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Michaela; author, hockey lover, Keeper of the Goalies. She/her. Did you know Buch collects magnets?

I have always loved perfumes but I can’t wear commercial fragrances because they give me migraines. I’ve been making my own perfume for years now, using essential oils and organic ingredients, but I never thought much about it until my son mentioned that he thought there was a market for them

Since then I’ve been hard at work creating a few signature scents, and also developing a line of Stranger Things perfumes inspired by the characters. We’re almost ready to launch and I’m really excited to show this to everyone!

I’m working on something I think you guys will like. It’s not hockey related but it’s pretty cool. Stay tuned!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, y’all—I’m currently working four jobs to try to dig us out of this hole and being well-rested is a distant memory right now

Anonymous asked:

I had a 7 year lapse from tumblr, but then i found your blog from your kreidbanejad fic on ao3 and found your primers, and ope, now I'm sucked back in. Ty for the high quality kreidbanecontent 🤌🤌🤌

I'm so bad at answering messages right now (working four jobs will do that to a person) but I'm so glad you're enjoying the content! There will be plenty more when the season comes back! :)

Anonymous asked:

Vinnie is a hugger, wonder if kreids is gonna be smitten or if Mika is "the" one.

Oh, Mika's the one, there's no question of that. I AM curious how they're gonna figure out the post-win hug, given Vinnie's past tradition

Hi, not really a question, but I want to tell you that I really LOVE your books. Especially the hockey ones. I am sending you a lot of positive energy and virtual hugs from Bulgaria and I hope things will get better for you soon. Other than by donation /paypal link won't open/ do you have a patreon where we can support you?


Thank you so much, darlin. I do have a Patreon but I haven't had the energy to add to it lately, so it's just sitting there sad and alone

Sorry about the PayPal link - try this one instead if you want?

Anonymous asked:

Hi.. feel free to ignore this question if its too much.. um, that golf pic of kreider? Is that real or did he has something in his pocket?

That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it? It’s what we all would like to know. I guess we’ll probably never know for sure unless his girlfriend or Mika writes a tell-all memoir

Part of personal growth for me involves knowing when to ask for help. Things were getting better after the hysterectomy until I had a dental emergency that cost me $6000. My cards are maxed, my account’s overdrawn by $250 and has been for a week, bill collectors are calling me every day, and I can’t even start driving for Lyft yet because I have to renew the registration and get the AC fixed and I can’t afford to.

It’d be funny, this comedy of errors, if I weren’t so exhausted

I’m going to be able to make rent, probably, and buy groceries this week. But then I’m going to be out of money again until the next paycheck, and the bill collectors redefine aggressive

Anything anyone can give would be so humbly appreciated.  I’m sorry I’m asking again. If it weren’t for my teeth I wouldn’t have had to, but life sure does love to kick me when I’m down

Venmo is greymichaela

Thank you in advance and I love you all

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, y’all. Things are still really difficult financially, we don’t have A/C in the house and there’s a heatwave, and I’m able to work a full 40 hour shift now but it takes it out of me so I don’t have much energy for anything else. I miss you guys and I’ll be back when I can

Anonymous asked:

Congrats on your divorce!! I'm SO happy for you!!! My lying, cheating, absusive, narcissistic *ss of a husband just filed for divorce which means I'll be free soon. I'm so incredibly relieved.

Oh my god YAY FOR US!! Please stay safe, okay??