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Anonymous asked:

I have been so depressed lately and I just feel like I will never get fit. If I'm not eating too much then I don't eat at all. I want to get my shit together but I dont know where to begin. What should I do?

Brah if you really want it. You will go to no ends to get it. I believe you must solve the issues surrounding you that are the root cause of the loss of motivation. Once you cleared the path stopping you from your goals, then you can be on your way. I believe you can do it man :)

Anonymous asked:

I can't seem to find the motivation or discipline to workout and eat healthy anymore. I used to do this daily but with my sudden life changes I just stopped... Any pointers?

Don't feel rushed. The gains are forever there. Get out of this down time properly and find what motivates you again. On your own time. Anything forced in this world does not come out as you wish. That applies to occupation, relationships, goals, etc. There is no magical source of motivation, figure out what's stopping you and fix it patiently. Then I truly believe your motivation to get fit will come in as second nature as it once did in your past. Best of luck

Anonymous asked:

How do you know when it's time to move on to a new protein brand?

Honestly brah they're more or less the same. Don't overspend on protein powders when the real focus is on whole foods. Let's put it in this perspective: you take protein 1 for a year and you take protein 2 for a year. Will there truly be a significant difference? Will it be noticable ? Probably not. You'll probably have the same improvements. I personally wouldn't fret on something as small as protein brands. The main focus is on supreme diet. That's when you'll see real improvements. Just my opinion

Anonymous asked:

Please help! I've joined the gym for a second time (I failed the first time) but since I've returned to school I'm struggling to find the energy to train! I either fall asleep when I come home or I feel very drained both emotionally and physically . I feel helpless and don't know what to do! Any advice?

Do what is logical. 

if you can't allocate your focus and energy to both things, do the intelligent thing and focus all of your energy into one goal for now. Which would be school. No one is running after you with a deadline to be in top shape. 

Work on school and if you have time, run into a gym and get a workout in. All in the meanwhile try and eat healthy.

We forget that fitness is a luxury. School/occupation is mandatory to build the specific future you desire

do you have any advice on finding the timeand motivation to work out with a flat out bust lifestyle?


What is a flat out bust lifestyle? I'm assuming you're busy? If that's the case I advise u to sit down and look at your schedule and seriously set goals. Do this weekly. Every sunday make the exact plan for the week coming.

Anonymous asked:

What/who got you into lifting/working out? :)

A break up tbh. But that soon faded and I propelled myself because I loved the improvements

Anonymous asked:

Is it wrong for me to want to get aesthetic as fuck so that on the off chance I bump into a girl I was really into and who rejected me, I can walk off knowing that I can now do better?

Use it as motivation bruh, not as a purpose.

revenge in any form leaves a man empty and with less than he started with. Good luck

Dude i made a tumblr just to follow you. You're fucking amazing! Thank you.


Hey dude! Thanks a bunch, good luck on the journey!

Been gone for a while!

Hey guys I've been gone for a while, you can ask me anything you like regarding any topic.

I have to spend more time connecting with my followers and getting to know them better. Hit up the ask button: http://gymandmotivation.tumblr.com/ask

and I'll answer as many as I can!!

Anonymous asked:

How to get bigger boobs any advice?

3 sets of logic x 8-12 reps4 sets of common sense (until failure)

Honestly I just wanted to say thanks. As a recovering bulimic you have posted things that make me feel so much better.



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When you gf makes you choose between her or the gym because you spent valentines day making love to the gains

when you and your friend forget your protein at home after a workout and the gains timer is slowly ticking away and you question your gainsitance.

When a girl wears leggings at the gym and she does squats and you and your friend try to stay focused on the workout but the booty disabled the gains.

Remember to kill it today :)

Today just fucking kill every task you got. Be a machine. Everything you want done. Do it. Don't leave anything untouched. Say hi to that fucking girl you like. Text that old friend you're not on good terms with. Tell your girl/guy that they're amazing. Be honest. Love yourself. Love your mother. Love your father. Forgive them they're humans too. Tell your friends that treat you like shit that they ain't shit. Forget about that ex that occupies your mind, they don't deserve you. Fix your mistakes. Be a better person. Admit you're wrong. Admit you're not perfect. Accept your responsibilities. Never break a heart unless it's for the best. Don't lead people on. Lead people. Don't give up on the shit you love. Give love to the shit that brings you up. Don't forget the ones that you were able to see when it was dark. Don't forget the ones that left you at your lows. Don't forget what you're doing this shit for. Wake the fuck up. Get your shit together. And let's fucking all make it. We're all going to make it.

I am alive

Hey guys. First off I'm going to apologize for not being here and answering your fitness questions. Lots of things are going down in my life and I guess you guys deserve to know why I've been absent for a while: 1. Work and school. I managed a whole gym in Montreal and things didn't go very well. Due to former issues with owners of the gym, the profitability wasn't worth it and it closed down. But it was a good experience, I learned a lot. School has been killing me too but gotta do what you gotta do. 2. My father is severely sick with lung cancer and a brain tumour. Over the past year my family has been staying with him and helping in any way. He currently unresponsive and is in critical condition. Pray for a brahs dad. 3. Haven't lifted in months! Lost a lot of gains. So I'm hoping you guys can help me get motivated again and in the loop. Anyways, let me know what's up with you beautiful fit people :$