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Sarah,NJ- Avid runner, dog lover, goat obsessed,vegetarian & wife. Ulcerative colitis fighter. You will probably see lots of pictures of me running, my dogs, food, everyday life and stuff about UC
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Anonymous asked:

Hi why are you so great? Do you want to be my BESTIE?!

Is that you, bestie??

Where are these amazing waterfalls? Love your pics 🧡


Thank you! They’re in Ithica, Watkins Glen and Letchworth state park— all in western NY :)

We spent Memorial Day weekend with the waterfalls 😍

Update 3

A random beautiful day at the beach with the fam

Hi. Still around. Perhaps I’ll come hang out on tumblr more frequently for a while?

It’s been a good day.

What about you?

Some days are good

Some days are bad.

Today was both but its ending good 🙂


calm sunsets

accidentally going to Mexico

sunrises in bed

hiking the window trail, grapevine road to balanced rock and Santa Elena canyon

Walking through the rio grande

Laying on a highway in the middle of the night

Erin throwing me off a mountain

Warmth and wind

Sun flares and exploding beers

Pure silence

A dinosaur and a lizard

Star trails





Big Bend National park- thanks for the memories

The view from my backyard at sunset ☺️