Unstoppable force meets immovable object.

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occasional fic writer. currently obsessed with the galaxy far, far away.

i love codependent relationships in fiction i love watching two messy people unforgivably in love with each other shatter the world around them i love seeing interpretations of love as a cosmic disastrous redemptive force i love watching love consume people whole i love looking at romantic relationships and going "oh that is so fucked up! good for them"

𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬.

my original batch can be found HERE! i got all kinds of angsty and protective vibes took over, but if u think of any more that you’d like to see on the list, shoot me a DM so i can add it!
  • “ get behind me… ”
  • “ stay here. ”
  • “ don’t worry. everything’s going to be alright… ”
  • “ you shoot anyone who comes through that door who isn’t me. ”
  • “ when you love something, you protect it. ”
  • “ i’ll keep you safe. ”
  • “ do everything that i say, and we might both live to tell the tale of this night. ”
  • “ when i say run, i need you to do as i say and don’t even think about me. ”
  • “ get down! ”
  • “ close your eyes, you don’t need to see this. ”
  • “ why wouldn’t i save you? ”
  • “ it’s alright. they won’t be hurting you again… ”
  • “ of course i came for you… it would take far much more than that to stop me. ”
  • “ listen to me… i need to go back out there. but i promise you, i’ll be right back. okay? all i want you to do is stay hidden, and i’ll be back before you know it. ”
  • “ there’s nothing in this world nor any other, that would stop me from protecting you. ”
  • “ get out of here! now! ”
  • “ i knew you’d feel guilty; you do understand that i’d take a thousand wounds if it meant keeping you safe, don’t you? ”
  • “ i swear to you. as long as i’m by your side, you’ll never be harmed. ”
  • “ it’s my job to keep you safe, yes, but you could work with me a little to make it easier. ”
  • “ protecting you isn’t my duty. it’s my privilege. ”
  • “ who did this to you? where are they? ”
  • “ listen to me. i don’t think i’ll be able to buy you much time. and once i go out there, the clock starts. so the second you hear us fighting, i want you to run. as fast and as far as you can. ”
  • “ are you alright? “
  • “ can you move? “
  • “ why is it so difficult for you to believe that you deserve to be protected? “
  • “ you’re a good person. good people deserve to be safe. “
  • “ i’m going to protect you, now. because that’s what we do for the ones we love. we keep them safe. “
  • “ stay close. whatever you do, do not leave my side. “
  • “ i’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. no matter the cost. “
  • “ i’m on my way. ”
  • “ it’s alright… it’s okay… i’m here now. i’ve got you. ”
  • “ it’s all over now. don’t panic. it’s not my blood. ”
  • “ i don’t know how long i’ll be able to protect you for, but i guarantee you, i’ll only stop with my final breath. ”

"𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘰𝘧 𝘯𝘦𝘦𝘥" 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴.

i'm a sucker for that scene where one person is injured and alone and ends up knocking on another person's door in their hour of need, and i'm an even bigger sucker for the tending to the injuries and the quiet emotional content that follows, and i'm here to make it everyone else's problem! as always, to reverse the actions, just add "+ REVERSE" to the end!

from the injured.
  • " i didn't know where else to go... "
  • " whatever you've been told about me, whatever you've heard or seen or listened to... none of it's true. "
  • " at least i have you to look after me, eh? "
  • " would you believe me if i said i got all these injuries by slipping in the rain? "
  • " i'm sorry... i know this isn't what you signed up for. "
  • " you're the only one i can trust. "
  • " do you believe what they're saying about me? "
  • " aren't you going to say i told you so? "
  • " i am grateful, you know. for everything you've ever done for me... i notice. and i see you. and i've never thanked you properly before, so... thank you. "
  • " i know i must be the last person you expected to see tonight, but... i'm afraid i have nowhere else to turn to. "
  • " thank you for not asking questions. "
  • " i know you have no reason to believe me, much less to trust me, but... i promise you. i swear to you, i am being set up. "
  • " you know, you'd make a nice profit if you turned this place into a safehouse. "
  • " why are you helping me? "
  • " why the hell did you open your door for me if you're so angry at me?! "
to the injured.
  • " quickly, get in before anyone sees you... "
  • " you came to the right place. hurry, get in... "
  • " what the hell happened to you!? "
  • " are you going to tell me what happened to you tonight? "
  • " i assume that the rumors surrounding you are all false and unrelated to why you're bleeding out on my sofa? "
  • " do you honestly expect me to just forget about the past so i can bandage you up? "
  • " you don't need to thank me. you'd fix me up if i came to your door with this much trouble, too. "
  • " regardless of everything you've said and done in the past, there isn't a single part of me that wouldn't open the door when you're knocking on it. "
  • " we can talk in the morning. for now, you need to rest. "
  • " i found you unconscious on my doorstep. "
  • " oh, i get it. i can stitch you up and let you get blood all over my bed sheets until the cows come home, but heaven forbid i start to ask questions about why you're bleeding in the first place. "
  • " things must be really bad if you're trying to say i was your best chance at being helped. "
  • " don't be stupid. you're not going anywhere. come on, back into bed... "
  • " i called in sick. we have the whole day to figure out what your next moves are going to be. "
  • " good! you're awake. i was beginning to worry... "
  • " you're not allowed to die in my bedroom. the rumours would never stop... "
  • " perhaps we ought to let bygones be bygones. until i'm confident that you're not going to die on my sofa, that is. "
  • " it's a bit late to worry about dragging me into your mess, don't you think? "
  • " you know why i opened that door... "
  • [ BANDAGE ]: sender gently begins to bandage receiver's wounds.
  • [ BED ]: sender guides receiver into bed, tucking them in and taking a seat by their bedside.
  • [ FEVER ]: having noticed the receiver beginning to spike a fever, sender presses a cool cloth to their forehead to try and bring it down.
  • [ CLOTHES ]: after tending to the receiver's wounds, sender brings them fresh clean clothes to change into.
  • [ FOOD ]: after ensuring the receiver is safe and stable, sender brings them out a plate of food.
  • [ BATH ]: sender runs the recently-cared-for receiver a hot bath.
  • [ WAIT ]: aftering tending to the receiver's injuries, sender takes a seat across for them, and patiently waits for them to start explaining what happened.
  • [ CATCH ]: noticing the receiver beginning to collapse on their doorstep, sender hastily catches them and brings them inside.
  • [ KISS ]: sender, after being cared for by the receiver, breaks the tension that's been building since they walked through the door, and pulls them in for a kiss.
  • [ HOLD ]: having been bandaged and cared for by the receiver, sender unexpectedly reaches out to take their hand and hold it in a quiet, sincere gesture of gratitude.

On a roll with portraits lately it seems.

A screencap repaint depicting Obi-wan Kenobi from the new series. I just watched it yesterday after seeing a few posts about it here on tumblr.

Thinking about it...this is probably my first Star Wars fan art...

Clone wars Obikin dyad bond au where Obi-wan keeps getting snippets of Anakins thoughts through the bond but it's always weird shit like " oh, Master won't be able to mansplain malewhore manipulate our way out of this one"

Or a mockingly bad interpretation of himself giving misinterpreted 'advice' (ie "ah! Anakin! Padawan mine, Jedi don't feel their emotions! squash them down bottle them away")

He thinks it's coming through their old training bond so he starts to block it off on his end, but then realizes that it's not coming from the training bond so then he thinks it's coming from his own brain and has a minor crisis over it.

Bonus points if Anakin is also experiencing this but he just thinks his inner Obi-wan voice is sometimes more accurate

emotionally intense prompts.

idk my dudes i started listening to the etern.als theme music and now i have these things. bon appetit!
  • “ i’d follow you to the ends of the universe, if you asked me to. ”
  • “ how bad is it this time? ”
  • “ we’re the only thing standing between this world and its destruction. ”
  • “ we could stop all of this… with just a thought/flick of my wrist. “
  • “ fair?! how is any of this fair?! “
  • “ do you truly believe that anything so little as a rule, or a law, might have stopped me from protecting you? “
  • “ we have to fight. ”
  • “ we’re not giving up. ”
  • “ you. i’ll always and endlessly fight for you. “
  • “ i can wait a thousand lifetimes for you. “
  • “ we’ve had a pretty good life. but maybe normalcy is a thing we’re meant to protect, rather than enjoy. ”
  • “ i don’t know if i can protect you any longer. “
  • “ we’ve seen what they’re capable of. now we need to retaliate. “
  • “ if only the world knew what we do for them… ”
  • “ i’m sick and tired of being the one who has to make the sacrifices! ”
  • “ haven’t we lost enough? ”
  • “ i’m tired. beyond tired… i am exhausted from the endless fighting. ”
  • “ things must be catastrophic if you’re calling me at this hour. ”
  • “ this is what we’ve been waiting for. ”
  • “ i’d follow you to the bitter end; as i always have. ”
  • “ the time has come. ”
  • “ this is what we’ve been waiting for. ”
  • “ i thought we had more time.  i regret to confess… it appears that i was wrong. ”
  • “ don’t let them control you, eh? ”
  • “ you’re better than this. ”
  • “ everything’s about to change… ”
  • “ do you truly think so little of me? ”
  • “ careful… you’ve never had to fight me before. ”
  • “ we need to leave. ”
  • “ we’re a good team, you know. “
  • “ look around you. do you still truly see no reason for us to fight? “
  • “ we’re family. we don’t turn our backs on each other. “
  • “ it’s too late! let’s go! ”
  • “ it wasn’t your fault… ”
  • “ why are you doing this?! ”
  • “ i’m sorry… “
  • “ perhaps i don’t say it enough, but… i’d like you to know that i’m always here, if you ever wanted to talk. ”
  • “ you/they will always be worth fighting for. ”
  • “ don’t pretend like you understand. “
  • “ tell me how i can fix this… ”
  • “ don’t say it. ”
  • “ they’re not worth saving. ”
  • “ i am a god. you… you’re nothing. “
  • “ well. for whatever it’s worth, it’s been a pleasure fighting alongside you. ”


so i started listening to music, and reading poems, and my vibes were very shippy for a while, and then my sims got married so obviously that didn’t help??? anyway, none of these are written by me, aside from the third one. i saw them on insta or i read them in lyrics or smth, they’re incredibly romantic, very eloquent and passionate and sincere, so i hope you shippy angels like them!! as always, please DO NOT ADD ANY MORE PROMPTS TO THIS LIST!!! i will make more!! i am a simp!! 
  • “ you are half my soul. “
  • “ i wish i could tell you what you are to me. “
  • “ you say you’re dangerous. that you destroy everything you touch. so destroy me. ruin me. tear me apart, and let me love you all the same. “
  • “ our “almost” will always haunt me. “
  • “ only love can hurt like this. “
  • “ i just want you to be happy. if that’s with me or with someone else or with nobody… i just want you to be happy. “
  • “ i love you. i feel as though we were never strangers, you and i, not even for a moment. “
  • “ if anyone else were to kiss me, all they would taste is your name. “
  • “ the stars will go out before i forget you. “
  • “ i will love you if i never see you again, and i will love you if i see you every day. “
  • “ if i loved you less, i might be able to talk about it more. “
  • “ there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for you. “
  • “ i just realized i don’t care if they’re the most perfect person in the world. they’re not you. “
  • “ you know how i feel about you… you’ve always known. “
  • “ i forget every beauty in the universe, the moment you smile. “
  • “ i say it all the time, i just say it very very quietly. i tell you when you’re in another room, or right after we hang up the phone. i say it after you shut the door behind you. i say it in my head every time you look at me. i love you. of course i love you. i never stopped. “
  • “ i feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. maybe we’re from the same star. “
  • “ my only hope is that one day i can love myself as much as i love you. “
  • “ in the space, the pause, between this breath and the one that follows, you have made a home in me. “ 
  • “ i loved the way you touched me with your eyes and felt me with mine. “
  • “ you’ve always seen me. and i think that’s all that anyone wants. seeing someone. really seeing someone. that’s love. “
  • “ you kissed my cheek. and then i knew, that you could be homesick for people, too. “
  • “ all i’ve known are temporary people, the leaving and the hoping, the begging someone to stay… so forgive me if i break apart when you say the word “forever”. “
  • “ sometimes i wonder if love is worth fighting for. and then i look at you and i’m ready for war. “
  • “ my darling, you will never be unloved by me. you are too well entangled in my soul. “
  • “ i climb into my bathtub the same way i’ll keep loving you; until my skin is wrinkled. “
  • “ and if i could ever ask for one more blessing in this life of mine, i’d pray for a thousand years to see you one more time. “
  • “ when i am near you, i finally know how it feels to breathe without worry, without caution. i just feel safe with you… “
  • “ you kissed me goodbye, but you never left. i’ve been seeing you every time i close my eyes. “
  • “ what cloud did you fall from? because you taste like stardust and eternity. “
  • “ all i know is, when i think of you, i feel like singing. and i feel like i could run miles to find you. all i’m sure of is, i love you, entirely as you are. “
  • “ i will never regret us, because you taught me i could love and be loved without the fear of loss. “
  • “ i wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you. “
  • “ let’s do something crazy. like grow old together. let’s show everyone how to do forever. “
  • “ and i’m not afraid to love you. only afraid my love won’t be enough. “
  • “ the universe has existed for billions of years, and by chance, we ended up living at the same time. that counts for something. “
  • “ the sky exploded into a thousand moonbeams dazzling with stars, and as you stared quietly above, i couldn’t help but stare at you, falling in love. “
  • “ there is a little bit of you in all the words i write. maybe you’re the language of love my heart speaks. “
  • “ you deserve someone who isn’t okay with losing you. “
  • “ they named a black hole after you, and i’d be lying if i said you weren’t pulling me in. “
  • “ i thought i knew what love was, until i felt your arms around me, and realized what it truly was. “
  • “ i wish you were here. or… or i was there, or something… i don’t know. i just wish i was with you. “

Kenobi time travel fix-it but it’s Palpatine who goes back in time to stop himself from grooming Anakin into becoming his apprentice because he can’t stand another unhinged Obi-wan induced rant from Darth Vader

Bonus points if this leads to his own premature downfall because he’d rather be in sith hell than endure another one on one conversation with Anakin Skywalker or acknowledge Obi-wan Kenobi’s existence