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This “#Thrawn art” was created by several iterations on #midjourney #ai then several iterations of #faceapp. Adjustments by #photoshop and #photoshopexpress.

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NOV 16, 2020 AT 2:43 AM

Fanfic: A scene from “Aliit Vucon’ocir” - NI CHAAB GAR

“Ni chaab gar," Sabine blurts in Mando’a.
He unclasps her cheek and pulls away as his eyes hold their brightness. He turns his head to watch the new construction high-rises on the outskirts of Canto Bight's city's center roll as his landspeeder winds around the road. Her words --
Sabine Wren entered his vehicle without resistance and took his advances and innuendos readily, like a spy. He rationally could remove her vehicle and detain her to the brig aboard his ship, the Chimaera.
And, he is a sapiosexual, after all. His attraction to this young woman and her knowledge of art is vital. Perhaps he should try to understand. She is human, and she is relatively young for his usual tastes. He prefers close to his age and a few years older, like his Chiss Admiral Ar'alani, but that was another time, and he moved on.
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Assistant Thrawn is happy to help the always-working @myevilmouse! He will say goodbye on the phone for a few moments, and he is all yours!

But ahem, boss-lady, you must discipline your employee! That’s one of a messy table, and snacking this openly during work hours!! I’m sure she can figure out some way to teach him a lesson!  🤭😏

Ysalamiri pattern art by @ele-millennial-weirdo 💙💙💙

Body Mixed Into One by Helena Wierzbicki

Body Mixed Into One by Helena Wierzbicki

What we think the art of our TxS fanfic could be. Love Painting – Abstract FiguresMedium: Acrylic on canvasSize: 15.6×21 in. (40×53 cm.)by Helena Wierzbicki SUPPORT THIS WONDERFUL ARTIST AT FINE ART AMERICA: https://bit.ly/3boxKWs Bodies Mixed As One by Helena Wierzbicki at Fine Art America Grand Admiral Thrawn has NEVER has passionate sex until he met Sabine Wren. He planned to enjoy and…

Just happened. That’s all.

Um… @blackmonitor​ did this amazing art because of the TAGS (which were there from Chapter 1) on my fic Martial Arts, and it resulted in me having to rewrite my desk sex (in Chapter 4) to accommodate her vision.  No complaints, it’s soooo hot I had to put it on the page.  I hope the prose lives up to the paint!  You can read the smut here and you can see the unedited version of this glorious art below the cut….nggggggghhhhhh

-smirk- She is young for me. Right?

“…I’m not accepting surrenders at this time; I want you to know failure, utter defeat, and for you to know that it is I that delivers it to you, crashing down upon you”