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I'm Stacey. I'm a 33 year old lesbian with no life.

viewing queer identities as “this is the label that makes me happy and feels most accurate now” rather than “this is who I am, was, and always will be” will definitely take the pressure off, friends. changing your mind is proof that you have one.


shout out to the ace and aro sapphic girls out there. no matter how you love women, it is radical and good.


yesterday i read this article and it just made me so happy

I particularly loved this quote:

“We are sure they would be good parents because they were so nice to their stone.”

Piping fuckin hot take incoming but it doesn’t matter if fat people are healthy. Not everyone has to be a paragon of fuckin health to be treated like a person.


something has been BOTHERING MEEEE…………ok so in the 80s, you have Heathers. the 90s had Clueless. the 2000s had Mean Girls. what is the definitive teen girl drama comedy of the 10s? 


Make a habit out of not blaming people for doing something which happens to bother you before you have directly expressed that it bothers you.

Don’t expect your loved ones to read your mind and don’t waste your time waiting for them to pick up on little passive aggressive hints.

Don’t let your annoyance built up til you’re bitter and angry without ever giving them an honest chance to know why.

Don’t hold things which bother you against your loved ones before you’ve communicated that their behavior upsets you and given them an honest chance to take your feelings into consideration and change their behavior.

If you tell them directly that something bothers you and they keep doing it, you’re in your full right to be angry, but let’s quit this culture of being upset with people for not being able to read our minds and intuitively figure out that we are really bothered by something they do.

Old people can"t understand when younger people are willing to cut a whole relative off. They have lived their entire lives in guilt or based on some sense of loyalty to someone based on blood. People will abuse you betting on that fact, just because ya’ll are blood that means you have to accept it. No, you don’t.


Person: I know it’s hard because he’s your dad-

Me: It’s not

Person: But you love him deep down-

Me: I don’t

Family matters; blood doesn’t.

And friends, this is still valid even if you DO still have love for that toxic relative that you have or are trying to cut out of your life.

They do NOT get to hold that over you. They do not get to hold your heart hostage.


why are the artists on ink master allowed to say shit like “i hate tattooing dark skin” like just bc you’re bad at your job doesn’t mean you get to be openly racist


indigenous artists have been successfully tattooing dark skin for thousands of years & here comes your white ass saying tattoos aren’t made for dark skin 👀

i love this. i do. and i’ll comment on it every single time.  the very first artist i went to get tattooed was in Utah and the guy told me straight that color wouldn’t look good on my skin because it wouldn’t show up.

second guy i went to was in California and he said basically the same thing.  Color wouldn’t look good on or show up on my skin. blah blah blah…

so months later, i’m at a tattoo convention in LA and i walk past a booth featuring tattoo artists from Taiwan and i see this BEAUTIFUL phoenix that’s just… amazingly brightly colored and beautiful and the guy asks if i’m interested and i said something about it not looking as good in black and grey and he asked why i don’t just get it in color and i said the color won’t show and he PLEADED with me to let him show me he could do it.

and he did.

and it’s fucking amazing and bright after almost 8 years now of being on my skin… all the pinks and teals and yellows and oranges… all of it.  Still vibrant.

i went all the way to Taiwan years later just to get more added to it, and my leg done as well.

now, as soon as someone tries to tell me that they can’t put color on my skin, i disregard them and write them off.  Sometimes (depending on how stuck up they can be) i go ahead and lift my shirt and show them my side (and now legs, and now arms) that are fully colored and vibrant and BEAUTIFUL. 

and i hope it sets into their brain that just because THEY can’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  

Also… some of the people who have put the best color on me have been people who don’t normally work with dark skin (being from different countries where skin tones might be darker, but maybe not as dark as me) but they’ve been willing to TRY and they always succeed and that means a lot.


There is a whole shop of black artist in Atlanta that are dedicated to tattooing darker skin. The shop is called City of Ink. The owner is a black tattoo artist named Miya Bailey. It’s been open for 22+ yrs. check em out.


oh you think your life is hard? try being a gay rat living in france who hates your dad and just wants to cook


why did this post make me realize there are no female rats in this movie

actually there is, she has one line at the end when she says “how do you know?”

ok I just skimmed though the movie again, and here she is in the beginning, she just doesn’t say anything, and you wouldn’t guess she was a girl because they didn’t do that weird humanizing, tits and longer eyelashes thing that most movies with animals do.

i’m pretty sure that all the female coded rats are the smaller rats, which is apparently accurate to real rats. Remmy is also really small. after going though the movie I realized that there are only five rats that have actual lines. Remmy, Emile, the dad, the really big bodyguard rat, and the rat at the end. whack.

>girl rats are smaller

>Remmy is smaller

>Remmy is trans

remmy is trans and his father accepts that but not his passion for cooking

remmy: dad i think im a boy

dad: sure son

remmy: also im tired of eating literal rotted garbage

dad: you w h a t


the phrase daddy issues makes me so mad like no this isnt some ‘issue’ we have its a system of neglect and emotional incompetence thats excused and encouraged in men and then somehow reflects badly on young girls for being lost and im so mad

The man fails as a father and we laugh at the neglected girl

straight people will never understand how therapeutic it is to hear the words “her girlfriend” or “his boyfriend” or how I ascend to heaven when I hear “her wife” and “his husband”

Female customer: “I don’t have a rewards card but my partner might.”

Me, ears perking up: “Great! Can I have their name?”

Customer: “It’s Stephanie ____”

Me: stupidly wide smile and faint twinkle in eyes because holy crap I’m not alone


These two women came up to my register with their twins and they called each other honey and their kids called them both Mom and my soul ascended to the heavens i was so happy

When I worked as a contractor I knocked on a heavily pregnant woman’s door and she said she’d “have to talk to the missus” in a heeeeavy outback accent and I actually forgot how to speak for a second and had to explain that I’m not homophobic I’m just super gay and hearing her say that launched my souls directly to nirvana


My soul when I see Queer people visibly and openly living their best Queer lives: