pocket full of stones

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That kind of man

"...but people confided in him - clients, people he hardly knew, he was the kind of man people liked to entrust with their sadness." - The Goldfinch

I know you think love has been toying with you, waiting for you to swallow the kitchen knives. It hasn’t. It wishes only that you would carve a dock into your sternum. The tide will deliver me. Husband, I’m coming

Jeremy Radin “And Now, A Word From My Future Wife” (via jacketweather)

I’m sorry I could never see myself out of the twitching fever of my heartache, that I traded everything we had for something that never ended up being. But if I could take any of it back, it wouldn’t be the glittering hope I stuck in the amber of your eyes, nor would it be the sweet eager of our conversations. No, it would be that last stony path to nothing, when we both gave up without telling the other. How silence arrived like a returned valentine that morning we finally taught our phones not to ring.

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz (via rarararambles)