare on Elm Street, Valley of the Dolls and Chinatown. The Map, which is loosely based on the style of a vintage Los Angeles street map has its own Hollywood Boulevard and includes districts dedicated to Hitchcock and Cult British Horror movies. Like most cities it also has its own Red Light area. There's an A-Z key at the base of the Map listing all the films featured with their release dates and names of the directors.

So you missed Coverage Ink's "GET REPPED NOW!" fall and summer promotions because why exactly...? "I, uh, couldn't find the right size brads..."

Well, while you dawdled, writer Brandon Barker submitted his spec "Nottingham & Hood" during the summer promotion, received some awesome coverage, made it through CI's analyst gauntlet, got the script into Benderspink's hands, and then sold it to Disney.

Wait, what? That doesn't happen.

Well, it does. It did. And maybe it can happen to YOU, because "GET REPPED NOW!" is back for spring 2015!

Submit your feature-length screenplay or TV pilot for CI's "cream of the crop" analysis from April 6th to May 3rd, 2015, and all scripts scoring a “Consider” are GUARANTEED a read by one of four top Literary Managers for consideration for possible representation!

The time for dawdling is over. The time for putting your career in gear is now!