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“You think I can’t hold my own?”
“We get through this, I’ll hold your own.”
“You had to go and make it weird.”

My second @marveltrumpshate 2021 mood board for @gottalovev, featuring my favorite BFFs in the entire MCU. Thank you for asking for a Rhodey and Tony mood board, Lou. I love them so much so this was a blast to make! 

YAY!  I am so happy you had fun making it ❤️ Those two are my favourite BFFs too! I love them so much and you did such a great job illustrating their friendship. Thank you so much Sea, I love it!

For @gottalovev,​ who won my @marveltrumpshate 2021 mood board auction. This is a mood board for “Finding Peter,” their Steve/Tony mermen/Finding Nemo Superfamily AU. Thanks for bidding on me and donating to a great cause, Lou!

Oh My God! That is absolutely gorgeous Sea! I love it so much 😍. Wonderful choices of images and the colors, wow! It makes me so happy… thank you a million times 💕

@bladeofthenebula27 have you seen this gem? Isn’t it fantastic? I hope you like it too, it wouldn’t be without your idea and generosity for MTH 2020! 💛

We love every version of Steve and Tony, wherever they are and whatever stage their relationship is in! The Cap-IM Universe Medley Fest was established to encourage creators to explore new settings and characterisations for Steve and Tony, as well as provide inspiration and a set time to revisit beloved universes. This post wraps up the first 12 months and celebrates all of our participants. Altogether TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT new works were created for the 2021 fest — what an incredible amount of fanworks to enjoy 🖤 We’d like to acknowledge the 5 fabulous creators who created a work each month, going 12 for 12 to become Universe Medley champions! We’d also like to thank the folks who ran themed mini-events during the fest — we’re so glad that you shared your love of a universe with the rest of us, and we hope you had a heap of fun.

Remember, if you created a work, shared a rec list, curated a playlist, hosted an event or otherwise took part in one of the months, you can collect your themed badges in our individual round-ups here. And now without further ado…

Look at all of this AWESOMENESS!  Congratulations everyone! 😁 💖

This Fest was a blast, and I am so happy that I managed to participate all year long. All 12 months, baby! (some in sub-fests).

Mega thanks to the mods!

The 2022_Tsum_Fest is running for the Small Universe months of the Universe Medley Fest organized by the  @cap-ironman​ community.

I don’t put my doodles on AO3, but I was assured that it would count anyway... 

So this humble offering is for you, @muchmoremajestic​, for your prompt: “Tony and Steve take the tsums to a department store for the first time. Shenanigans occur.”.  As you can guess, this is the shenanigans part! Steve and Tony are chasing them out of frame!!!  🤣  I hope you enjoy 💛

And with that... by my count I participated for the 12 month of the fest! 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks mods, it was a blast, and a great way to explore Steve and Tony through the multiverse!

Chapters: 1/11 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe  AU (aka Merpeople) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Summary:

Steve knows he's overprotective when it comes to Peter. His son's safety is his main concern, especially after how he lost Tony when Peter was just an egg. When the first day of school is a disaster and Peter is kidnapped, he's determined to find his son and bring him home.

Tony was kidnapped five years ago and brought to Hydra World, where he's part of a show featuring Natasha, also a pigmy merperson, Rhodey the otter and Clint the sea lion. His resolve to escape goes into overdrive the day the handlers bring in a small merkid named Peter that reminds Tony so much of his late husband Steve.

My MTH fic for @bladeofthenebula27 , made for @marveltrumpshate, is here!!  At last! thank you for your patience Neb! 

Yes, it’s a Finding Nemo AU, with mermen  😀  (happy ending guaranteed!)

All is written and I will post twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays... 

It’s now 616 month in the Universe Medley Fest organized by @cap-ironman​ !

I haven’t read much of the comics, so I admit that this was an intimidating challenge for me. So I thought… why not do a moodboard for a story I love in that universe?

Like many Steve/Tony enthusiasts, I’ve learned a lot about 616 through the wonderful Sineala, who is always, always willing to act as our 616 guru and is a truly fantastic writer on top.

So here is my humble offering for:

Follow in Your Footsteps, by @sineala​ (6,788 words, rated T)

Summary: When Tony is twelve, his soulmate’s name appears on his wrist. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find out anything at all about Steve Rogers.

It turns out there’s a reason for that.

(Featuring: soulmate marks, identity porn, a beautiful romance between people who never met and a happy ending)


Thank you so much! This is lovely! I don’t think anyone’s ever made a moodboard for one of my fics before and I really like it.

My favorite part of this is the fish.

It was my absolute pleasure, it’s such a lovely story!   ❤️

and HA! yes, the fish. The line of the story with a fish made me laugh out loud, which is why I included it (me: wallet or fish? fish. definitely fish. why are there not more picture of people throwing fishes? oh well. 🐟 )

It’s now 616 month in the Universe Medley Fest organized by @cap-ironman​ !

I haven’t read much of the comics, so I admit that this was an intimidating challenge for me. So I thought... why not do a moodboard for a story I love in that universe?

Like many Steve/Tony enthusiasts, I’ve learned a lot about 616 through the wonderful Sineala, who is always, always willing to act as our 616 guru and is a truly fantastic writer on top.

So here is my humble offering for:

Follow in Your Footsteps, by @sineala​ (6,788 words, rated T)

Summary: When Tony is twelve, his soulmate's name appears on his wrist. Unfortunately, it's hard to find out anything at all about Steve Rogers.

It turns out there's a reason for that.

(Featuring: soulmate marks, identity porn, a beautiful romance between people who never met and a happy ending)

It’s now Create for Your Favorite Universe month in the Universe Medley Fest organized by @cap-ironman​ !

The universe that started it all for me, and that is still a fave even with all of its flaws, remains the MCU. I love their perfectly imperfect versions of Steve and Tony. I just wished they could have had more happiness in it, so I’ve decided to do what fandom allows me: give them a break.

I wanted to try the website Photopea because my new computer doesn’t accept my ancient version of Photoshop, and this is what I came up with. I tried! loL! 

Happy Holidays in advance to everyone who celebrates!

I got the AMAZING chance to work together with @gottalovev to make some art for the absolutely awesome fic “a lie has no legs (to break)”! [Here on AO3]

Mob AU with a bit of a twist, secrets, pining, protectiveness! GO READ IT! :D

Summary: When Steve learns that his childhood friend Bucky is part of a gang, as main enforcer, he quits his career in the Special Forces, determined to get him out of this mess. He’s stunned when he finds out that Bucky works for Tony Stark, who it seems isn’t just a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist running the most successful armament company in the country, but also controls New York City’s seedy underworld. But things are maybe not as they seem, and Bucky definitely doesn’t want to be saved. (Non-powered contemporary AU) This was also a fill for @marveltrumpshate 2020. Thank you so much for suggestiong to make a bang out of it, Lou! <3

LOOK! LOOK AT THAT FANTASTIC ART!  And not only it’s fabulous MassiveSpaceWren art, so beautiful in every way, but it’s art that fits the story I wrote so well. I adore your idea to illustrate two scenes set in the same warehouse, but using the lighting and colours to show the evolution in Bucky and Tony’s relationship.

I love it so much Wren: the gorgeous perspective lines in the composition, the watercolor feel, how pretty both Bucky and Tony are (so handsome, wow!), the details that you so graciously incorporated even though the deadline was looming.

It was so much fun to work on this story with you. Thanks for being so awesome  <3

steve is found in the year 1991 and meets howard’s son, tony, who is bratty and hostile at first. until he isn’t.

artworks for the @cap-ironman big bang 2021 team delta fic: like a teardrop in your palm by gottalovev art: like a teardrop in your palm [FANART] by me (uncropped)

massive thank you to gottalovev for writing this incredible fic and for being so awesome. she was such a joy to work with i’m so lucky to be paired with such a supportive and great writer :D and lastly thank you to the cap-im mods for this event!

Look at this awesome art! isn’t it just magnificent? 😍 note that the last one in all its glory is on AO3 😳)  

Thank you for the lovely words my dear, I can say that very same about you, I really loved our partnership for this event, and getting to know you ❤️. To add a little more to the summary and tags, if anyone is curious about the fic: 

Title: Like a teardrop in your palm

WC/Rating: 29,200 words, Explicit


Adjusting to the year 1991 isn't easy.

Steve's glad that Howard gives him a place to stay, but his 21 years old son Tony is hostile and bratty at first. Then it thankfully gets better.

Sometimes Steve wonders if pissing off Howard is the only reason Tony does anything, including befriending him. But then again, it's Steve who impulsively declares that he and Tony are dating to teach Howard a lesson—which isn't true at all!—so maybe part of the mess is on him.

Warnings: no archive warning apply; additional warnings: mentioned recreational drug use, kidnapping and arc reactor issues, off screen mentioned alcohol abuse, suggested PTSD, allusion to homophobia (from Howard)

What to expect: Steve is found earlier, not the best start between Steve and Tony, ‘enemies’ to friends to lovers, Rhodey is the BFF, Howard A+ Parenting, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Sharing a Bed, Jealous Steve Rogers, lots of Obliviousness and Mutual Pining, Getting Together, Happy ending (more tags on AO3)

Thank you to Lillaby for the beta 💕 and @goddess47, this one is for you vs @marveltrumpshate  2020! thank you for your generosity and your patience! 😘

Anonymous asked:

Hi! You wrote at your mth listing that you won’t create works at bdsm universe, how do you feel about bdsm at normal universe? just as a kink not weird biology thing

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my listing 😊 I can definitely write kink that involves bdsm, yes. I do like power dynamics, and if the request doesn’t involve my do not wants (dubcon, humiliation, real abuse, etc.), I am very fine with it! Thank you for asking, I appreciate it 👍


See Gottalovev’s existing works here.

Preferred contact methods: Email: gottalovev@gmail.com Discord: Lou-gottalovev#7833 Tumblr: gottalovev

Will create works that contain: Angst is fine if there’s a happy ending; Hurt/Comfort; Avengers as family; Humor and banter; Alternate universes; Road trips; Strong friendships; Identity porn; Fluff; Happy ending; No Power AU; Alternate timelines/What if?; Consensual sexy times; Explicit sexual content; Gen fic or intimacy without sex (or fade to black); Enemies to friends to lovers; Fix-it; Fake Marriage/Relationship; First time; Near-death confessions; Sex pollen if feelings are there; Supernatural creatures; Space AU; Misunderstanding/miscommunication.

Will not create works that contain: Major character death; dubcon; abuse or abusing relationship (especially violence to children or partner); stalking; partner betrayal (infidelity); no underage sex unless both partners are late teens; character bashing (even minor character, and especially not previous lovers/interests); suicide – suicide ideation; hurt without comfort; homophobia; medical kink; scat; humiliation; BDSM universes.

– Fic or Other Writing –

Auction ID: 1142

Will create works for the following relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - 1872, 3490, AvAc, MCU, Noir, What If..? (TV) Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - 1872, 3490, AvAc, MCU, Noir, What If..? (TV)

Work Description: The minimum bid of $10 is for a story of at least 5,000 words. More $, more words! (I will aim for a minimum of 100 more words by $1), but I cannot promise a story over 25,000 words. I will discuss the idea with the winner until we find something that works for both of us. Attention: I am a very slow writer, do not expect a final product until 2022 (especially if it is long). Thank you!

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Can pods bid on this auction? Yes - Podbids welcome!

The auction runs from October 17 (12 AM ET) to October 23 (11:59:59 PM ET). Visit marveltrumpshate.com during Auction Week to view all of our auctions and to place your bids!

Here are the details for meeeeee! 

The final count is in. We hope you have your wallets ready because we have…201 talented creators and a jaw-dropping 318 auctions! There’s something for everyone, whether you want a fic, some beautiful art, a beta reader, a physical item to call your own, or more! Check out ALL of the wonderful auction listings on our website or MTH offerings Tumblr.

Keep an eye on our countdown clock to know exactly how much time you have before the auction officially begins.

While you’re waiting, we suggest you check out our:

YES! it’s that beautiful time of the year :D  It’s preview week, go browse all of the creativity that is on offer starting on October 17 <3

If you’d be interested by Steve/Tony or Bucky/Tony by me made especially for you (or your pod buddies), you can have a look at my auction here! (it starts at 10$!)

canon: they died
fanfic: fUCK YOU

Canon: and so they never met

Fanfic: here’s a funny story

Canon: There was tension and pining, but they never even kissed.

Fanfic: Actually,


Canon: Torture the cinnamon roll.

Fanfic: Torture the cinnamon roll.

Canon: When they traveled they stayed in separate rooms

Fanfic: AND. THERE. WAS. ONLY. ONE. BED!!!!!

Canon: … and they were roommates.

Fanfic: oh my god, they were roommates…


Canon: They were international assassins who assassinated assassins.

Fanfic: But hot DAMN wait till you hear about this cafe they opened


Canon: They had a coffeeshop

Fanfic: but they were ASSASSINS

Canon: they were mortal enemies and attempted to murder each other on multiple occasions



Everytime I reblog this has a new addition and it’s the best


Canon: They were straight

Fanfic: Lol



I love fanfic so so so much.


Canon: Am I joke to you?

Fanon: No, just a disappointment.

I wasn’t going to reblog then the last line killed me.