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You know what, even IF trans girls were universally better at sports than cis girls, they should still be allowed to play on their high school sports teams because the mental health and well-being of trans kids, the social support kids get from sports, and the societal benefit of basic inclusion and normalization of trans kids are more important than who wins a volleyball game or whatever

I didn’t realize that girls got a say, or universally agreed on, who got to be on their sports teams. I wish I’d known this when I was 12– I’d have voted out Molly, who violated my boundaries by being a bitch

Too many folks don’t know that Musk is not an engineer. He is not an inventor. He is not a creator. He is a person whose fortune began with enslaved human beings pulling emeralds out of a mine. He is a person who has literally bought everything, including his titles and status in every company all these dummies believe he founded.

He is NOT a good person. He is a rich person, and way too many people think they are the same thing.

If he had ANY seriousness about making a single thing better in this world for the uncountable number of human beings who are suffering right now, and not just getting attention or cosplaying as Tony Stark, he would have done it by now.

Way too many people admire the myth, while they ignore the truth of the shitty billionaire who smeared a literal hero who saved children’s lives as a “pedo”, because Musk’s ego got bent out of shape when he couldn’t make something the world cared about all about himself. He has numerous children, who he has just abandoned. His factories are consistently reported as being toxic, racist, environments. And all these folks are like, “yeah but rockets.” Do you even hear yourselves?

He’s awful. All these things y'all claim he’s “making” are coming from actual geniuses who do actual work. He could fund all their work, and really change the world in meaningful, tangible, immediate ways with his fortune, without being the poster child for fragile male egos. But he doesn’t. And way too many people are totally cool with that.


Like, if you didn’t know, that’s one thing. But now you know, so are you gonna stop worshipping this guy, or what?

“I knew the hot pink resume would work!”

— My sister, on getting to interview for a paid position working for Vivian Westwood (fashion icon and her idol).

Since this she's worked with Beyoncé, much bigger fashion names, and has featured in multiple issues of Vogue.

Trust the hot pink resumé.


Fun fact: there’s a law that prohibits college professors from discussing a student’s academic performance with anyone (other than fellow employees of the school) without the student’s consent.

Let me tell you, helicopter parents hate FERPA. “I’m paying for this school, I have a right to know how he’s doing!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but your son is over 18 which makes him a legal adult and federal law protects the privacy of his academic record regardless of who is paying his bills, and I’m not going to jail for you.” 

that IS a fun fact!!!

And as a college employee we take FERPA VERY seriously.

Lol except for my uncle who worked for the university I went to and used his access to look up my marks, then share them with the rest of my family.


I submit to you that the most iconic feature of any animal is either unlikely or impossible to fossilize.

If all we had of wolves were their bones we would never guess that they howl.

If all we had of elephants were fossils with no living related species, we might infer some kind of proboscis but we'd never come up with those ears.

If all we had of chickens were bones, we wouldn't know about their combs and wattles, or that roosters crow.

We wouldn't know that lions have manes, or that zebras have stripes, or that peacocks have trains, that howler monkeys yell, that cats purr, that deer shed the velvet from their antlers, that caterpillars become butterflies, that spiders make webs, that chickadees say their name, that Canada geese are assholes, that orangutans are ginger, that dolphins echolocate, or that squid even existed.

My point here is that we don't know anything about dinosaurs. If we saw one we would not recognize it. As my evidence I submit the above, along with the fact that it took us two centuries to realize they'd been all around us the whole time.

So that people don’t need to go through the notes:

- We have fossils of spider webs

- Paleontologists have reconstructed the larynx (voice box) of extinct animals and we have a pretty good idea what vocalizations they were capable of

- Fossilized pigments have been found in a variety of taxa

- Soft tissues fossilize more often than you think; we have skin impressions for like 90% of Tyrannosaurus rex’s full body (shoulder blades and neck are the only bits missing)

If pop culture is your only window into extinct animals, then you do not remotely understand how much we know.

We know the entire lifecycle of a tyrannosaurus. We know from the sheer amount of remains we have, from every stange.

  • We know roughly how they sounded (as the person above me said).
  • We know they had remarkable vision.
  • We know they had the second. strongest sense of smell in history.
  • We know from their bones that they grew to a certain size and stayed there until about 14 or so, then absolutely ballooned up to their adult size in about three or four years.
  • We know they likely lived in family groups, because we have bones with certainly fatal injuries for a solitary animal (broken legs and such) that are completely healed.

We know exactly how other dinosaurs look, down to colors and patterns, because bones are not the only information that is preserved.

The Sinosauropteryx is one such dinosaur. Because pigmentation molecules were preserved in the feather impressions, we know it's colors, and it's tail rings (which one would argue would be it's "iconic feature."

(Art credit Julio Lacerda)

Microraptor is another! We know from feather impressions that it had four wings. We know from pigmentation that it was an iredecent black, like a raven.

(Art credit Vitor Silva)

This is not limited to dinosaurs, or feathers. We've found pigmentation in scales and skin. We've completely reconstructed two extinct penguins, colors and all. We've figured out the colors of some non-avian and non-feathered dinosaurs. We can identify evidence of feathers existing on animals without feather impressions.

We have feathered dinosaurs preserved in amber.

We can defer likely behavioral patterns through adaptations we see in bones, and from the environments they were found in. We can see how certain movements evolved through musculature attachments (yes, how muscles attached is often preserved). We know avian flight likely evolved by "accident" by the way early raptorforms moved their arms to strike at their prey.

We also understand behavior in extant animals and can easily speculate likely behaviors in extinct animals. (A predator running for it's life is not going to exhibit hunting behaviors)

We learn and understand way more from "rocks" than paleontologists are given credit for. And if you watch a movie like Jurassic World, which has no interest in portraying anything with any sort of accuracy, and your take away is "We can't possibly know anything about these animals," then you don't understand science.

As for shrinkwrapped reconstructions, we understand how muscles attach, and how fat works. Artists who lean into shrinkwrapping are are not generally concerned with scientific accuracy, or biology. They're only concerned with Awesombro.

If true paleoartists tried to reconstruct a hippo, while they naturally would not get every bit correct, it would certainly look like a real animal, and not that alien monster that tumblr is so fond of using as "proof" that paleontologists don't know anything (an art piece that itself was extreme and satirical, and a condemnation of the particular subset of paleoartists I mentioned earlier)

Every time paleoblr tries to show you how extinct animals actually looked, all we get is a chorus of "thanks i hate it" and "stop ruining dinosaurs!"

I'm so glad someone so much more knowledgeable than me refuted the original post, because it was bugging the hell outta me.

I'm a little obsessed with the whole "we wouldn't know that Canada geese are assholes" thing though.


The fact that they’re still tight about this after all these years is so funny to me like they must think about it every single day


Man it wasn't even the copypasta. I saw folks eviscerating the guy for daring to write YA stuff. Teen love for teens. And how that made him a pedophile. Like that's what's being talked about here. Not the cock monologue. It was the endless hate and vitriol like I remember distinctly my dash being flooded with "he's a grown man who writes stuff for kids. That's super sus of him" and him literally being called a pedophile and other such smears. Like the cock nonsense was the absolute least of what happened. Don't be a derisive dick. If you're referencing that then obviously you were around to see all the toxic bullshit too and you should know all of this

But oh noooo! It was obviously the goofy taste of balls post that did it! Because tumblr is good and always correct /s

It is particularly cruel to me that John Green was harassed essentially off of the internet in the way that he was because the poor man has OCD and is very open about it.

The way he was treated is horrible and disgusting for anyone at all, but John Green has for years and years (along with his brother Hank) tried to make the world a measurably better place while living with a horrific mental illness. A mental illness that makes something like being called a pedophile over and over again horrific in ways that unless you have OCD, or are very very close to someone who does, you will never understand because OCD targets whatever you value and makes your world a living hell over it.

And you know what? He still writes his novels, and he is still out here doing absolutely everything he can to make the world a measurably better place. The cock monologue was just the straw that broke the camel's back.


Also if anyone did this to my brother I would never ever forgive anyone involved. Never. The fact that they are still engaging with the internet in the way they do, with vulnerability and kindness is remarkable.

The notes on this post are shit so just to be clear: if you’re following me and you think it’s funny to harass someone, or that it doesn’t count if the victim is above a certain age or if the harassment happens online, or that it’s worse to speak out against harassment than to harass someone, unfollow me because I don’t fucking want you to interact with me

On the positive side, here’s two replies that are actually decent:

"Harassing someone non-stop for months, including graphic sexual harassment and disturbing baseless accusations of child abuse, is funny as long as I think the victim is annoying!" -a lot of people, apparently

okay but this is a power move above any other


It gets even better, because he was doing all of this on a pitch black night. This dude swam towards a lure, slapped at it with his glove, and when it got caught; he let himself float and tugged on the line so the fisherman thought he had hooked a 100+ pound salmon. Once he was finally up to the shore, he turned a flashlight on in the guy’s face and walked out of the water, saying “good morning, gentlemen. State fish and game warden, you’re under arrest.“

At this point, the guy who had reeled him in had literally fallen over in shock, and the other people with him were scared shitless. The warden whipped some citations out of a plastic bag in his wetsuit, made the trespassers sign them, asked if they had any questions, and then gathered all of their fishing gear. And he just. Walked back into the river. And quietly swam away, without another word.

This man is a legend.

warden coming out of his river to shame fishermankind

A real life mermaid

Water sprite gets a job as a park ranger.


Dennis the Election Koala gives Ken the Voting Dingo an important lesson in civics! More versions for web- and real-life-sharing here.

I finished this yesterday but thought, “I’ll wait until Monday to post this on Tumblr and that — nothing ever goes viral on a Sunday.” OH HO HO HO HO!!! The internet bloody well showed me who’s boss around here.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared this so far. Please keep sharing, and please seriously consider making pamphlets and letterboxing your street, building or neighbourhood. Internet folks tend to be savvier-than-average anyway — it would be good if even more people could see this. Hi-res and PDF versions on the website!

Incidentally, to all the Canadians, Americans and Poms I’ve seen posting this and commenting, “Howdy goddammit, I’m so jealous of those bally Australians, eh!” — be jealous of New Zealand instead. Proportional representation is even better than preferential voting, I think.

It’s time to bring this back!


Look, it’s an election year so you should definitely enrol if you haven’t already. I’ll be showing the safe-for-work comic to my Year 12s this year in case they’re of an age to start voting, and will use Vote Compass with them too so they can know how to vote in a way that best aligns with *their* values (not their parents).


god i cant take it with sense8 theyre just like. heres an establishing shot that cost thousands of dollars. heres a bunch of people dancing and having the most lit time of their life. heres the coolest fight sequence you've ever seen. heres a pansexual orgy. heres a transgender hacktivist. here are villains that are closeminded and terrifying and use their positions of power to threaten anyone who's different from them, in a thousand big and small ways. heres those villains getting their asses kicked by the power of martial arts and friendship. heres a love triangle finally getting resolved with polyamory. heres a guy weeping and yelling because hes stuck in traffic. like they just give you EVERYTHING.