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the-talamasca blog is the greatest thing to ever grace the fandom. They have tabs for real stories of paranormal stuff, the mun is hilarious and adept at writing as several agents at once, and they’re bringing us the Giant Talamasca Plot. Thank you, Fake The Talamasca, for being everything the Talamasca should be. (Miller should get a raise.)”


Don’t worry!  I’m not getting rid of the writing or the awesome stuff I’ve found to reblog here.  Just the nonsense crap that I never like sitting on here cause I value the things I’ve made with other people way too much to dirty it up with that shit.  Won’t stop me from saying my mind but I’d rather keep the fiction the primary focus on this blog.  I’ll come back.  Either in fic format or with a small group but once the nasty taste in my mouth from how bad this fandom got and made these characters just..meh..for me for now.

(I like the way you play Lestat. Like seriously how the hell do you do it?)


OOC Note: Awww!  You sweetieface poonum head!  Thank you!  I guess it is cause he’s the male version of me?  Just a little more eloquent and a hell of a lot more fashion sense?  I open my mouth and say whatever I want?  Most of the time?  I sacrificed many hours on Bourbon Street enough that some of him sank in?  JK!  Except the spending many many hours on Bourbon Street thing.  And my ability to go off on tangents?

Cause in that aspect?!  GUILTY!  XD  

I adore and love Lestat.  I have for years and years!  Way more years than I’d like to admit!  He’s one of the most amazing characters I ever read.  And hearing someone say that to me?  It means the utter world to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Seriously.  You totally made my night when I have been thinking about if I even want to be here anymore unless it was for a few people who are closest to me and them alone.  Maybe you saved it some for me and I’ll return later on when I’m in a better mindset to tune out the junk that goes down.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Much love.

lestat does texting

David: The only reason I do not hurt you is because it might cause a ripple effect.
David: I just arrived in the city. Are you braced for being yelled at?
David: Because you are going to be yelled at for the rest of the night.
Lestat: What is more important in London than I am?
Lestat: I said I may or may not be bored.
Lestat: I could be very entertained right now, my love.
Lestat: All thanks to you.

lestat does texting

David: I'm nearly there. This had better not be for a pointless reason.
David: If you made my fly all the way from London to see you just because you're bored then I'll hit you. I swear I will.
Lestat: What does it matter why I called you here?
Lestat: The fact is that I did and you should want to return to me if I ask.
Lestat: ...it may or may not be because I am bored.

lestat does texting

David: I'm nearly there. This had better not be for a pointless reason.
David: If you made my fly all the way from London to see you just because you're bored then I'll hit you. I swear I will.
Lestat: Haha! That was supposed to frighten me.
Lestat: Wasn't it?

lestat does texting

David: I did say you could ring me up as opposed to texting.
David: It actually does allow you to TALK to people.
David: I already told you that I am on my way. Texting and Cloud Gift seems an irresponsible mix.
David: No. Once is enough for your ego.
Lestat: Once is never enough for my ego.
Lestat: My ego requires daily replenishment. You know this.
Lestat: Did you just use the excuse of flying and texting do not mix? You are not a human behind the wheel of a
Lestat: car

lestat does texting

David: You remembered how to use your cellular phone. I am proud.
David: I don't see how I am at all responsible for your mood.
David: It is with the utmost inconvenience that I do so but I'm on my way.
David: You're a Royal Brat. Have I said so lately?
Lestat: I know how to use it just fi
Lestat: ne! I hate it but I know how to use it!
Lestat: You are responsible for it because you forced me to resort to these measures so that I can talk to you.
Lestat: Good. Because
Lestat: the more I use this thing, the worse I am going to be when you walk through the door.
Lestat: No. Say it again. I like it when you remind me.

lestat does texting

Lestat: Dear David. As you can see I am using this horrible device to contact you.
Lestat: It is all your fault and I am holding you responsible for my instant sour mood.
Lestat: If you will kindly return to New Orleans at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate the gesture.
Lestat: By earliest convenience.. I mean now.
Anonymous asked:

+ Ever regret not jumping Lestat's bones on that boat while he was mortal and in your soon-to-be-body?

Looking back on it now, despite my moral conflict over the idea of bedding such a youthful body, and concerned about my failing in being able to deliver any satisfaction to Lestat with mine, I do regret not engaging in that intimacy with him back then.  It would have created all manner of additional difficulties for us.

The friendship we shared certainly couldn’t have survived the encounter without becoming something deeper.  I did want Lestat, no shame in saying so, and if I had given in to my desire for him then I doubt recovering from it would be an option.  He has been (mostly) careful about engaging me in attempts for intimacy since my turning.  Out of respect for me or due to his own concerns, I cannot say.

He is dangerous for me.  By giving into my lust even once I fear that I would become fixated on exploring it further.  And since I cannot even promise that any such attempt wouldn’t end in disaster, who knows whether it will ever come to pass.

Anonymous asked:

I'm just double checking. If your who I think you are, I met your love a long time ago, and made sure he would go back to you. I'm not complaining here, just making sure he's behaving. He has quite the temper, for a sign of balance. Have a lovely night. :)

What and who in the devil are you talking about?  Forgive me for not understanding who it is you are referring to, but you’re being dangerously cryptic with whom you are speaking about.  How long is ‘long’ ago to you?  Ten years?  A hundred?  I fear our meanings on the term might be vastly different.

How did you make sure ‘my love’ would return to me?  You’re implying you spent time with someone I care for.  Now, I am curious as to who and the story behind it.  Please, do tell.

If I am who you think I am (which is pretty obvious given I haven’t hid my name upon this medium…at least upon this particular page) then you know that I do not give up insisting my questions get answers.  To whatever extent I have to go to in order to get them.  No harm intended behind the words.  Only truth.

..So far.