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By the end of the year, protections to keep indigenous children with their families and communities could be scrapped. If that happens, we will absolutely see a massive wave in attacks on indigenous protections of all kinds, all centered around indienous sovereignty (since that is the foundation of the ICWA).

That is not something we can afford to be patient about. It only takes a single stolen generation to kill a culture. One missing link and we lose our languages, our stories, our songs, our traditions. We can't afford to wait.

i love ponyo. it’s just like “yeah here’s this bizarro wizard who used to be human but is now amphibious and trying to bring about the apocalypse via elixirs and such who’s married to a gigantic powerful sea goddess who seems charmed by humanity but also doesnt care enough about them to stop her husband from trying to annihilate them. anyway, ignore all that: one of their goldfish children has a crush on a human boy!” and they were right


every day i wake up alone in my little creaky beloved bed and I look around with sleepy eyes and realize it’s a “remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world” kind of morning


Lobster in a bucket looks like a gigantic monster on a metallic planet, and the waterdrops look like stars.


This is transcendental. 

I know this image is just an artistic rendering, but was Chicxulub even close to being that big?


YES, ABSOLUTELY. if anything, that paleoart UNDERSTATES it!

the Chicxulub Impactor was about six miles wide, meaning that when its bottom edge slammed into the atlantic ocean at roughly 20 km/s, its top edge was still in the upper atmosphere.

(infographic cadged from Kurzgesagt)




Here’s an excerpt from Peter Brannon’s book The Ends of the World:

“These numbers are precise without usefully conveying the scale of the calamity. What they mean is that a rock larger than Mount Everest hit planet Earth traveling twenty times faster than a bullet. This is so fast that it would have traversed the distance from the cruising altitude of a 747 to the ground in 0.3 seconds. The asteroid itself was so large that, even at the moment of impact, the top of it might have still towered more than a mile above the cruising altitude of a 747. In its nearly instantaneous descent, it compressed the air below it so violently that it briefly became several times hotter than the surface of the sun.

“The pressure of the atmosphere in front of the asteroid started excavating the crater before it even got there,” Rebolledo said. “Then when the meteorite touched ground zero, it was totally intact. It was so massive that the atmosphere didn’t even make a scratch on it.”

Unlike the typical Hollywood CGI depictions of asteroid impacts, where an extraterrestrial charcoal briquette gently smolders across the sky, in the Yucatan it would have been a pleasant day one second and the world was already over by the next. As the asteroid collided with the earth, in the sky above it where there should have been air, the rock had punched a hole of outer space vacuum in the atmosphere. As the heavens rushed in to close this hole, enormous volumes of earth were expelled into orbit and beyond — all within a second or two of impact.

“So there’s probably little bits of dinosaur bone up on the moon,” I asked.

“Yeah, probably.”

“it briefly became several times hotter than the surface of the sun”

Ohhhh my god


Homesick for the elderly lesbian couple at my hometown’s antique store who found out I was transitioning and said, “You should buy a lantern! All the men who come in here go bonkers for our lanterns.”

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this is so nasty omds 💀


rn the difference between Movie Title free online 123movies watching & subscription service watching is that one has ads that train your reflexes and at most bother you a little bit but you watch for free and the other has unskippable unclosable ads you up to this point paid to Not See and i for the life of me cant see why anyone would pick option two