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Don't be scared to do what you want to do, be brave and you will get there

Wow First Kill on Netflix exceed my expectations! When I first saw the trailer I'm like hell yes! Lesbian vampires wanting to be together and a modern Romeo and juliet but it's a Juliet and Juliet!

I binge watched this series in a whole day and I never watched a show this much fun before! That first episode already drew me in with Juliette want to kiss Cal so much and Cal hiding a stake behind her back lol Talk about first kiss 💋 I love how we get to see Juliette's arc during the whole thing. Juliette being a awkward lesbian flirting is so relatable. And Cal knowing what she was from the start and testing her is so juicy! We get to see her come in to what she knows she wants and Cali well....one thing Juliette said is right, she never apologies. But Cali is learning to see not all vamps are bad and breaking out from her family expectations.

I love how one of the scenes shows the legendary Adam and eve scene but replace ot with lesbians ! They ditched Adam and added Eve and Lilith which I absolutely love lol THE SOUNDTRACK is one of the hottest tracks I ever heard.

I totally didn't know Victoria Schwab wrote this at all and now I have to reas that short story too! There are many different details in the show that made it unique as well, aside from the star crossed romance. Having a POC as the main lead and queer is amazing, and adopted family as a real family is so wholesome.

First off, the burns family is crazy lol talk about having dinner and passing salads while telling them look at what vampire I staked last week! The brothers showed great progress throughout the show and vampire family is a wild card. I got some laughs with the grandma lol The steamy scenes are really really really steamy I am so excited they went that full out, but kissing Cal is a risk who knows when she will stake us.

THAT ENDING!!! THAT PSYCHO BROTHER! THAT HEARTBREAK! OWWWW PLEASE HAVE A SEASON 2!. And look at these posters!!!!! They seriously know how to pull people in! ❤️‍🔥

Vampire in the Garden is such a piece to recommend others to watch. I just finished it and I am so damn numb, cried so much through it and so so heartbroken. Don't get me wrong, I waited this anime for a while. When I saw this one I loved the concept, the idea and just the designs is breathtaking.

Let's talk about the pros, I love love how it revolves around music. I have never seen that in a vampire anime at all, all vampire anime are just like murder and brutal kills. The music is beautiful and touching. Fine and Momo relationship is a beautiful one to see blossom. The snippets of them together; the road trip, the laughs, the jokes makes me love them more but what I don't know is the bottomless pit that will end in tragedy.

The characters were amazing as well, the overbearing mom which im sure she loves her daughter, but she puts work and the mission first even risk shooting her daughter in the crossfire. The protector of Fine which often misunderstood what Fine really wants. The annoying God damn humans that won't leave them alone.

What I love is Momo is not a helpless damsel, she can fight she is a soldier. Those scenes with her fighting that vampire shows how she grown and I couldn't been much prouder. Fine tremendous amount of great self control and her tragic past of her lover making her not see Fine as replacement but as a lover.

ALL THAT is so much progress! But then that ending, that terrible horrible ending. It felt like all that progress went down the drain by then. I understand almost half of the vampire animes and everything ends in tragedy but this???? It was uncalled for especially the bury the gays trope. Fine showed she wasn't a monster like her people, she gave mercy even when she literally turned into a monster. She spared the cocky uncle and still he tried to shoot her.

At the end, we saw Momo found eden and the closing of what Fine said to her that she knew what she signed up for when she came with her. They could have a chance to experience the eden together. Fine never wanted to be the vampire queen, she lost so much and Momo just wanted humans and vampire together. So many ppl shunned her for saying it's a dream but her friend the one who died told her to treasure the music box because she believed her too.

Seriously what were they thinking it could have been an amazing show, the art was already beautiful and the story the morale was good in itself. But props for the voice actors, all those emotional scenes are spot on. I am heartbroken but also pissed but overall it was a good show.

“The day you learn how to use your strength for the good of others is the day that you can truly become part of human society.”

This scene right here made me cry 😭 Shenhe!!!! 💖


ARCANE S01E05 | “Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy”

Vi: If you really want people to talk to you, you have to let them think you have what they want. Caitlyn: And what do I have?



SHIP SAILEDDDDDDD I didn't know if they were going to do it and THEY DID!!!! Also waiting for Caitlyn's answer was tiring and then it shows she with a woman sweet! 😁


Bastion Cinematic

Disclaimer: I’ve been avoiding spoilers from the Shadowlands beta after hearing about Arthas’ involvement in the quest/storyline and therefore I’m not up to date on the latest regarding what’s already known. These opinions are purely reaction-based to what I saw in the cinematic.

When the spoilers came out for Uther’s afterlife quest line in the beta, all I read about Devos was “she’s a bitch” and “it’s all her fault.” I didn’t explore it further because I didn’t like the idea that Arthas would be a topic in this expansion. I’d decided to avoid spoilers and wait to play through the quest myself later. 

Today I got the chance to watch the Bastion cinematic and I couldn’t help but like her in this introduction. I guess you can tell I have a type.

I liked that she was concerned for Uther’s wounded soul, and tried to help him in spite of it being “below her station as a Paragon.” She wondered if perhaps him being in Bastion was a mistake. And I like that. I like characters who don’t just blindly follow higher powers or rules without questioning them when things don’t go as they should be.

I also don’t know how I feel about souls having to spend time there to “forget” (especially if troubled) in order to be worthy of “ascension.” But, I suppose that imperfection isn’t allowed—you cannot have feelings or biases.

And perhaps this is where Devos began to “fall.”

She was concerned for this one soul… who couldn’t seem to let go of his past.

She’s warned about her thoughts on Uther’s worthiness of Bastion, too.

“Be careful, Devos. I would not let the Archon hear such a thought. In time, he will forget. Trust our ways. Trust the path.” 

(And that sounds like some brainwashing level bullshit, not going to lie…)

Very well said 😁🙌


This? This is beautiful. Also, spot Wrong Hordak! XD

I know she’s like, a major bitch, but….this scene was kinda badass. 

We all knew she was just playing Hector, but when he tried to play nice and get the better of her, she clowned on him. 


I’m in awe. She defeated an orc in single combat without using tricks (fanboys will cry “Mary Sue” but as Ranger General she took down orcs, she knows how to fight them) her effortlessly fighting Saurfang will forever stay with me as just an amazing moment in wow history. 

I really hope this sets up an upcoming novel about Sylvanas, war hero of the Second War and actually fighting against the Horde then, 1) to put into focus that Sylvanas has seen the WORST side of the Horde and also to further show how capable she is since people so often underestimate her (because she once wore bikini armor- it’s hard to respect a character you oversexualized) 

Under different circumstances, Sylvanas could have been a good Warchief. She could have been the best warchief but her experiences post death totally shaped why she hates both the Horde and the Alliance. 

This was not out of left field. The Gathering proved Sylvanas didn’t trust the Forsaken and she had no reason to, since many of them also distrusted her and would gladly follow a stranger. 

This endgame feels cathartic in a way. She’s not trapped trying to do what’s best for any race or faction who doesn’t appreciate her efforts to save it. She can be loyal to her own goals without having to sacrifice them for honor or whatever the Horde stands for now. 

She gets to be authentically herself good or bad which I think is a great development for her character. This is as real as Sylvanas is going to get to her true motivations and I think it’s a great turn of events. I’ve meta’d about her character in great length so I don’t feel like I have to defend her any more than I already have. I’m excited for her future not shackled by the restraints of honor or codes of conduct. 

I think she transcends the Horde or the Forsaken and I’m content with that. At least she’s not Garrosh 2.0 trying to drag the Horde or the Forsaken along with her.I respect her for that, if this is her bridge to burn I’ll be happy to hold the torch for her (again)


Happy Pride Everyone!!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤❤❤💜💛🧡💜💙💙 To LGBTQ Asians in the closet I understand you; the pressure from traditional families, their old mindset of marrying a nice Asian guy and settling down, the disgust of seeing LGBT people in the news saying how it's not right, trying to test the waters with your parents seeing if they will give you some hope to come out. Being any race or gender of LGBT people is hard, being in the closet is suffocating at times. But when you are ready to take that brave step forward, you will feel freeing. It's your life dont let other people decide, you be the judge. Happy Pride everyone have fun!! 🏳️‍🌈

GoT 8x04


About Missandei’s last words (or word):

I’m seeing a lot of people saying that they didn’t like how she said “Dracarys” like she’s telling Dany to burn them all to the ground and avenge her death.


Think back to when Missandei first met Daenerys, and her awe at seeing this strong woman marching with her dragons, demanding what she wants from men who think she is worthless and stupid, not being afraid of anything. She freed her and thousands of others from chains, gave Missandei back her freedom and her voice, all with a single word. That word represents the moment Missandei truly began to believe in Daenerys, a good and just queen of the oppressed. THAT is the queen Missandei believed in and she knew that her death would lead Dany even further to becoming that merciless killer she tried so hard not to be. Missandei said Dracarys so that Daenerys would remember who she was, the kind of queen she wants to be. “Dracarys” was Dany’s promise to Missandei that she would protect the innocent, free the enslaved, and fight for others who can’t fight for themselves. And she wants Daenerys to keep that promise to her, and to the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys may not be the princess of the prophecy, but she was Missandei’s Queen Who Was Promised.


What Riven is: To the Fandom

// See that?  That’s a strong as fuck woman beating the shit out of another strong as fuck abomination (no offense Sion).  That isn’t some waifish waifu uguu~ bullshit.  That is not some niko niko niii~ moe moe kyun~ bunny-suit wearing flower.


She swings around a weapon bigger than she is.  A weapon that she literally reforges using her own willpowerShe’s a trained soldier of Noxus, built up from nothing.


She was as much an icon of her people, the Noxian Spirit, as Katarina or Darius.  And even after being betrayed by the very ideals she loved, after losing everything she’d worked for in one single instant, she survived and rebuilt herself.

She stands with that blade of willpower against the corruption that caused her to lose everything.  She FIGHTS.  She suffers.  But she NEVER. GIVES. UP.

So next time you think Riven is some broken, submissive, crying mess of a person, before you draw her in a bunny suit to satisfy nothing but your desire to jack off or some fetish, before you sexualize her to the point of insult, consider that image.  Consider her strength, her determination, and her resolve to keep going despite hardship. 

Because, in case you FORGOT, THAT is what Riven is.