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hoodie guy❞ - Lee Heeseung

━✷ pairing: idol!heeseung x barista!fem!reader

━☁︎ featuring: enhypen, txt, ive’s wonyoung, kep1er’s xiaoting, treasure’s junkyu, nct’s sungchan + others idols that will appear out of nowhere

━✿ genre: fluff, angst, comedy/crack, social media au, old classmates to strangers to lovers, brother’s best friend au, secret dating au (?)

━✦ WARNINGS: grammar errors, typos, cringe, might be confusing, bad humour, being mean, jokes abt death, mention abt death, cursing, inappropriate jokes, being toxic, lowercase intended, will use uzzlang sometimes!

━★ SUMMARY: in which a guy with a black hoodie and a mask went to a cafe shop where he met a barista named choi yn who was familiar to him. the guy always goes back to the cafe which is totally not looking suspicious, until one day he left his phone and yn found it. what will happen when she finds out that the hoodie guy was lee heeseung from enhypen and her old classmate in high school?

started: ???

finished: ???

status: coming soon

updates schedules: no specific schedule

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note: will use aespa winter as yn’s face claim also yn and beomgyu are twins ! + hoping i wont run out of ideas ahaha

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PAIRINGS — idol!park sunghoon x idol!fem!reader

GENRE — one-sided enemies to lovers, angst, fluff, reader is known in the beginning but gets famous as time goes by, sunghoon lowkey forgot about reader…,

SYPNOSIS — yln yn and park sunghoon are sworn enemies ever since highschool. unfortunately for yn, she had undeniably huge feelings for sunghoon and wrote love songs for him. now they both are out of school, one being an idol, the other still writing songs in the comfort of their home. what happens when yn accidentally leaks one of her songs that miraculously ends up blowing up? and why does her voice sound so familiar to sunghoon?

FEATURING — p1h intak, stayc yoon, lesserafim kazuha, rest of enhypen and (probably) other various groups mentioned.

WARNINGS — based on “super sad songs” by zachary knowles! other warnings will be listed on the chap.

STATUS — ongoing!

TAGLIST — (open!)

AN — in honor of ‘silent treatment’ almost ending, heres ‘fool4love’ replacement!!! it was originally gonna be a heeseung smau but i changed my mind😹 ENJOY!!!! <333


PROFILES — 4lyfers (psh simp😜) | end🧍‍♂️

001. working on something new🤭

002. i blew up? im still here tho….


004. she- ew (lovingly)

005. oh? he’s an idol now


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YEARNING | Lee Jihoon (Masterlist)

synopsis: for yn it was love at first sight, but for jihoon it was annoyed at first sight.. oops?

genre: sunshine x grumpy!au, fluff, humor, angst (# love is not easy).

pairing: jihoon x gn!reader




photo gallery.


photograph 1 : fallen in love

photograph 2 : do i know you

photograph 3 : infiltrating

photograph 4 : soulmate

photograph 5 : agreement

photograph 6 : moment

photograph 7 : rice

photograph 8 : kdrama (written)

photograph 9 : flirting

photograph 10 : homeless

photograph 11 : oh

photograph 12 : pretty

photograph 13 : i think not

photograph 14 : crush

photograph 15 : friends (written)

photograph 16 : in laws

photograph 17 : ditched

photograph 18 : sleepover

photograph 19 : your dummy

photograph 20 : lovey dovey

photograph 21 : just us

photograph 22 : by my side (written)

photograph 23 : feeling

photograph 24 : runaway

photograph 25 : explain

photograph 26 : tonight

photograph 27 : nothing

photograph 28 : yours

photograph 29 : i promise (written)



( - bonus series for YEARNING ! )



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started: 220503

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¡¡ this smau is heavily based on the netflix series / graphic novel Heartstopper and contains spoilers !!

##summary: going back to school to start 11th grade will be much more interessting than y/n thought when she has to sit next to Jake Sim, a popular rugby team player one year above her and whose beautiful features that resembles to a Golden Retriever makes every girl's heart stop.
##pairing: popular ! jake x introverted fem ! reader
##genre: smau ! + written parts // highschool ! au // fluff!!! // very very slight angst
##warnings: swearing
##status: ongoing
##taglist: open!

ria's note: hi! this is my first smau, I hope you enjoy it ♡


TAKE TWO ━━ n. riki

PRECIS. while riki constantly assured you that him being an idol under a different label wouldn't be an issue in your relationship, you start getting second thoughts when fans start shipping him with his co-mc at music bank.

GENRE. fluff, humour, angst

WARNINGS. mentions of cheating, lots and lots of insecurities, arguments, kys / kms jokes i'm sorry, do not expect a lot of humour tbh + tba in respective chapters

BEFORE YOU READ. ok so the reader is initially a trainee and will debut later as the plot proceeds ( in first 2-3 chapters ) this takes place after the iconic jangkku mc era, riki and reader are in an established relationship. slow / irregular updates

NOTE. i see my jake smau straying further away from me and the readers but i can't help bc it's plot doesn't feel right to me :( like i have a rough chapter plan but it sounds so lacking, i'm afraid i'll encounter some major plot hole after posting and will have to put it on hold / discontinue it, which i don't want to happen :")) have fun with this smau till then, i'm trying my best to come up with a solution for my jake smau ^◡^ happy reading !

PROFILES . . . !

one | two

CHAPTERS . . . !

all the pictures used are only references and are not supposed to depict reader's appearance in any way ! the chapter titles and number of chapters are subjected to change accordingly !

OUR SPRING.yang jungwon

SYNOPSIS spring has always brought new beginnings, and yn was convinced that this one would bring about the long-awaited relationship between her and hybe high’s popular boy, sim jake. one surprising revelation later, yn now has to convince the entire school population she hadn’t had feelings for jake in the first place. fortunately for her, yang jungwon is (for some reason) willing to help.

PAIRING yang jungwon x fem!reader (ft. implied/one sided sim jake x fem!reader, as well as other implied/one sided relationships)

GENRE smau, romance, fake dating au, school au, love triangle, slowburn, some drama? not crack but my sad sad humour here and there,, and eventual angst

WARNINGS swearing, ignore timestamps, 03s+04s are juniors and 02s+01s are seniors for convenience

FEATURING yn, enhypen, sheon from billlie, jiheon from fromis_9, minji from newjeans, sullyoon from nmixx + misc. other idols

STATUS starting on august 16th, 2022

AUTHORS NOTE hello everyone :) i’m back with another smau after my break! nobody is surprised that it’s jungwon. the grip he has on me… i do feel a little bad starting a new smau while cmbm is on hold but! since this is my first work after a few months i want to make sure it’s one i’m passionate about. this smau will probably end up being a bit more plot focused so i can’t promise it will be the absolute funniest thing you’ve ever read :’) i also can’t promise a super consistent update schedule, but i am aiming for 2-3 times weekly! thank you for checking out my smau + i really hope you enjoy <3

this story is heavily based on the webtoon seasons of blossom, and more specifically bomi’s flower. it’s my personal favourite + you’ll recognize the similarities if you’ve read it :)



one — “studying

twotoe crunch

three — …tba

꙳ ៹ ་   ⊹ ʿ ♡

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PAIRING. Idol! jungwon x idol! fem! reader

SYNOPSIS. y/n, full name shin y/n. Is a member of the gg yxg. This group is under the company of B.I. (131). They just debuted in 2022 and have a amazing year. Some people recognisedy/n as the girl in the mv wayo by bang yedam, she was a trainee back then at yg. She then joined hybe and almost debuted in le sserafim but because of money she got swapped out by someone else and she decided to leave the company. That day she was on the phone with her mom crying about the hole situation. That’s where the members of Enhypen decided to comfort her. And most importantly Yang jungwon saved her life by giving her money so she could eat, rent and go to school. This small amount of money saved her life and when they meet a half year later at a music show, they became friends and this might have lead her to something big.

GENRE. social media au, idol au, angst, fluff, crack, strangers to friends to lovers(?), honestly very funny (my humour)

WARNINGS. swearing, tba.

FEATURING. enhypen, ive’s leeseo , p1harmony’s keeho, kep1er’s xiaoting, le sserafim eunchae, aespa’s ningning, Itzy chaeryeong, treasure’s jeongwoo, le sserafim yunjin and more

STATUS. August 10 2022 -

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NOW PLAYING. Run2u by stayc


2 | just those connected boys

3 | friends, fans and ew news


01 | tba

02 | tba

03 | tba

04 | tba

05 | tba

authors note hi! had no ideas anymore for the other au so here is this one again!


SYNOPSIS ── Becoming apart of the famous band ÈTOILE was wild; but seeing your ex from your high school days, the Yang Jungwon, in the number one ranked band ENHYPEN? Ha, even wilder.
OR in which you release your solo album, ‘thank u, ex’ based on your past relationship with Yang Jungwon — and things just get wild when one of your band members, and Yang Jungwon himself, realize it’s him you’re talking about.


GENRE(S) ➤ band!au, some angst, romcom, fluff¿, exes to lovers, dramaaaa!

WARNING(S) ➤ lots of profanity, kys/kms jokes + suggestive jokes but nothing srsly nsfw, betrayal, even the reader can be annoying LOL?, won is cold at first, hybe is 😂😂 goofy.

STATUS ➤ coming soon ♡ maybe mid august <3


 ౿  ⸺   ⊹  🐌📚 you’ve got mail ! ஜ 

the following plot is inspired by the film “you’ve got mail”

★   pairing  wonwoo x fem!reader

★   synopsis the second you graduated from uni, you opened a bookstore. however, a handsome stranger opens new doors for you, for better and for worse.

★   genre fluff + crack + slight angst + bookstore + rich kid + slice of life 

★   series warnings — not entirely a faceless smau, cursing, sexual jokes, more tba

★   started —  july 3, 2022  ended — n/a

★   taglist — (open) ask / dm

“i’m only here passing time in her arms, hoping i’ll find a glimpse of us.”

SYNOPSIS. back then, you and lee heeseung were the perfect high school sweethearts, sharing kisses under the stars and going to homecoming and prom together. however, that soon turned bitter when you find out you’re pregnant. you break up with heeseung after graduation, leaving him alone with questions filling his head.

it just so happens that 4 years later, you and heeseung get paired up as partners at your university when you find out heeseung has a new girlfriend, but his feelings for you have never been stronger than ever.

PAIRING. lee heeseung x fem!reader (kep1er chaehyun as yn’s face claim), lee heeseung x fem!oc (other enhypen members are mentioned) jungwon is heeyn’s son!

GENRE. social media + irl au, uni life, angst, fluff, ex lovers 2 lovers

WARNINGS. pregnancy (idk if it would count as teen pregnancy bc yn has jungwon when she’s 18), implied cheating? heeseung is sort of a bad bf to his girlfriend

AUTHOR NOTE. AHHHHH OK so this will be starting after to my: lover is done!! i was originally thinking a thriller jungwon smau but i liked this idea better so the jw smau will be postponed :0 this was heavily inspired by my smau from my old acc — the baby project @wonwoosh , and it’s also inspired by @117luv ‘s jake series! big ty to my best friend 4 life @srjlvr for helping me w which member to write for + choosing which header !! thank u sm bae 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏻

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yn n her emotional supporters🫂 | heeseung haters 📢

ONE — i am not a milf!

TWO — explain this lee heeseung?

plot: y/n is a streamer who dedicates a lot of her time spreading positive messages and giving advice to her fans. her crush on her best friend, heeseung, has been a secret for the last year and a half and she’s nervous to tell him. that is until he confesses that he likes her. but it turns out to all be a joke, and he breaks her heart. left feeling betrayed by his actions, she struggles to keep up with her schedule until someone puts a smile back on her face again.

pairing: jake x f!reader , heeseung x f!reader

genre: social media au (some written content), streamer!au, love triangle, angst, heartbreak. lots of fluff.

warnings: cursing. heeseung is an asshole, plays with the reader's feelings(unknowingly but acts like a jerk). fake confessions. my bad jokes. yeonjun & soobin being overprotective big bros.

starring: enhypen, txt's yeonjun & soobin, itzy's yeji, chaeryeong & lia

release date: august 2022.

schedule: every one to three days.

a/n: hi, another sm au!!! i'm excited for this one 💖 remember this isn't real, it's all made up for entertainment purposes. and i can guarantee my bad jokes and humor will make you laugh 😂 taglist is open! ideally, i will start this in august 🌸

taglist (currently open!): @nar-nia

y/n's team —

jake's team —















more coming soon...

lovesick. | Lee Seokmin (Masterlist)

synopsis : y/n finally works up the courage to befriend their crush! only to find out that their crush, seokmin, likes their closest friend, joshua. and somehow they end up becoming cupid for seokmin.

genre : non-idol!au, romance, humor, angst (as always)

pairings : lee seokmin x gn! reader, mentions of lee seokmin x hong jisoo (seoksoo)

note : i am not forcing any type of sexual orientation on the members, this pairing is only for the story. i apologize if it causes any discomfort.



my masterlist | series taglist




WATCH lovesick. NOW !

episode one :


start: 062122
end: -


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FAKE NEWS! | choi seungcheol x f!reader

SYNOPSIS: in which yn and s coups are childhood best friends turned practically strangers, who happen to share the same profession. both being kpop idols, they're no strangers to dating rumours, but a slip of the tongue of one of yns members causes the biggest dating scandal of the 3rd generation to occur.

unfortunately for them, yn and seungcheol have been chosen as mcs for inkigayo for the whole year, meaning they officially have no way to avoid each other.

since their dating bans have both been lifted, seungcheol suggests the unthinkable... "why don't we just pretend to date?" because yn still has a crush on you, that's why.

CONTAINS: childhood friends to strangers to lovers, fake dating, maybe a love triangle, lowkey jealous! seungcheol, kinda avoidant! yn, kpop idol stuff, strong language, sexual innuendos and wacky shenanigans.



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PAIRING. non-dol! jungwon x fem! reader

SYNOPSIS. y/n is a normal teen at school who has a group of friends, she is in the schools archery team and even had a crush on jungwon. But she got into a accident for unknown reason where she lost most of her memories. Eventually she is going back to school to try and remind everyone and of course to learn. everything here is the same. But the group where jungwon always sits changes because of the accident. They became troublemakers and y/n just feels that they were different before her accident. Will she find out how she got into the accident and will she find out if she is right about the group?

GENRE. social media au, school au, angst, fluff, crack, friends to strangers to frenemies to lovers(?), honestly very funny

WARNINGS. swearing, tba.

FEATURING. enhypen, ive’s rei, p1harmony’s keeho, nmixx haewon, txt’s yeonjun , treasure’s jeongwoo, le sserafim yunjin

STATUS. coming soon -

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NOW PLAYING. stereotype by stayc



01 | tba

02 | tba

03 | tba

authors note hi! ok so I changed the au but I will be finishing this one I promise don’t worry.

one more hour — yang jungwon

synopsis ✧ when you and jungwon are paired for a collaboration stage at mama, you both expect your weeks of practice to be filled with awkwardness. when you’re instead met with insane chemistry, you both find it hard to hide your true feelings, especially since both of your companies explicitly stated there to be no dating. well, that doesn’t seem to stop aespa’s maknae nor enhypen’s leader.

pairing ✧ jungwon x aespa!member

featuring ✧ aespa, enhypen, ive, itzy, stayc

genre ✧ fluff, idol au, strangers to friends to lovers, tiny bit of angst

note ✧ my first smau!! let’s hope this doesn’t fail or i will cry. anyways stream future perfect, red haired jungwon is the best thing to ever happen to me

taglist ✧ open!


one ☽ two ☽ three

chapter one …

summary: when y/n meets dk again after almost two years, she confesses to having a hidden pregnancy with their child. dk tries to be the best dad to his daughter but can y/n and dk build their family dynamic and start where they left off?

pairing: dokyeom x y/n (fem)


DELICATE. masterlist

a seventeen joshua smau.


synopsis: joshua hong, a single dad, meets you through his big friend group. cliche but it felt like love at first sight, though is he really ready to date again? lucky for him, you're willing to wait.

pairing: joshua hong x fem!reader

genre(s): strangers to lovers, fluff fluff fluff, cheesy and corny, the tiniest bit of angst

warning(s): swearing, food mentions, tba






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