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A blog dedicated to poly relationships involving Steve Rogers, Captain America. Primarily MCU. Sometimes NSFW, but everything will be tagged appropriately. Submissions always welcome!

so I had the most fun of weeks. stupid cold got turbocharged by mother of all migraines. -1000/10 will not recommend >.< anyway after migraine finally let go (after 3 days ffs >.<) I needed something mindless to chip away at and well, drawing above never meant to be anything but a doodle but I had the initial sketch at hand and as usual things escalated

so yeah, i needed something to draw and ended up with a drawing about drawing. there is a pun here somewhere. im too lazy to find it

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Holly Poly is, as the name implies, an exchange for polyamorous relationships. OT3s, OT4s, OT6s, orgies, open relationships, sedoretus, whatever strikes your fancy, as long as it involves three or more entities.

Participants are able to offer and request fanart, fanfiction, fanvids, or podfic.

Dates: All times are 11:59pm EDT/EST, save for golive which will depend on when final pinch hits are posted. 8-17 October: Nominations are open. 22-31 October: Signups are open. 5 November: Assignments will be sent out no later than this date. (And hopefully will go out much sooner.) 2 January: Default deadline. 10 January: Fanworks are due. 15 January: The archive goes live (as soon as everyone has a gift). 22 January: Creators revealed.

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[ID: “Polyam Shipping Day / 14th of every month”. Next to the text is a red infinity sign that finishes in a heart on top. Above the text are rows of stylized hearts in the colors of both versions of the polyam pride flag (black, red, bright blue, light green, dark green, light blue, navy). /end ID]      

October 14th 2021 is our 10th Polyam Shipping Day!        

The optional theme for it is: 🎀 All tied up 🪢

We’ll be tracking #PolyamShippingDay, and keeping an eye out for any @polyamships mentions too. We will reblog any polyam-positive fanworks featuring polyamorous ships of any configuration/type from any fandom. All ratings are welcome but anything nsfw/triggery should be warned for and behind a read more, as should very long tumblr fic.

You can also submit works directly to the blog or send us asks to let us know to check your blog for a post. Plus, we now have an AO3 collection. The collection name is ‘PolyamShippingDay‘ and you can post to the collection here.

We look forward to seeing what people create for it. If you’re enthused about the day, we’d be especially appreciative of any reblogs to help spread the word about the event.

Creator registration for Marvel Trumps Hate 2021 is officially open!

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