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If Mozes is not allowed to go to the mountain, the mountain has to come to Mozes! Neat light, mobile and foldable home bike. Enough to do some cardio and arm excercise during these strange times. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_bgNwhpcEh/?igshid=17rtok80x81ai

Some entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to quit! That can be a good thing, or it could hamper your growth. As an entrepreneur it is crucial to know when something or someone doesn’t work. At that point in time you need to learn to quit, change direction if necessary and start again. Until you found something or someone that works.

Entrepreneurs take note! A perfect example of when price-sensitivity goes out of the window and a product is purchased for a price that resembles the Dutch saying, “What a fool is willing to pay”. Under-built, by uniqueness (USP), beauty (although beauty is in the eye of the beholder), patents, buyer’s most likely emotion and competitive drive, and possibly more reasons, the Patek Phillippe Grandmaster Chime fetched a mere $31 Million at an auction. And all just to be able to know the time?! Who knew!!

The new world of apps is improving our lives more often than not. But what about the risk of giving too much information to the app providers? The Wall Street Journal sheds some light on an app allowing you to learn more about China, while according to the WSJ article, China is data mining the users for political (and who knows what else) purposes.

Now that Shopify is on a roll and may even be challenging Amazon for the crown in the future, this next article is as relevant as it was when it was written. Will the Amazon vs Shopify and Alibaba battle become the pricing battle, like Walmart vs Sears? Most likely. This article explains “The Wheel of retailing”, a natural re-occurring cycle.

Why the smartest people make the dumbest mistakes. That’s what this article is about. It’s one thing being “book smart”, it’s a whole different thing being “street smart”. And then there’s this often overlooked little concept of “common sense”, many whom I have encountered have little. While advising startups and small businesses, it’s amazing how “smart” people sometimes are blind to the obvious. Like being in love, everything looks rosy.

My Dad always said, Vitamin “R” is one of the most important things in life! Vitamin “Relationships”. More knowledge does not necessarily make you more successful. This depends a) on the type of job you have and b) how you define successful. In general quality over quantity will hold in most cases though, whether it is relationships, knowledge or online content.

I can make quick decisions at times. Some people see it sometimes as impulsive, but they can be based on gut feeling, which in my case is really the fact I have thought scenario’s through already, the opportunity arises, and I make a quick decision. The next article talks about the difference between reversible and irreversible decisions. Sometimes doing too much research to make a decision hamstrings our process.

Having a fear of failure may block your progress. This article provides some insight into how to deal with the fear of failure. In addition, I would like to add, practice, practice, practice, and prepare, prepare, prepare. As we say in Dutch, a warned person counts for two!

What phone are you using? Smart-Phone, Dumb-Phone aka Flip-Phone or something else? Well get ready for the Hybrid Phone, the “Smart Features Phone”, priced at a whopping $25, with internet access. Millions of first-time users from the Ivory Coast to India and Indonesia are connecting to the internet with this cheap Hybrid phone.