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I absolutely adore Percy. I only recently started watching Critical Role, I'm on ep 33. The questions I have are: 1- how much of Percy's childhood is 'written'? and 2- would you ever think of writing a series of short stories about him?


Thanks! I have a lot of Percy in my head, because I like to give Matt room to play. Maybe when his story comes to an end I’ll back up and fill some gaps in :-)

Refueling the Engine of our Exhaustion

Tonight I’m apparently the sort of person who sits down and thinks about what April Fools day means to me.

I’m not a traditional prankster, although I love talking out of my ass, and while I find the waves of bullshit facebook engagements and pregnancy scares exhausting, I wasn’t quite ready to take the John Oliver “No Prank” Pledge either (https://youtu.be/kXYXuXX48m8). I’ve been on the edge of sharing it all day.

I think John made the wrong call on this one. Hear me out.

We are living in a time of what can only be described as “intense information pollution”. Fact and truth choke in an atmosphere of opinion, fabrication, vested interest and hucksterism. Even the most skeptical and diligent of us are capable of being taken in and manipulated by the conflicting signals we receive every day. And it’s only going to get worse. So much worse.

So as we navigate our way though this fog of bullshit, Let us take at least one day a year to acknowledge the mess. One day to be vigilant as everyone we know feeds us little lies. Maybe today will inoculate us, and help us recognise those lies when they come on any other day.

And maybe, most importantly, maybe we will buy into some the April 1st bullshit today. Maybe we’ll get duped.

It’s okay. I know it’s hard to admit, but there are worse things than admitting you were tricked. Like refusing to admit it. Like being horrified of being wrong. Of being a sucker. Each of us is made a sucker every day in this brave new world and we have to get better at dealing with it.

We ALL have to get better at acknowledging the fact that ALL of us put our faith in bullshit. That you’re going to have to create a baseline in your head of what it takes for you to accept something as truth. And you have to be prepared to change your views when evidence contradicts it. This is not going to be easy. Everyone’s a fool. But today is an opportunity to accept an uncomfortable truth. To dismiss a comfortable lie. To fact check. To allow an issue to be complex. To humanize your opposition. To not allow your rage to make you malleable. To not be the fish that bites the click bait.

Happy April Fools. Every day is April Fools. Not an April Fools joke.

I was just curious if 1. there is an in-universe explanation as to why Percy is named after his father/grandfather (as is indicated by the "the third), instead of that name going to his oldest brother. 2. all of the de Rolo's have crazy long names.


Yes! Percival's naming was actually meant as an appeasement to a series of unhappy distant relatives who felt put out the first time around. And no, The boys have impressive names (Some more than others) but Cassandra and Vesper keep it short.


Okay, re: the de Rolos in age order, Percy mentioned that it was Julius and Vespa who handled matters of state, and he was left to his own devices because he was the third child. When he started interrogating the carriage driver, he asked about Frederick and Johanna (his parents), then Julius, then Vespa. So I assume he named them in age order, which would make it: Julius, Vespa, Percy, Oliver, Whitney, Ludwig, and Cassandra as the youngest.


Here you go, Critters! :)


Vesper :-)

I just want to give a huge thanks to the staff, guests, and people who came to Senshi Con 2015. It was an amazing time and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. 

This morning warm-up is actually a tribute to one of our guests, Taliesin Jaffe! An absolutely awesome voice actor to chat with; between BSing about old anime and getting a behind-the-voice look into show-biz, I got really inspired. So thank you, Taliesin. Hope you like the fanart!

!!!!!! Holy cow thank you!!!!

*cracks neck* my time has come

Okay, first? Pay off all your debts. Take out a small loan and pay it off right away.

Buy several hundred vacant houses. Schedule repairs for said houses with reputable contractors and make sizable down payments in advance. Get everything in writing and hang onto those deeds.

Buy a large open parcel of land that is being auctioned for development. And when I say large, I mean LARGE.

Sink millions into paying off people’s Kickstarters / college loans / medical bills / mortgages, and give generously charity organizations. That alone will carry off a lot of money.

Once you’ve got things down to a reasonable level, say $1m, buy yourself a house, furnishings, appliances, and a dependable car. Pay everything off so that you own it free and clear. Purchase about $200k worth of something easy to liquidate (i.e. gold, gems, bonds, stocks). Put the rest onto prepaid credit cards and wait for Monday to roll around.


You now have commendable credit and a shining public reputation.

Fix up and flip those houses, sell them for fair market value or below to families who need them, or create non-profit homeless shelters. (After all, it’s not like you need to “make” money, this is all running on the proceeds from the property sales.)

Sell the parcel of land to developers, or donate it to public works as a park or open space. Have them name it after you.

Retire to your fully furnished home. Liquidate your extra assets, or leave them to appreciate in value for a later date. Make Christmas epic with those gift cards. Keep the extra money in the bank and keep your day job.

And don’t worry about taxes when return time rolls around, because you’ll be able to write off several millions’ worth of charitable donations.


Basically this


This is someone who paid attention in finance class. 

I was wondering is Laura bi/pan or somewhere along the the queer spectrum? (I have been reading her as such.) (sorry if this is a duplicate I couldn't tell if it sent before)


Okay - I’m going to go through this one in a pretty thorough way, before coming back to actually give an answer to your question.

I know some of this is going to sound patronising to some people, but I suspect there’s no way to avoid that. I’m describing various sorts of books here, and just because one sort of book does it in one way and one sort of book does it in another doesn’t imply that just because I’m doing a certain sort of book means I hold the other sort of book and its approaches in contempt.

There’s a certain sort of fiction which does a lot of hand-holding. The Wicked + the Divine will not do any of that, for anything.

I’m aware that for some readers, this may be tricky. Even on Young Avengers, where I was trying to marry my more allusive tendencies in writing to something with a little more superhero certainty, there’s still Young Avengers readers that claim there is nothing in the book that suggests America is a Lesbian.

(There are readings you can take to make America Bi, of course - but the implication of all her words is that she’s predominantly into girls and has no interest in boys presently. That’s why she says the things she does, and you have to ignore all of that to make the reading.)

The Wicked + The Divine isn’t going to even be that easy.  

It doesn’t have to be. The main problem with not naming labels in mainstream books is that they can get annihilated by the next writer. There is no next writer here. There is just us, as such, I can present people and explore them as more complicated entities.

This is a book where a character may mislabel themselves, at least according to the current dominant theories. It’s a book where a character may learn they prefer one label to another as they progress. It’s a book where a character may take on a label, before realising that their initial label was more right than wrong. It’s the sort of book where a character may identify as straight even if they fuck people of the same gender. This is about people rather than moral lessons. This is a book about discovery and fucking up and flux.

Most of all, me writing it doesn’t imply an endorsement or agreement. I am not trying to educate anyone here. I’m assuming the reader’s ability to wrestle with this big serious stuff without me. This is a book designed as a gateway, not a terminus.

So to answer your question, no, I’m not giving a Word Of God answer to Laura’s sexuality, and you’re on your own until the characters choose to tell you one way or another, and even then, be aware that they may not know either. Put it like this: I’m 39 years old and even now I’m not sure about my own labels, y’know? I have to give the characters the space to find themselves.


So, my friend is stage managing Macbeth and made this status today...

I’m quite pleased with this.


Rapping this out loud in my empty classroom like swag.






I reblogged this so fast guys


"You fellas think of comics in terms of comic books, but you're wrong. I think you fellas should think of comics in terms of drugs, in terms of war, in terms of journalism, in terms of selling, in terms of business. And if you have a viewpoint on drugs, or if you have a viewpoint on war, or if you have a viewpoint on the economy, I think you can tell it more effectively in comics than you can in words. I think nobody is doing it. Comics is journalism."

— Jack Kirby

Stan Lee, 1968: ” … And we talk it out. Lately, I’ve had Roy Thomas come in, and he sits and makes notes while we discuss it. Then he types them up which gives us a written synopsis. Originally-I have a little tape recorder-I had tried taping it, but then I found no one on staff has time to listen to the tape again later. But this way he makes notes, types it quickly, I get a carbon, the artist gets a carbon…so we don’t have to worry that we’ll forget what we’ve said. Then the artist goes home…or wherever he goes…and he draws the thing out, brings it back, and I put the copy in after he’s drawn the story based on the plot I’ve given him. Now this varies with the different artists. Some artists, of course, need a more detailed plot than others. Some artists, such as Jack Kirby, need no plot at all. I mean I’ll just say to Jack, ‘Let’s make the next villain be Dr. Doom’… or I may not even say that. He may tell me. And then he goes home and does it. He’s good at plots. I’m sure he’s a thousand times better than I. He just about makes up the plots for these stories. All I do is a little editing… I may tell him he’s gone too far in one direction or another. Of course, occasionally I’ll give him a plot, but we’re practically both the writers on the things. “


Holy god damn I can't believe you have a Tumblr, I've great respect for your work and method. I noticed you listed the Major's speech as your 3rd favourite villain diatribe to have written; gotta ask what falls into the 1st and 2nd slots.


Thank you! Sorry I’m so slow to get to these letters. But I need a quick break from current deadlines…

DISCLAIMER, exceptions are the rule! I am not proclaiming the universal laws of storytelling! 

Most of the villains that I've come across have one defining characteristic: they are fine. THEY are never the problem and THEY are never looking to change themselves. It’s everything else that needs to come to terms with what they represent, and be transformed in their image, either in the micro or macro level.

The hero however, recognizes that the only way to change the world is to change himself. The hero grows, and becomes more entwined with the world either in a shamanistic outsider role or as a representative of the best of mankind.

 The point, is that heroes have a lot of internal monologues or they have friends to confide in. Villains have a world’s worth of people to bring around to their point of view. Thus, the joy of the VILLAIN RANT.

 “The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it.”

-Dr. Horrible

 Number 3 is Hellsing’s Major. He is of course preaching his destruction to the choir. If any of those poor bastards had half a brain cell to rub together they would have run screaming. Like the Thuggee cults of India, The Majors church of eternal battle can only end in death. It’s suicide by S.W.A.T. on a national scale, and of course there’s nothing more romantic than suicide.  Hence his “How do I love war? Let me count the ways!” Love poem.

And look up the Thuggee. They are completely fascinating.

 Number 2 on the hit list is Ikkyu from Read or Die the OVA. I wish I still had the text for this rant because I’m so proud of it. Ikkyu was a real Zen monk who traveled the Japanese countryside during the 15th century. He is to my mind one of history’s great sex and death goth kid assholes. His writings mark him as drunk, snarky, anti-establishment, and charming as fuck. He is the villain I can most closely identify with, because his theory of aesthetic appreciation as a mark of human value appeals to my own inner demons. On my worst days I can hear Daniel Ramont’s silky voice creating a world he could love by burning away everything he couldn’t.

 Number 1 is sitting on hold inside a personal project, but will be released upon the world… someday. It is a fabulous ode to daddy issues. Here’s the gist -

“Today is about to be the most interesting day of your life.”

It’s a copout, I know.