Equinox: A Spring & Autumn Vid Exchange

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Reveals and Theme Poll!

The vidders have been revealed for Fall Equinox 2018! Vidders, you are now free to edit your posts with additional notes, beta thanks, or anything else you like. Thank you to everyone who participated in this season's vid exchange, and to everyone who watched the vids! Before we go, we're going to do the theme poll for Spring 2019 now, to give everyone plenty of time to think about their nominations for next season. The theme poll for Spring 2019 is here! The poll closes at 11:59PM Eastern on Wednesday, November 14th. Please weigh in on your favorite theme(s)! We'll announce the selected theme here at the end of the week.

Treats due tonight / go-live tomorrow!

Hi Vidders and vid fans! Go-live is TOMORROW! We expect to go live sometime in the morning or very early afternoon Eastern Time, but we will make an announcement on our usual channels at the time. We wanted to remind you that treats are due TONIGHT! We have extended the due time to 11:59pm Eastern Time (if you're a few minutes late, we are not going to reject your vid, but please don't submit it much later than that). If you're still working at 11pm, please shoot us a note at equinoxvids at gmail dot com to let us know it's coming. Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Equinox Assignment Deadline Reminder: Tomorrow

Hi all, Reminder that tomorrow night (October 21st) is the deadline for your assignment vid! We generally run on the UTC time zone, but to give you a bit of extra time, we are giving everyone until 11:59PM EDT. Treats are not due until November 2nd, 11:59PM UTC. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at equinoxvids at gmail dot com. Thanks! We look forward to seeing your vids.

Default Deadline Approaching

Hi all! We wanted to remind you that the deadline to default on your vid assignment is OCTOBER 7TH, which is this coming Sunday. If you default by the deadline, and it's your first time defaulting, the only penalty is you'll have to do an extra check-in during the next exchange season you sign up for. Please refer to the Check In and Defaulting section of our Rules and Guidelines for more information about the penalties for defaulting after the deadline. Thanks!

Fall Equinox 2018 Mandatory Check-in

Hi, vidders! The time has come to check in and let us know if everything's going well with your Equinox plans! You can leave a "still in!" comment on this post or email us at equinoxvids@gmail.com. On the flip side, if you know at this point that you will not be able to complete your assignment, please let us know. All vidders must check in by September 29th at the latest; we'll try to contact you if you don't, but if we're unable to reach you by the default deadline of October 7th, you'll be assumed to be in default. Comments on this post are screened! Also, the AO3 collection is already accepting vid posts, so if you've finished your assignment or a treat, feel free to go ahead and upload it now. You can refer to the visual guide to posting in the Rules & Guidelines, or you can contact us for assistance. Thanks!

Deadline tomorrow

Hi all!

Technically, the deadline is tomorrow at 11:59PM UTC, however, we will not be checking in vids until Monday morning ET. If you need to use Sunday night as a grace period, please feel free to use that time.

Reminder: Deadline is this weekend!

Hi all! Just a reminder that the deadline for assignments is this Sunday, September 17th at 11:59PM UTC (click to see what time that is where you are). Please keep in mind that you must have a full vid uploaded and posted to the AO3 collection at this point. Partially complete vids will be considered a default. If you will not be able to finish your assignment vid, please e-mail equinoxvids@gmail.com as soon as possible. If you are working on treats, don't worry -- you still have plenty of time! The cut-off time for treat submissions is Friday, September 29th at 12PM UTC. Thanks! 

Vids in Space are live!

The very first Equinox Exchange vids are live!! The theme is Vids in Space. Watch all 54 of them at the A03 Collection for the exchange.

All participants should have received an automated email with a link to their gift vid(s), but if you didn't, archiveofourown.org/users/[yourpseud]/gifts will get you there. Please let the mods know right away at equinoxvids@gmail.com if anything is awry with the vid for you, your own revealed vid posts, or anything else. Happy viewing!