Bianca Solderini

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Indie Bianca Solderini Ex- Cortigiana Onesta The Vampire Chronicles Multi-verse | NSFW Content English - Spanish Tracking URL

Another old one I made as a fanart for Vampire Chronicles fandom. Not very good quality, I guess… Although it was a great challange for me in the past :) Miss the times when I had enough patience for such backgrounds.


Friedrich von Nerly (Erfurt, November 24, 1807-Venice, October 21, 1878) was a German painter known for his landscapes of Venice.


Herbert Arnould Olivier (1861-1952) was a British artist, best known for his portrait and landscape paintings. He was an uncle of Laurence Olivier. Love and Purity


Portrait of a girl holding a lily, a painting by John Simmons (19th century)