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One of my favorite things we saw during our trip to Iceland was the Njálurefilinn (Njal’s saga tapestry) project at the Icelandic Saga Centre in Hvolsvöllur, Iceland. Started in 2013 by two local women, Gunnhildur Edda Kristjánsdóttir and Christina M. Bengtsson, the project invites the public (and tourists) to sew sections of a 90m tapestry that depicts Njal’s saga. The tapestry was designed by Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir and uses the ancient Bayeux stitch with Icelandic yarn dyed with natural materials using traditional techniques. The project is expected to take 6-10 years!


(flight intercom) this is the pilot speaking. yeah we expect todays flight to be normal. um if you look out your window you shouldnt see the skull

(wizard intercom) good evening passengers. this is the wizard speaking. boy do i have a treat for you


people on this site will make the biggest scene whenever any of the crystal gems has the tiniest flaw but i don’t see ANYBODY talking about all of the innocent people steven callously stabs per episode ..? :/


it seems like almost every time i watch the show i’m like, great, another steven’s knife episode. it’s like, enough? we get it??


what the fuck are you talking about?


stevens knife. why isnt anybody talking about this

Name: Little Beepo

Skill: Fucking Miserable

Quote: Please let me have some grease from the stovetop. I’ll cry if you don’t let me have some grease. I need it.

no grease for you, little beepo. im sorry, but its for your own good

Little Beepo’s misery is increasing. Little Beepo’s misery is increasing. Little Beepo’s misery is increasing. Little Beepo’s misery is increasing.