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This is the production and information blog for the Heartstopper Comic Dub project. Heartstopper is a webcomic written and illustrated by Alice Oseman and this project is an effort to animate said comic! Do view our Guidelines & What You Need To Know pages for additional information. Love Always x (currently inactive)

Does anyone know any other websites/apps you can read heartstopper vol.3 full...? Appart from tapas, webtoon and Tumblr are there any other places?(˘・_・˘) It would be highly appreciated ಥ‿ಥ Thank you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻


buy the book! other than that no

Hi! Are you still doing auditions? :)


not for chapter one but we’ll let you know when we’re auditioning for chapter two

- mod jam

hey guys.   I know it’s been a minute.  That’s why I’m very pleased to finally announce the roles for chapter one. It’s been a long two months and I wanted to make sure I had good fits for every character.  I want to thank everyone who auditioned, as well as those who simply spread the word about the project.

I also want to thank Alice, because without her we wouldn’t have Heartstopper, and we wouldn’t have this project. 

That being said, here we have our cast!

1. Charlie -  Jamie (@voltronlaundryday) 2. Nick -  Jinx (@hidingfromthefeels) 3. Ben - Robin (@unirob) 4. Tao - Cecil 5. Christian - Alberto (@doctorwizarduniverse) 6. Miss Singh & Nick's Mum - Elise 7. Mr. Lange - Daz ( @crewefox ) 8. Ben's Girlfriend - Sadhana 9. PE Instructor - Eli Ross 10. Rugby Players - Eli (@kardemommen) & Chris 

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to everyone else who auditioned. 

- admin c

Anonymous asked:

Hi I was just wondering around when we'd find out about casting and how notifications work?

we're still working things out, I would say no further than a week from now. -admin noah

Anonymous asked:

Do you think there will ever be an American character?

It’s not up to us, but to Alice. But while we know accents and heritage of most of the main characters, side characters don’t have that canon and it’s possible to choose different accents

-admin noah

Anonymous asked:

are there any roles for slightly higher pitched females down the line? I would really like to audition :)))

Yes, there are a few in chapter 2 and 3, but we'll open audition when we're caught up with chapter 1. -admin noah

Anonymous asked:

Hello I have a deep African American voice, are there any roles I could do? And Are these paid roles?

No these are not paid roles. 
If you could attempt a British accent, I would have suggested auditioning anyway. Unfortunately, auditions have closed as of yesterday, Sept. 16th, at 11:59pm EST. 
However there is still hope for when we open casting for Chapter 2.
-admin c

Hello everyone!

Auditions for chapter one are officially closed, we'll get back to you in a few days!

-admin noah

Anonymous asked:

There aren't that many fenaks characters and I was wondering if you had a list in case I missed some? Also my accent has weird mixed tones of posh English, slangy street English, welsh and polish so it's a mess but it still sounds really British would that be ok?

there are more female characters in later chapters but there’s a list of all of them here ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dU9fTO1JSzzTId8l4KpKuNPIEt5ym4Cwbd5CdEDPcsw/edit?usp=sharing ) but you can audition for anyone you want.

and go for it!

- admin jam

Anonymous asked:

So is it okay to already send tapes in for roles like Tara and Tori, that appear in the later chapters? Or would you rather wait for a specific Chapter 2 auditions?

if you want to send it in now, you can, but there’s no reason to (unless you want us to consider you for chapter one roles

- admin kate

Anonymous asked:

Sorry if I'm being dumb but I can't find the email address anywhere?

it's heartstopperdub@gmail.com -admin noah

Anonymous asked:

will you be casting the characters as they appear (chapter by chapter) or will you be casting straight away if someone auditions for a chapter two role now?

At the moment we are casting only for ch1, but if you send in an audition for another character we'll keep you in mind when we'll cast ch2 and 3-admin noah

Anonymous asked:

Hey, is it possible to audition for more than one role???

Yes, sure! If you don't yet know who you want to audition for you can also say "any role"-admin noah

Heyo I'm not sure if you have anyone to do art for promotional purposes for this project but if you need anyone I'd love to! Just like a cover or something for each chapter, with the voice actors and creators names on it. Just random ideas idk. I would really love to be apart of this project but since I am Australian and can't do an accent to save my life I'd love to contribute in other ways. Hope you consider ♥︎


Hi! Thank you so much for being interested in this project! We are good for now, as there’s already a team of artists and animators, but we’ll keep you in mind if we need anything!

-admin noah


We are currently seeking auditions for Tao Xu, Christian McBride, Mr. Lange/PE Instructor, & Miss Singh as our top priorities!
For people interested in auditioning for Mr. Lange or the PE Instructor, you very well could play both parts, but we were thinking for Mr. Lange a more lively voice as opposed to the PE Instructor who could be read as slightly more gruff. 
For Miss Singh, possibly a slightly aged voice.
For Tao Xu, possibly a sharper voice.
ALSO! If by chance you shied away from auditioning for the fact that you might have an Irish accent and cannot do a British one, we were thinking an Irish accent could work for Christian McBride!
best always, -admin c
Anonymous asked:

have you received auditions for c2/3 characters? is it worth me submitting now or should I wait until the casting call for those chapters? :)

we have recieved auditions for chapter 2/3 characters! if you wouldn't mind being considered for a chapter one role, even though you're not reading their audition script, submit it now. however, if you'd only take the role you audition for or another chapter 2/3 role, you might as well wait. - admin kate