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Girl Power Graphic Novels!

We’re so super-excited to celebrate the awesome girl power-ness in graphic novels! Follow along for an appreciation of some amazing graphic novels filled with girls—and girl power—all week long! 4/23 — Novel Novice 4/23 — YA Bibliophile 4/23 — Miss Print 4/23 — Infinite Golden Floors 4/24 — The Book Rat 4/24 — A Backwards Story 4/24 — Green Bean Teen Queen 4/24 — Kid Lit Frenzy 4/25 — The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia 4/25 — Cherry Blossoms and Maple Syrup 4/25 — Daddy Mojo 4/25 — Love Is Not a Triangle 4/26 — Librarian’s Quest 4/26 — Ex Libris Kate 4/26 — Bluestocking Thinking 4/26 — The Roarbots 4/27 — Flavia the Bibliophile 4/27 — Book Crushin’ 4/27 — Charlotte’s Library 4/27 — Me on Books

Girl Power FTW! And share your favorite girl power graphic novels with us!

Yay girl power! We’re excited to see more about these great graphic novels from a lot of amazing bloggers.

Anonymous asked:

Hello! I've loved First Second books for a long time and it's my dream to publish with you. I notice that you've published a few works that were previously webcomics and self-published (Cucumber Quest) and you have used webcomics to create hype for a book (Faith Erin Hicks). So I was wondering, if I, an unknown author, publish my book as a webcomic first, would that be a deterrent for you to consider its publication? Or would you rather publish a new, unpublished project?

Thanks for messaging us! And thanks for being so complimentary about :01 too. 

You are correct that we do sometimes publish previously published webcomics (like Cucumber Quest and Check, Please!) and that we sometimes serialize books online that we’re publishing (like Friends With Boys and Spill Zone). So we’re not opposed to books being online at all.

However! I would say, if you’re starting on a new project you think might be right for First Second and you’re interested in us publishing it, email us and check in first before putting it online. Because if we are interested in your project and do want to publish it, we may have some specific thoughts about how best to do so and can work with you on that. 

I hope that makes sense! 

Anonymous asked:

Are you planing on publishing Last Man book seven and beyond? Thank you.

Thanks for asking about this! We love the Last Man series. It’s so good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of news on this front. We only have the rights to the first six books, and whether we’ll do more is uncertain. We’ll definitely make an announcement when we do know.

We’re sorry to not be able to share something more clear!

I'd guess there's a lot of paperwork and business dealing and stuff to get done, but it would be nice to be able to buy/read your books using Comixology. Can you do that?



You’re right about the amount of paperwork! That’s all we can say about this at this point, but -- we hear you.

How many volumes can you publish in a graphic novel series?


Thanks for asking!

The answer is -- probably unhelpfully -- as many as we feel is reasonable. 

For example, Gene Luen Yang’s Boxers & Saints is a duology, with just two books. But our Science Comics series currently has seven volumes, with six more to come this year. 

So series can have a lot of books or just a few!

Hi there! i'd really love to preorder the The Adventure Zone comic Here There Be Gerblins from my local comic book shop. Do you have a diamond code or other way they can order it from you?



We’d love that too! Comic shops are awesome. The July catalog (which has The Adventure Zone: Here Be Gerblins) should be coming their way soon, and comics stores will be receiving the graphic novels on the same schedule with bookstores. 

Comics has historically been a medium dominated by men, which is why we’re so excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day this month by publishing an amazing graphic novel by a fantastic graphic novelist: Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu.

Brazen tells the stories of a lot more amazing women from throughout history. From rappers to empresses to musicians, every one of these people helped make the world better, cooler, or more interestin and Brazen is the place to find out about them — and celebrate our feminist history all this March.

Fight the patriarchy! Read a graphic novel (specifically this one).

We’re so proud to be the publishers of this fantastic graphic novel!

I was wondering happened with Last Man? Are you no longer publishing the English translation? Was it cancelled in France?


Thanks for checking in! We love the Last Man books too. 

Right now, :01 only has the rights to the first six volumes of this series. That might change -- we’ll update on social media any time we have more news here.

The series has continued in France, so if you do speak French, you can get copies of the next volumes.

Anonymous asked:

Will the Fall 2018 sampler be available online or in some digital format?

Thanks for asking! Right now, we’re only making these available in print. We’ll have copies if you stop by our booth at an upcoming show -- ECCC, MoCCA Arts Festival, C2E2, or TCAF.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about any of the fall books!

Anonymous asked:

I started reading check please because of your tweets. can we preorder the first book? and if so where?

Oh yay! That’s fantastic -- it’s such a good comic.

You can definitely preorder the book now! We’ve got a page with all the retailer links: 

Thank you! 

Anonymous asked:

When is the second book of the Time Museum by Matthew Loux scheduled to be released?

Matt’s still working on it -- and it’s looking amazing! We’re thinking that it’ll be in stores in 2019.

We can’t wait!