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Float like a butterfly, sting like a WTF?A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling. contact: eschergirls@gmail.com Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/amiangelwings Please read submitting and commenting guidelines (sidebar) before doing either.

More Samuree, this time from the 6th issue.  6 issues in and I think the audience viewpoint is even more fixed to her butt than ever before. Maybe that's her true superpower, she can force anybody to stare at her butt and be unable to move themselves away.

Or maybe her power is she can shrink you and that's why half of these have us at like the height of a hobbit.

Also her butt is alive and hungry that's why it keeps eating her pants.

(Panels from Samuree #6, Continuity Comics)

Letting it all air out. (Look, I can't stand this weather either, but wow.)

I guess if it's to deal with the heat wave, maybe the air is blowing in from our viewpoint and her butt and boobs really needs cooling, hence the emergency boobs and bare butt pose. >_>

(Promotional art for Trading Legend, 37Games)

necrotranscjk submitted:

This is Skeema she was a rather ambitious attempt at a bad girl hero. Her one and only issue was the only comic released by Digivision Studios.

I mean... on one hand... she's in a vacuum sealed battle bikini with nipples and has twice the amount of cleavage than normal.  On the other hand, badass muscular 3-breasted cyborg woman with pink hair.  So... like, there's potential.

I for one welcome our triple-boobed cyborg overladies.

Maybe we need to start a campaign to reboot Skeema.  Give the 3 boobed lady some clothes and she'd really kick (three) butt(s).

(Advertisement and cover for Skeema #1, Digivision Studios)

He's either holding her so tight she almost snapped in half, or he's trying his best to hold her together but most of her organs have already fallen out. D:

(Panels from Danger Girl #7, Cliffhanger Comics, submitted by anonymous)

I think that would be a boobs and butt pose if we weren't 1 foot tall and stuck underneath her entire butt... which for some reason has holes in her pants...

Maybe that's what they're fighting about - the woman with the toe-shoes snuck into her room at night and cut holes in her pant bottoms so she wants revenge.

It writes itself! 

(Cover of UnHoly: Argent vs. Onyx #4, Boundless Comics, submitted by anonymous)

doodlemancy submitted:

Sailor Moon Crystal S1&2 are the source of a lot of truly horrific bone-bending, limb-breaking, spine-melting art of female characters, but i feel like this image in particular captures its vibe, which is: an attempt to depict feminine grace that instead depicts SOME POOR GIRL WITH NO BONES. PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE. art is by Yukie Sakou, the character designer for the first two seasons.

On the other hand, it's the most graceful attempt at a boobs and butt pose we've seen in a while.

Also if people haven't seen Doodlemancy's long Twitter roast of Sailor Moon Crystal, she goes into even more details as a huge Sailor Moon fan about her problems with the show and it’s definitely worth the read.

(Promotional art for Sailor Moon Crystal, Toei Animation)

Everyone looks so weird in this cover.  Batman looks like he just bit into a really sour lemon, Superman looks like he really has to go to the washroom, and Wonder Woman looks like she's been replaced with like a Wonder Woman themed inflatable toy.

Also Supergirl has boobsocks.

(Cover of Justice League of America vol. 2 #0, DC Comics, submitted by anon)

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Somebody really needs to help her out of the horrible glue accident that's affixed her to her pillow because it looks like she's starting to get sleepy.

Also I think her skirt thing is getting worn out and thinning.

(Promotional art for Idle Huntress, BluStar Games, submitted by anon)

Aside from her catsuit being attached by superglue, I had to stare at that last panel for a long time.

It looks almost like that's both her buttcheeks but also only one of her buttcheeks at the same time.  A true Schrodinger's butt.

(Panels from Danger Girl #6, Cliffhanger Comics, submitted by Anonymous)

Unfortunately for Wonder Woman and Black Canary, the fight happened in the opposite direction that Batman told them it would be.  Wonder Woman turned around fast enough to not flash the enemy her butt, but Black Canary wasn't so lucky.

At least they didn't get captured this time like earlier in the same run.

(Panel from Justice League of America vol. 2 #15, DC Comics, submitted by anon)

She looks like she's fighting a massive atomic wedgie pulling up at her butt while trying to tip-toe over glass but also her bracers were just painted so she's holding them out to dry at the same time.

That, or she's a puppet and the strings are on her arms and her butt.

(Cover of Brigade #20, Image Comics)

Um, Valiant Force girls are doing that optical illusion pose torso forward, legs backwards pose again.  Maybe they're taught this at knight school.

This one is at least not as confusing as Mulan's, it just looks like she has her legs on backwards.

(Game art of Victoria Bloodknight from Valiant Force, XII Braves, submitted by anonymous)