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This is my foraging and mushroom log. Almost all the mushrooms and plants are from upper northwest PA , I also post homesteading, gardening and orchard info.**Mushrooms can be deadly. This is not a mushroom ID site. Verify mushrooms using multiple sources, and don't trust the Internet alone. **

Todays walk Can you find the snake and two small morels? https://www.instagram.com/p/CdRWcmqvk7d/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

Good pic for this time of year Morel on the right and False Morel on the left. False Morels and real ones look pretty different to me but always be sure. Beyond the picture the Morel will have a clean hollow stem going up into the cap structure. The false will not.

Foraging for lunch. Inky caps and ramp pesto with chicken and noodles. Also found a trout lily hanging out with the Ramps. Taking minimal leaves for pest to avoid harming the plant. Also inky caps have some poison lookalikes so learn your mushrooms.

It’s winter now but I did I big garden rehab this year. I was out of town October so missed taking harvest pics

Coffee, vinegar, and a mild acid to etch so pretty.

Found these guys in my mint patch. It reminded me there are worse situations....

Daughter learning how to start a fire after a rain with birch bark and a flint. This was for her history class. #trailwise

Used up some horseshoes today #backyardblacksmith #erie

Wood nettles todays walk #wildfood #Erie #forage

Walking in the back a lot so just going to post things as the come up in the woods behind my house woods. #erieforage #eriepa #wildfoods

‪Today’s walk ‘Scarlet Elf Cup’. (Don’t eat mushrooms unless YOU have done the research and are 100% sure of what you are eating) #erie #wildmushrooms #forage #wildfoods‬

This went through 2 major and a bunch of small iterations. Looks nothing like the plan I sketched up. They tak about lean startups agile thinking and looping iteration. Hell just try to build anything new. It will happen naturally.

Hacked this evening & got my treadmill knife grinder working again. So now just have to make it pretty & build a new hosing for the speed control. This is prototype #2, #1 threw its spring loaded arm across the garage & kinda caught on fire... a little..just the control box...