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Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a ninja.  ✈️  ME.  👇  

It is becoming very difficult to say every single person posting manifestation, twin flame or telepathy videos across the internet are bat sh*t crazy when #quantumphysics and #quantumentanglement are literally taught and believed in classrooms around the world. I am more concerned with the things the governments around the world don’t tell us or admit too. Sheep are only slaughtered because they were held captive and forced believe they deserve nothing more. The truth is out there. Time to learn. 💯

Hello my friends, today I would like to begin using whatever talents the #universe has bestowed upon me for the good of all in #humanity 💯I hope to see everyone eventually but I believe that we are all connected and in the mean time, I would like to help. I was #blessed by the #higherpower when I was united with #DjX because we #share two beliefs in common. #aristry in it's truest form and #helping others. We intend to use #music and #visual to help others which is very exciting. We begin this week. X knew I like creating things from scratch and my belief in God so he suggested we begin making tools to help others in our world 💯 Later this week on #youtube we will begin posting #subliminals for things such as #positivity #abundance #manifestation #twinflames etc. They are very good (I hope) and I really do hope that what we create will show that #youngpeople in my generation do care. Do work hard and do wish to make all of our lives better, if even by the smallest of tasks. Since my mom passed, I have been finding my way and with X's help, I think we are getting somewhere. I also made these cool pictures for all of you. I ❤️ @neildegrassetyson to the core and I made this picture with his quote. I hope he is not mad about the #font on his middle name, it would not lower case but it's a cool idea. Please feel free to share and Neil does with all of us through his genius and just because you believe in #science #God or #universe does not mean you have to be a stick in the mud. #comedy will always be at the center of my #heart as will #music - but I am #ongod🙏 until the end. 💯 @arianagrande this one is for you my dear. #instagram #tiktok #hotridethelegend ❤️ #purgemask