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I think the best part of KinnPorsche, and it really comes to mind with this latest episode, is that every character thinks they’re in a different genre and it’s the funniest thing watching it clash with the reality.

Kinn is just living his best rom-com life where he falls for his sassy but kind assistant bodyguard that he can no longer live with out.

Porsche is basically a YA novel where he falls for his sexy morally ambiguous love interest who’s secretly sweet but *gasp* his past has come to haunt him!

Pete thinks he’s in a dark psychological thriller where he must battle his inner demons and brooding but hot captor to maintain his humanity but it threatens to over take him at any moment as he is torn between his newly found dark desires and the reputation he prides himself on.

Vegas acts like he’s in gothic bodice ripper novel where his entire world becomes the kind, empathic heroine Pete and he will do anything to keep him to himself and Pete is going to help him overcome the truama of his past with his love.

Kim sees himself in this brooding noir style detective film where he must uncover the dark past of his family but oh no he finds himself falling for the pure and sweet ingénue Chay and must wrestle with the dangerous life he leads and the mission he’s devoted himself to and the love of his life

Porchay thought he’s living his Wattpad dream life where he meets his idol and gains his respect as he tutors him and they slowly develop a sweet friendship that turns into a heartfelt romance

They really demonstrate how all the characters are protagonists of their own story, and that’s how they make their decisions, based on the assumptions on the world around them. They think they know the story their in, and that’s the role they have taken, but the tragedy and the complications of these relationships is that they aren’t in a single genre story. They’re people, achingly human people, interacting with other complex people and what is salvation for one is a damnation for the other.

They aren’t in any specific genre (you know, beyond on the whole mafia thing) and that’s where the miscommunication happens, that’s how the drama unfolds, that’s how all these different romances keep missing each other, because they’re all operating on different wavelengths based on the story they think *THEY’RE* in and not stopping to really consider the other perspective.

It’s absolutely hilarious, it’s terribly tragic, it’s utterly beautiful and performed so well by the writers and the actors.

characters who refuse to heal. characters who change but only for the worse. characters who are trapped by their grief and rage. characters who unravel throughout the narrative. i am putting them in my pocket for later

can we use categories without essentializing and ossifying them pls. can we. can we


No we have to transform every living and dynamic concept into cold Platonic solids and crudely mash them against each other til we hurt ourselves

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What I wanted to point out is that Illya is not mysoginistic. He has flaws, he's brash, impatient to a degree, can be sarcastic and can be provoking, but mysogyny is not one of them. I'm sorry for making it so long and thank you if you have read everything! I respect you and I don't want to insult you or make you feel bad, but that post stood out in a bad way, and I wanted to write to you about it, but given how old it was, I wasn't sure you would be interested. But I saw you answering.

Haha that's okay! It's been many years since I commented in posts and watched the film, and I admit I'm not entirely sure what you are responding to in some of your asks. But everyone has a different yardstick by which they measure and read the same material through different perspectives and lenses. We all have our own understandings and definitions of the subjects at play.

I definitely think that both Napoleon and Illya are complex and flawed in their own way. Conflicting qualities don't necessarily cancel out each other, but different traits co-exist and manifest in different times and moments. It's part of what makes them interesting and engaging!

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Hello! It's been a while and I wanted to know if you got my tmfu final messages. You have to have received three of them. I know you have other things to do and I don't want to nag, but I just wanted to remind of myself. 😅 Have a good evening /night / day!

Hi! Sorry I've been so late answering this I have been doing some travelling and haven't been on Tumblr. Each time I remember to answer something else distracts me.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to I'm afraid anon? I got some messages a while back in response to my last ask answer. Is that what you're referring to? It seemed quite closed ended so I didn't realise you were expecting an answer. If that was it then I apologise!

i miss when you could make political art without placing personal identity (and the self) at the center of everything

this piece (“artist bio” by anna daliza) sort of perfectly sums it up. the emphasis on identity politics and tokenization in art/music/performance spaces feels reductive and exploitative- like it offers a sort of racial tourism for the wealthy white patrons. none of what im saying are original thoughts btw go see White by james ijames