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Looking deep into the eyes of the cavalier she murdered, you realised, not for the first time, and not willingly, that Ianthe Tridentarius was beautiful.

“Turn around,” she breathed. “Harry, all you have to do is turn around. I know what you’ve done, and I know how to reverse it, if only you’d ask me to. Just ask; it’s that easy. Dying is for suckers. With you and me at full power, we could rip apart this Resurrection Beast and come away unscathed. We could save the galaxy. Save the Emperor. Let them talk back home of Ianthe and Harrowhark—let them weep to speak of us. The past is dead, and they’re both dead, but you and I are alive.

Fic :: The Locked Tomb/Gideon the Ninth :: even time, she gets covered in blues

Title: even time, she gets covered in blues Fandom: The Locked Tomb Category: F/F Pairing: Gideon Nav/Harrowhark Nonagesimus Rating: T+ Word count: ~13,350 Tags: Nona the Ninth Spoilers (Locked Tomb Series), canon-typical body swapping, lyctorhood, Speculation, Post-Canon, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Kissing, First Kiss, potential consent issues due to kissing in a body that isn't technically yours, trauma of being in a body that isn't yours, and seeing your body with someone else in it, Crux (briefly), spoilers for NtN excerpts released before July 1 2022, No Amazon preview spoilers


A meeting in a diner on an unnamed BoE planet leads to an admission of feelings. 

Note: Spoilers for the released Nona the Ninth excerpts (released prior to the Amazon preview. I haven’t read the Amazon preview yet).