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CTE (Consent to establish) is NOC provided by DPCC which is needed before you start your business or enterprise as per The Water 1974 and the air (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1981. It is necessary to obtain DPCC consent before the commencement of business. If you need any help in this, just call Green Genra.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) is responsible to issue a license called “DPCC license or DPCC Pollution license”. It is governed and regulated by the Ministry of Environment & Forests and climate change. Also, DPCC is no objection certificate which government issues to ensure that the existing business or proposed business model are not causing any harm to the environment.

For DPCC online application, you are required to submit initial details and create a login id and password on the website of DPCC, After this, you need to submit all the details of your business, Company name, address of business, nature of work, usage and wastage of water, any kind of emission, etc. After that you can deposit the fee online.

One organisation that is relevant in this domain is DPCC, i.e, Delhi Pollution Control Committee. Under the guidance of the Central pollution control board, DPCC was founded in 1991 by the Delhi Government. It lays down the procedures for granting the NOC certifications and if you are looking for assistance regarding the DPCC Online Application and a firm that can manage the certifications procedure smoothly for you, then Green Genra is the name that you can trust.

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The Delhi Pollution Control Committee is in charge of issuing a "DPCC license." The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change oversees and regulates the DPCC. The DPCC is a type of no objection certificate issued by the government to ensure that existing or projected business models are not harming the environment and will not do so shortly.

Where to get the best DPCC licence?

It was formed by the Central Pollution Board and the government of India, through the Ministry of Forest and Climate Change, to keep pollution in the city of Delhi from getting out of hand. This means that there are four types of undertakings or permissions that have been given for the pollution of the air and water and noise.

It takes one and ten years for Consent to Establishment (CTE) and Consents to Operate to be valid (CTO). People who apply for Consent to run a business can do so in less than ten years. All 252 units in the Orange Category, with a pollution index of 41 to 59, were in this group. Units for printing, dyeing and other chemical processes are in this group. First, they apply for permission to start a business, then apply for permission to run it. CTE and CTO have one-year and five-year validity terms, respectively. Applicants can ask for permission to run for less than five years (CTO).

Confirmation of permission to run and to set up (CTO)

People who work in industries must get a permit from the State Pollution Control Board before they can start building. This is because of the Water Act 1974 and the Air Act 1981.

There is no need for a consent certificate for businesses on the "allow list." They don't need to do anything because it doesn't get dirty. A paper copy of the undertaking and any other paperwork they want to send to the DPCC licence can be sent to them, too.

All industries that fall into the green, orange, and red groups must apply CTO and CTE. CTE is valid for one to seven years. CTE for industries in the red and orange groups is five years, while for those in the green group, it is ten years.

Hire a CEO/CTO

There must be a collection of all of the most important documents for it to work.

After experts have checked the documents, they are sent to the State Pollution Control Board with the fee.

Monitoring reports, such as air or water, should be sent to the government if they're needed, says

·         Also, the Board wants to see other major reports, so they want them to be submitted.

·         To get a CTE, all the above things must be done. The process for getting the CTO is very similar.

·         Certificates of Eligibility in the Red, Green, and Orange categories were more likely to be invalid.

·         It will show why the project didn't get done by a certain date and the current state of any pollution control equipment or machinery that was already in place.

·         It only takes 50 per cent of NOC Fees to be paid each year, according to a statement from the DPCC. So during the whole project, only 50 per cent of the fees are due.

·         You need to send in an official copy of the No Objection Certificate, the feasibility report, and any other supporting documents when you get the No Objection Certificate.

Environmental compliance and documentation for Pollution Control Boards and the installation of Pollution Control Devices like Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants are just some of the options that can help you deal with pollution.

The DPCC essentially issues a License called DPCC certificate or License which means no objection certificate. This Certificate assures that the proposed or existing business entity will not cause any harm to the environment or society. If you are looking for a reliable company who can do the formalities on behalf of your establishment, here is the right choice for you. At Green Genra, our experts team will draft and apply with the Pollution Control Board.

Form 4 hazardous waste is required for filing annual returns. It must be submitted  to the State Pollution Control Board by 30th day of June of every year with mandatory information like Name and address of facility, Authorisation No. and Date of issue, Name of the authorized person and full address with telephone, fax number and e-mail and Production during the year.

If you are planning on starting a business  in Delhi, which could potentially generate pollutants, then you have to make an application to the respective State Pollution Control Board and obtain a Pollution license or certificate or a consent to establish your business here.

This form is meant for the labelling of containers of hazardous and other waste. Some guidelines are applicable along with this form like the background colour of the label must be fluorescent yellow, The word, The word, ‘HAZARDOUS WASTES’ and ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ to be prominent and written in red, in Hindi, English and vernacular language.

Grease traps have been around for decades and are also known as grease interceptors, grease recovery / management devices, FOG traps or converters, and catchers. They are used in a wide range of environments such as Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaways, Pubs, bars and inns, Hotels, Schools and colleges, Bakeries, etc. Remember, the grease trap price vary according to its size or models.