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Ray | 20+ | she/they What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican.

I LOVE ACCA 13 ITS SO SLICK AND STYLISH AND PRETTY!!! it's one of my favorite anime I saw your tags on that post and just wanted to let you know lololol


ACCA IS HONEST TO GOD A REALLY COOL SERIES!! It's a bit hard to follow until you make it to the end and connect all the dots but it's SO SATISFYING when you do and it's even better if you give it a rewatch!

Also Kenjiro Tsuda.


Papercraft commission of Oberon from Fate/Grand Order! I’m very happy with how he came out; I feel like his patterns all came together nicely. ^_^ And I tried something new with his wings: cutting a sort of “frame” out of the black paper, then laying the shimmery colored paper in behind it for a slightly 3D effect. What do you think, lovelies?

“wow you blocked me just cuz i disagreed with you???”

yes. yes, exactly. this is a social media site. i come here to look at pictures of birds and shitpost with my friends. this is not a town hall meeting; i am not your elected official. i do not owe you my energy, my space, or my time. you and i are strangers that use the same website. i can block you for literally any reason and that’s okay. take a deep breath. block me too. you’ll feel better.


normalise low blocking thresholds… blocking someone arguing with you is not weak or over-reacting or whatever.


You don’t owe anyone access to your posts or your ask box.

Blocking features are built into the site. Use them liberally to make your Tumblr experience as enjoyable as possible.


I block people because they reblog too many things about stuff I don’t want to see and it keeps popping up.

Block liberally. Block for stupid reasons. A block is not an insult, a block means “I am curating my internet experience and I simply do not think that your content is for me”.