🌎🌎 Hora Chain's Mission 🌎🌎

🌼 Cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms have gained a lot of attention but have not been able to achieve efficiencies due to scalability and user experience issues.

🧲 Even on Ethereum, the most widely used smart contract platform, there are several drawbacks that still need to be addressed in the Ethereum 2.0 implementation. Low throughput, high gas fees, and network congestion create limitations for developers and users alike.  Basically, this means that even the most advanced and widely used platforms are not ready to adapt to the growth of mass Dapps.

🧲 Hora Chain is a Layer-2 scaling solution created to help Ethereum Network increase mass adoption. We help meet the diverse needs of developers by providing tools that make decentralized applications (dApps) scalable, high-performance, user-experienced, and secure. through Proof of Stake basic technical architecture and Plasma scaling solution.

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🚀NFTs use links to direct you to somewhere else where the art and any details about it are being stored. NFTs include information on where you can find the artwork they represent, but the actual artwork is still a link away.

🌟But traditional URLs can and do expire, or the seller plays dirty tricks to redirect the link to somewhere else not the artwork. And that means the artwork disappears with nothing buyers can do.

🧲To solve that problem, many NFTs turn to a system called IPFS. Rather than identifying a specific file at a specific domain, IPFS addresses let you find a piece of content so long as someone somewhere on the IPFS network is hosting it.

🌈This system gives buyers control as they can pay to keep their NFT files online. Like a painting, NFTs need to be maintained. If a buyer purchases an NFT that relies on IPFS, it’ll ultimately be on them to ensure the file continues to be hosted and available to the system Just like real-life art collectors have to rent museums to store and keep their artworks..

💦But overall, IPFS gives more controls to the buyers/owners of the NFTs than before! Let's all wait and see what future technology can adjust this idea!

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🚀Do you want to buy ETH, BNB, or BUSD? Have you tried Hora Swap? Hora Swap supports many cryptocurrencies so far. 👉Let's try exchanging tokens with a low fee https://horaswap.com/#/swap

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🌈IPFS - Technology that will change the current Internet

🧲IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

Why does the Internet need IPFS? 🌟Here's the problem with HTTP: When you visit a website, your browser must be directly connected to the computers that are serving the site, so when their servers are far away, the transmission takes a lot of time and bandwidth.

💥The HTTP protocol is server-dependent. If a link in HTTP transmission is broken for any reason, the entire transmission will fail (I am sure each of us has experienced a “404” error once in our life and it is very difficult!!).

💦IPFS will help the Internet grow into a system capable of connecting everyone around the world (even offline), we are free to express who we are, free to find the information we want (true information), and without fear of being blocked by servers or being taken down by some kind of attack.

🚀IPFS is tightly integrated with the Hora OS blockchain. Building projects using IPFS technology is an important part of Hora OS's mission.

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🚀The benefits of IPFS are revolutionizing the current technology sector, causing large companies to implement it in their processes. Netflix, Opera, and Chrome are some companies that rely on this technology. But what does it really mean that we can safely store data on a distributed network? It means that we can optimize and improve the operation of all the processes that happen on the internet.

🔸 End of “servers” hosting websites. All content will be delivered from IPFS and data will be pulled directly from the blockchain. 🔸 End of web registrations to obtain accounts. Your private key will grant permission and access to your identity to websites/providers. 🔸 Direct communication with other people without intermediaries. Truly secure, private, and uncensored communication applications. 🔸 Social networks where your information is only available to those to whom you give permission.

🌈Within these use cases, we can highlight several companies that are implementing them effectively:

🔹 Cloudflare, runs a distributed web gateway to speed up and secure access to IPFS without the need for a local node. 🔹 Microsoft ION, The digital identity system is built on Bitcoin and IPFS and its objective is to build a technology that allows creating a secure and scalable digital identity system at a global level. 🔹 Brave, the search engine uses Origin Protocol and IPFS to host its decentralized merchandise store. 🔹 Opera browser on Android has default support for IPFS, allowing mobile users to navigate ipfs: // links to access data on the IPFS network. 🔹 Wikipedia also uses IPFS. They have developed a mirror of their website, which allows them to access Wikipedia from jurisdictions where it is censored. 🔹 Filecoin, uses IPFS to create a cooperative storage cloud based on IPFS.

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🌎🌎 Hora OS's resources 🌎🌎

📮 Hora OS has 3 basic resources: 1️⃣ Storage space 2️⃣ Data processing capacity 3️⃣ Bandwidth

🛎 Hora Os offers developers a place to build and develop distributed applications, execute smart contracts, and really efficiently govern Internet resources!

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🧲Hora Chain - The Power Blockchain Platform of Hora OS

🚀Today we will learn more about the OpenEthereum platform that Hora Chain uses.

🌟OpenEthereum is built to provide the core infrastructure needed to enable miners, service providers, and exchanges to synchronize services quickly and with maximum uptime.

💦Hora Chain will be increasingly upgraded to provide customers with fast, compact and advanced services.

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🌟Dear Hora OS community,🌟

💥Thanks to the community that has always been with us over the years.

🌈On the occasion of International Labor Day May 1st, Hora OS team would like to wish you a wonderful holiday with your family!

Hora OS team.

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🧲How does IPFS overcome the disadvantages of HTTP?

1️⃣Avoid server dependency 🔸IPFS completely ignores the concept of the server, but only cares about the search content. This helps us to shorten the path to information and not worry about encountering low-quality, unreliable servers.

2️⃣No more centralized model 🔸With today's Internet model, most of the information and data is acquired by big companies like Amazon, Google, Yahoo,... This leads to problems like companies openly blocking the services they use. does not want you to access, or sell user data to, advertisers. 🔸With IPFS's distributed website model, these problems are completely overcome and there is no longer a hierarchical management mode.

3️⃣Reduce costs 🔸You may not know it, but the data used in the HTTP protocol is in fact very expensive. Data providers are allowed to charge high fees for hit content on the Internet. 🔸With a different way of working, IFPS will allow data to be downloaded completely to the IFPS intranet no matter who you are and where you are. Eliminates the need for numerous Internet docking stations and servers, resulting in a marked reduction in overall costs.

🚀The future of Hora OS is inextricably linked with the future of IPFS. We are actively testing some of the most advanced features of IPFS.

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❓Why should you join Hora Staking?

🌟In the process of finalizing the TestNet, continuously testing and improving the features in the Hora Chain, HORA Token plays a big role in this process. It helps to increase the processing capacity and performance of the network. Therefore, similar to other POS consensus platforms, the Hora Staking mechanism encourages users to stake their HORA Tokens to support the processing capacity of network.

Corresponding to it, users will receive: 🔹 Generation of passive income 🔹 More energy-efficient than mining 🔹 Low entry fees 🔹 High level of security

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🚀IPFS - Technology that will change the current Internet

🌟HTTP is still the core protocol that helps us connect and read information on the Internet.

💦However, HTTP is presenting a lot of inadequacies. The first problem with HTTP is that when you visit a website, your browser must be directly connected to the computers that are serving that website, so when their servers are far away, the transmission will be consumed. consumes a lot of bandwidth.

🧲The second problem is that the HTTP protocol is server dependent. If a link in the HTTP transmission is broken for any reason, the entire transmission will fail (I'm sure every one of us has experienced a ""404"" error once in our life and it's hard. bear!!).

🌈IPFS will help the Internet grow into a system capable of connecting everyone around the world (even offline). IPFS uses a distributed website model, eliminating the functionality of the server so users do not have to worry about being blocked by the servers or being taken down by an attack. Instead of connecting directly and being limited by geographical distance, IPFS focuses on search content so it will

🔎IPFS is tightly integrated with the Hora OS blockchain. Building projects using IPFS technology is an important part of Hora OS's mission.

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🧲OpenEthereum - Hora Chain's core Technology

🚀Hora Chain is a source code built on OpenEthereum to store and transmit computing resources, data, and information of stakeholders including users, vendors, and validators.

🌟OpenEthereum is actually an Ethereum client that is fast, advanced, and brings diverse features. It is built to provide the essential infrastructure for fast and reliable services that require fast synchronization and maximum uptime.

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🚀🚀🚀An OPPORTUNE environment/conditions/circumstances for Hora OS bright success in 2022

🌈Despite the decline in the market, the TVL of DAOs still increased rapidly. DAO projects are predicted to be the new trend to attract cash flow and 2022 will be a boom year for DAO projects.

👉Read this report article: https://medium.com/@debbie.akamine/daos-will-be-everywhere-in-2022-7cd47296154f

🧲Hora OS is a project that is managed through a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations that are 3 organizations: Alliance DAO, Bridge DAO and Community DAO.

💎This is clearly an opportunity for Hora OS to move on and achieve new breakthroughs in 2022!

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🧲 Protocol Labs released IPFS in 2015, the project has served to store billions of data files on peer-to-peer file systems. Protocol Labs has demonstrated outstanding success in building IPFS distributed storage systems.

🧽 IPFS is a distributed, peer-to-peer file sharing network that allows users to back up data files and websites by storing them on multiple nodes.

🧽 When a website goes down, such as when the server is attacked by a hacker, all data is stolen or disabled. Or, backing up a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) won't guarantee security if only stored on the web.

🩸What can you do about this situation? 🩸Don't worry, that's a problem IPF will solve.

🧿 Hora OS has chosen IPFS as the key technology in the project's ecosystem after a lot of research on the best way to store and distribute data from our customers including users and developers

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✅ Currently, the puzzle pieces on Hora OS's ecosystem have fully developed and diversified. Some pieces of the Hora OS ecosystem: ⭐️ DeFi ⭐️ Blockchain Game ⭐️ NFT-Metaverse ⭐️ Infrastructure ⭐️ Launchpas ⭐️ Dapp

🔥 Hora OS team still tries to work hard and develop every day to perfect more pieces of the ecosystem. Hora OS aims to become a global platform for decentralized applications, allowing users to write and run software that has the ability to eliminate central censorship and prevent fraud while eliminating third-party interference.

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🌎 Web 3.0 – Transferring Value to Users (Part 2) 🌎

✅ Let's continue to learn the great benefits that Web 3.0 brings to users: ✔️  Continuous operation non-stop: the system works, authenticated by network nodes around the world regardless of 1 organization. Therefore, with the web 3.0 generation, it will work continuously, non-stop. ✔️ Everyone can participate: you will not be limited by any regulations or terms.

🧲 User-centric has full discretion over assets and control over personal information. Web 3.0 does not require users to provide any personal information.

🧿 It can be seen that with web 3.0, it is possible to break down existing barriers and limitations of web2. That opens up a world that is flatter, peer-to-peer, fair, and values   are freely transferred!

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🧲Web 3.0 – Transferring Value to Users (Part 1)

💬Web 3.0 is the next generation on the Internet, where websites and applications will be able to process information in intelligent ways.

👉Web 3.0 helps deliver value to users: ♻️ Eliminate middlemen completely: Web 3.0's decentralized, peer-to-peer connectivity eliminates the middle man entirely. People can communicate, transact, and transfer value to each other on the web3 platform without having to go through a centralized unit or organization.

♻️ Data cannot be modified or manipulated: The data will be recorded on the blockchain ledger forever. That means that once written to the blockchain blocks, this data will exist forever and no one can interfere, change, or manipulate. Everything is transparent and verifiable onchain.

💎Stay tuned for part 2 to better understand the great value that Web 3.0 brings us!

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🚀How much can HORA Token reach?

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✈️How is WEB 3.0 implemented in Hora OS?

🚀Blockchain enthusiasts often refer to web 3 as the “Decentralized Web” in which the user owns the data because all the data is stored on decentralized cloud storage platforms.

✴️Hora Chain uses Adamas Node to combine into a decentralized cloud computing network called Adamas Cloud. Peers participating in the Adamas Cloud computing network make up part of their resources such as storage drives, network bandwidth. Other participants can directly use these resources without central coordination of servers or fixed servers.

♻️This mechanism of action improves data transmission speed and optimizes operating costs for Hora OS users.

🧩This is how Web 3.0 is implemented in Hora OS!

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🐬🐬 Have you really understood about Hora Virtual Machine yet?

⚜️ Hora Virtual Machine (HVM) belongs to the technology located in Layer 1 of Hora Chain. ⚜️ HVM is a virtual machine system operated to validate the state of the Ethereum blockchain network. HVM allows interaction and data validation without going through the main chain. ⚜️ HVM can also interact with the main chain through smart contracts to overwrite data on blocks and validate data on blocks via hashing.

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