Be Green 🌿 Do Crime

just look like you know what you’re doing and no one will ever question!

lots of cities will hire landscapers to plant shit next to sidewalks and 9/10 times the “uniform” is jeans and a tshirt... though they usually work in pairs people probably won’t question it as long as you’re not trying to hide what you’re doing (ex. have your plants laid out, a bucket for scraps/trash)

doing it in the early morning is best, again because that’s when professionals would be out planting and the sidewalks wouldn’t be crowded

for best chances of success that your plants will live happily ever after undisturbed: keep them 1ft away from the sidewalk so they won’t get stepped on, select native drought tolerant species because they’re probably not going to get much water, in summer plant full grown plants (6” pots or larger) but in spring you can do seeds (again, because your tiny plants tend to dry out), and put up a simple/professional-looking sign that says “do not mow/no corte” (yes both english and spanish, if you’re in the US at least)

—a professional gardener who loves guerilla gardening