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I took out the bgm, now just go for the link. 

Anonymous asked:

Hi ! I try to download your "SING FOR YOU Poses collection, pt.3: Barstool Microphone from Flower Chamber" and "SING FOR YOU Poses collection, pt.1: Guitar Sets from Flower Chamber". But links don't work... I am sad... Can you help me please ? Thanks so much ! :D

Just open in new tab.

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2015 Christmas Gifts pt3: SNOWING FUN POSES SETS


  • Two versions of snowball by @starlord-sims
  • Included in the Download link
  • 2 Different sets (Ingame only):
  • Battle (12 poses in total)
  • Random (7 poses in total)
  • I don’t provide All in one from now on, because Andrew poses player V.3 has multi-selected feature.
  • I wanted to do child version, but since the rig mess up again, I decided to postpone it. 
  • Click pics for HQ

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:


Thanks to All the CCs creators. <3


Temp. will edit later on original post once I find the way under the theme.

dropbox trafic

I’m working on the dropbox links update. I don’t know what they do to my account. :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if you have IG but I don't check my messages here all the time. When I went to download some of your poses an error page popped up and said you hit your traffic limit and because so Tumblr has disabled all your links? I don't know if you know about this so I thought I should tell you. -- @SundaySims

regardless, I am gonna update them all into simfileshare. But thank you hon for reminding me. I don’t know why Dropbox sudden put a limit thing on my acct.

Hi love, I was trying to download your snowing fun poses, but I keep getting an error saying you reached your maximum bandwidth on dropbox. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!


Got inbox from anon regarding this issue this morning. Will fix it after work. Thank you. Hon.

Anonymous asked:

Hello please reupload 2015 Christmas Gifts pt3: SNOWING FUN POSES SETS thank you help

Will do it after work.