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TRU-Spinners ® Custom Wheel Enhancers by J.D.Gragg --------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVENTION - MODERN SPINNERS WIKIPEDIA 2008 In October 1992, a United States wheel spinner patent was filed by American inventor James (J.D.) Gragg who conceived and invented the original free-spinning spinner in the late 1980s. The American TRU-Spinners® Wheel Enhancer spinner patent (United States Patent #5,290,094) was issued on March 1, 1994, making it the first free-spinning wheel spinner patent of its kind with foreign patents to follow, Patent (#187,015) issued in October 1997. Back then TRU-Spinners® were only on a selected few "Custom and Concept Cars". TRU-Spinners® is known to be the leader in the field of the "Spinning Wheel Technology" with documented spin tests that stayed in motion for over 18 minutes as recorded by ABC/ESPN cameramen and also has versions with multiple-spinners that have 27 different spinning mode capabilities and Holographic TRU-Spinners® with integral spinner wheels. TRU-Spinners® was also the first to ever create a variable-fit 18" to 26" spinners and optional 24k Gold .357 Magnum spinners for high-rev tuners and TRU-Spinners® for classics. TRU-Spinners® were said to be the "Hottest" aftermarket custom car product of the new millennium selling worldwide in over 60 countries globally. TRU-SPINNERS® PATENT ENFORCEMENT The TRU-Spinner® was so popular worldwide that the illegal pirating was on a massive scale as American TRU-Spinners® and International TRU-Spinners® then assembled its Patent Enforcement Division and Legal Teams proceeded with litigation against the first of several illegal spinner pirating manufacturers, importers and retailers while licensing foreign companies and markets. TRU-SPINNERS® LEGAL SUITS / CASES In 2002 American TRU-Spinners® took 12 of the largest U.S. wheel manufacturers into the U.S. Federal Courts, Southern District San Diego, California and the U.S. Federal Courts, Eastern District in Atlanta, Georgia for patent and trademark infringement where American TRU-Spinners® prevailed winning an unprecedented 100% of its cases for Patent & Trademark Infringement in 2007. The awarded settlements memorialized in suit are not to be disclosed and remain strictly confidential by Stipulation of Court Order mandated by the U.S. Federal Courts of the Northern District of Georgia Atlanta and the U.S. Federal Courts of the Southern District of California San Diego. Permanent Injunctions where also issued against all 12 of the defendants. The case was watched closely by several law schools along with many legal minds and professors of law and was declared to be one of the most egregious cases of patent infringement in U.S. legal history. INTRODUCTION TO THE MARKET American TRU-Spinners® originally introduced its patented free-spinning wheel spinner in 1994, but back then TRU-Spinners® were only on an exclusive selected group of "Custom and Concept Cars", this is when TRU-Spinners® were first viewed by the public and others saw the concept and then proceeded to pirate the technology. POPULARITY TRU-Spinners® were popularized by MTV's "Cribs," ESPN's "The Life," BET's "How I'm Living," and "NBA Inside Stuff." Spinners have been further popularized by many celebrities who use them including, Latrell Sprewell, Hulk Hogan, Shaquille O'Neal, Busta Rhymes, Donovan McNabb, and Allen Iverson and were featured in several movies including Batman! In the music business there were countless songs about 'Wheel Spinners' such as Three 6 Mafia single "Ridin Spinners" featuring Lil' Flip, and other popular songs by T.I., Nelly, Lloyd Banks, Chingy, Jadakiss, G-Unit, 50 Cent, Master P, DJ Quik, Redman, Baby, Twista, Dem Franchize Boyz, and Big Tymers. Multiple music videos have featured the use of spinners. Spinners have also been featured in television shows as complete subject matter and guest stars showing their most unique car collections having such customized specialty equipment as Tru-Spinners. Spinners have been further popularized by many celebrities who use them including, Latrell Sprewell, Hulk Hogan, Shaquille O'Neal, Busta Rhymes, Donovan McNabb, and Allen Iverson. ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM The Rolls-Royce Phantom had the "RR" logo in the center of the wheel using the TRU-Spinners® "Stationary Mode" designed to ensure that the logo is always the right side up when the car is in motion. This is one means of the 27 functions that TRU-Spinners® had embodied within it patents.~ BATMAN THE MOVIE In the 1995 film Batman Forever the wheels on the Batmobile used a simulated stationary TRU-Spinner® mode assembly to keep the bat-emblem emblems upright and level when the wheels were in motion.~ TRU-Spinners® has been one of Omni Intellectual Properties best selling inventions to date selling worldwide in over 60 countries. ★RESUME & PUBLISHED ARTICLE LINKS & BACKGROUND★ OMNI Intellectual Properties - James J.D. Gragg - Invention Portfolio ~ http://www.omniip.com/ Wikipedia - American Inventor - James J.D. Gragg ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_United_States_inventions_(after_1991)Sources - Website & Social Media Master Publicist H. Ussery

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So the Monday after reading about the death of David Bowie I thought how strange it can be that when someone you've never met before passes, you can still feel such a loss. ….But come to think about it, David stayed up with me many a lonely night over the last 45 years - making my bad days better - my nights brighter, all while making me a better musician. ...What a talent. - What a career. - What a loss. - What a soul and thank you for sharing it and thanks for touching mine. -J.D.Gragg

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David Bowie 1-8-1947 / 1-10-2016 - After receiving several comments from Rolling Stone, the Huff, G+ and a couple on Facebook about David Bowie’s eulogy I posted, I thought I would share how it came about, especially when I really didn’t even realize I was writing one. ….I do strange things like this since I am one of those just blurt out whatever I am thinking without really thinking too much about it. …See what I mean?

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