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28. 🍄 Vegan anarcha-feminist. Friend of nature and fungus enthusiast with a fine art degree! Welcome to my personal mushroom blog! All photos posted are mine unless otherwise stated © If I have incorrectly identified any fungi or plants, please let me know! @fungus_queen

theres a new cat who started showing up in my backyard. last night he was on my back porch, sleeping on a decades-old mattress we put back there (temporarily), and tonight, he’s back on the mattress sleeping. I don’t know yet if he has a home, but normally I recognize the cats that pass through our yard. so far, I just have a water bowl out that I keep full in the summer for all the creatures, but I don’t plan on feeding him. stay tuned for more mystery cat updates

Starting today, my quilt will be on display at the local county fair! This project took about two years to complete. The quilt top is entirely hand sewn using the English Paper Piecing technique, where cut-to-shape paper pieces are used to stabilize the shape of the fabric. A ladder stitch is used to join fabric pieces at the edges before the paper is removed. The individual fabrics are mostly vintage sourced and some of the solid colors are hand-dyed by me. The quilt overall measures 36″ x 56″

I just put my online shop on vacation mode! For the month of June, I’ll be focusing on some other stuff but the shop will reopen July 1! Thanks for your understanding :)

just wanted to announce: I will be closing my online mushroom sticker shop for the month of june because I will be out-and-about and too busy to fulfill any orders (and I don’t want anyone to get orders 2 weeks late). if you really must have some cute mushroom stickers asap, get them before june or else you’ll have to wait till july to get them again!

at work, i’m getting practice making fake excuses/lying for my own amusement when customers ask “why are you still wearing a mask?” or if they imply that I could only possibly want to wear a mask because management is forcing me to. if I get rude vibes I decide I’m not going to explain risk assessment/the scarcity of my sick pay/care for the disabled/immunocompromised/impending feeling of responsibility. lately I’ve been saying “I’m hiding my piercings from management” or “I’m hiding my tongue piercing from management”

@beautifultrees07 and I drove from Los Angeles to Chicago and I got pulled over on a Texas highway because we didn’t know that in Texas, you’re not supposed to drive in the left lane unless you’re passing other vehicles. whereas in California, if you want to drive slow, you should stay in the right lanes, and the left lane is typically just the fastest lane. so like, in California, it is perfectly acceptable to stay in the left lane for miles, but not in Texas