Came Never Back

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i’ve completely forgotten how to run these things. can’t even believe i used to write, regularly and at decent length towards a particular goal.
makin’ that transition from a blinding orange mobile theme to black and white. the full blog theme will follow. this art’s just going to need to be a placeholder until i have the art for everything.
Anonymous asked:

The older I get the more convinced I am that I will never find love. My relationships are short, as are my flings. I feel as though I look for it in all the wrong places, but it is not something I can help. I also feel that I am too picky, too set in my ways. I do try to be open minded, but nothing has panned out either way. I am ready to settle down to some degree, and have been for a while, but I feel at a loss and unsure what to do.


“It sounds as if you’re quite at a loss. Love is complicated, at its best, and when you feel unsuccessful--well, that can make things worse. It’s an issue you may need to step away from for a while. Take a little time to treat yourself kindly, so you can reaffirm the way you deserve love.

“After that, consider trying something different. Perhaps there was a common trait in your past partners that caused the relationship to be shorter than it could have been? Just as well, you may want to change the priorities of certain traits--emotional stability would be foremost, if you want someone to settle with.

“You will find someone, or see them if they are already there, but don’t lose hope. I pray you never feel as if fault for failure lies solely with you.”

Anonymous asked:

While I am still technically a married woman, my husband and I have been apart for many, many years, and I no longer have feels for him, nor any want to see him again. Recently I have began to have very deep feelings for a friend whom has been my companion for a very long time. He is sweeter and more affectionate than my husband ever was, but I haven't a clue if he feels the same about me, or if I should pursue something so scandalous. Thoughts?



“I would not think that I--that anyone in my family, even--would be likely to say something you want to hear, but I will give my advice as it has been asked. Affairs are messy and complicated enough, without marriage being involved. No doubt a greater fear of yours is the opinion of your community, should they discover any relationship you form besides friendship. 

“As for remarriage--well, depending on the kindred, and the people amongst them, the opinion of that varies. Amongst my own, there were... complexities with the most public of them. You, asker, would know best if you have children who might feel as if you wished to replace a loved but absent parent.

“Though I recommend against pursuing something less-than-friendly between the two of you, I wonder if your heart will allow you to bottle back something you feel--especially when I think that someone who is sweeter and more affectionate than someone you agreed to marry would return your sentiments. Caution, then, and wisdom to you both.”

Anonymous asked:

I love my husband, but his family is hard to deal with. I've met one brother, and he's pretty cool, but if the other five are anything like their father, they will all be absolutely insufferable. Their father is just the worst. He doesn't like me because I'm a different race, and I refuse to kiss his ass, and my husband doesn't understand why we don't get along. Any advice?

“Six brothers and an insufferable father? That sounds awfully familiar difficult to deal with. The father sounds like the most trouble--children tend to be more open than their parents, so they may end up surprising you, and if the father accepts you it may be easier to get acceptance from those siblings still reluctant. The father--

“He should care most for his son, in this situation, and if he sees the two of you mutually kind and respectful to each other, then he has no ground to stand on for objections. While separations of race may cause differences in culture, it’s hardly a reason to disapprove of one’s child’s spouse. 

“And it should be your husband to be standing up with you--not just for you, but in support of your actions. By your side! I don’t know the details of how you explained your feelings to your husband, but if you must again, be as clear as possible. The situation, your feelings as a result of it, and most of all what you need from your husband--say them! Words are terribly important.

“If none of that works, well--”


“I mean, if it was my family, then there wouldn’t be much you could do besides what I described. Avoid them the way most of our family does. But at the very least, your husband should understand.”

Appreciative audiences seem to grow... f-fewer and farther between, these days. Have you any advice?


“Re-invent yourself! Challenge yourself to achieve new things. If you think you have mastery in one aspect of your music, find mastery in another. You will attract fresh ears that way.”