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Anonymous asked:

Can I listen to Asking Permission again please?

You may! Thanks for asking! :)


So. I got super creatively inspired at Beguiled this year, and after a year or so since I last recorded a file, finally had an idea worth pursuing! It’s aimed at building skills as a hypnotic subject, with a focus on letting yourself be present in the moment of trance: letting go of past and future worries to just let what happens in the moment happen. It’s got suggestions to be better at going into trance, better at accepting suggestions, and better at your unconscious mind keeping you safe when it comes to only accepting suggestions that are safe and appropriate (tm Wiseguy).

No imagery other than the concept of time expanding and contracting. Take a listen, and let me know if you like it!

Feedback is literally the thing that makes me want to make more of these, so really do let me know if you enjoy it.

Ooooh a subject skills file! :) This is a really neat idea.


A weekend with Ella

I don’t believe in fate.

I believe in lots of things that don’t make a lot of sense when you look at them with a critical eye, but the concept of fate has never really jibed with me.

But if there was such a thing as fate, I’m pretty sure me and @ellaenchanting would have to have a little bit of it on our side.

The story actually starts six-plus years ago, when I bumped into Ella on a hypnosis site for muggles that’s still friendly to the hobbyists of the world. We hit it off a bit, and when I was her hometown not long after we met up.

It was lovely, and only the third time I’d really gotten to meet up in person with another hypnosis geek. We got to know one another and realized we had a common background. (She’s the one who had started a hypnosis club I was never aware of at our alma mater from this post!) All of this eventually led to us spending the better part of a day just fractionating the hell out of each other and doing all kinds of fun experiments with suggestions.

It was hypno-geekery at it’s finest, and it was easily the most fun I’d ever had to that point in my life. It’s worth noting that we’d had a whole big conversation about how staunchly vanilla we were and that we were for sure not “those people.”

But you know, life happened. We fell out of touch a bit, but Ella always stuck with me, and when I recently was going to be back in her hometown, I knew I wanted to look her up.

We met up for dinner, and despite having barely spoken the past six years, we picked up literally as though we’d not missed a beat. We caught up on life, and talked about all sorts of fun stuff. I’d actually not assumed that we’d do any hypnosis; it had been long enough that I was not at all sure she was even still interested in it. So when she suggested practice time was in order? I was pleased.

Among the stories from the night worth retelling:

  • Ella learned to appreciate my pocketwatch, which I’d happened to leave in my suitcase since MEEHU, a great deal. More on that in another post.
  • She had a great deal of fun using hand motions to literally mainpulate my perceptions of time… and my memory. Perhaps you remember that amnesia is my white whale, and Ella reeled that sucker in good.
  • I showed off some of the fun new kinesthetic trance skills I picked up at MEEHU, including outright theivery from a number of readers of this very blog.
  • We had a delightful mutual hypnosis experience that pressed all of the buttons those experiences usually press. That was really, really fun.
  • We talked, and talked, and talked about all the ways we love hypnosis, at least in the vanilla context. But at every turn, it was genuinely shocking how entirely on the same page the two of us were; likes, dislikes, interests, all of it.

So we agreed that we’d meet up the next night for more trancey fun.

I picked her up, and when we got to my room, there was… so much fun had. More mutual hypnosis, more fun with the pocket watch, more general awesomeness and same-pageness and everything wonderful.

Then she did a suggestion with me that was utterly fascinating. I think a lot of you will feel the same.

Ella told me that upon awakening from trance, I would tell a story. Any story, but I would just jump into it automatically. She then added that any time she clapped her hands, I would instantly shift directly into the middle of another story with no transition at all.

The process was really interesting, because with each clap the words flowed in a more and more automatic fashion. The leaps from story to story were hilarious to track in retrospect, but the automatic nature of the thing caused something I’d not planned for. You see, I started telling MEEHU stories,  including saying “MEEHU” by name. Twice.

Part of me was freaking out, because not being into this as a kink/fetish was sort of one of the key things Ella and I had bonded over.

As she let me finish the story I was telling (the one about the moment in the hallway with @zanythoughts, which is an objectively fantastic moment), it hit me that my brain was clearly trying to get this side of me out.

So I did. After a couple of minutes hemming and hawing, I said to Ella:

Tennfan: “So I guess my subconscious is trying to force this out of me, so… you know how we had that long talk about how we weren’t into this in a kinky way? It turns out that I kind of actually do like hypnosis that way.”
Ella: “Yeah… me, too.”

It was 1 a.m. at this point, I should note. That didn’t stop us from having the most honest, real, occasionally hard but also totally wonderful conversation I’ve had in a long time. We talked about what it is about this that draws us into it, and the parts of it we kink on/fetishize the most, and somehow unsurprisingly, we look at this stuff in such a stunningly similar light.

So we talked, and talked, and tranced a little more, but mostly just talked. She had actually recognized that story about her college hypnosis club on my blog months ago, and combined with actually knowing me in real life, had sort of put together that I was Tennfan.

So that pretty much completely blew my mind. But I also had told myself that if you know me and you find this blog and are able to connect it to me, well, I’d love to know that. Because if you know this blog even exists *and* you know who I am, I’d love to find other people who are in the club in my life that I didn’t know were there.

At around 5 a.m., I drove her home. It was, simply, perfect. I’d say it was better than MEEHU, this weekend, but it was something so different that comparing them isn’t fair. But what is true is that I have rarely been as happy as I was that night.

And that brings us back to fate. You see, I still don’t believe in fate. But I do believe that sometimes things and people happen at the right time and in the right way to make other things in life fall into place. Six years ago, Ella was a welcome reminder that I wasn’t the only one in the world who loved hypnosis this much. And a couple of weekends ago, we both got to remind each other that we can be “who we are” and still be who we are. And that is good enough for me.


I was searching the blog for something else, but then I saw this and it made me have warm fuzzies. @ellaenchanting: still just the absolute best.

Aww- right back atcha @tennfan2 .:)

Anonymous asked:

Any hypno sites you recommend?

I didn't know there were hypno sites! I just like the concept A LOT but I've never really like. consumed anything like that. and I like it when a story has someone get hypnotized a little bit.


The issue is that the hypnokink space, even more than one might expect, is absolutely lousy with predators, missing stairs, and other people who have been thoroughly excluded from "polite company" but nonetheless have a major presence. To the point it's often easier to recommend people to stay away from than people to seek out.

Also, my information may be a bit out of date, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • @jukeboxemcsa writes really excellent bite-sized hypnosis stories, occasionally blogs about ethics, and I have, to date, never heard a single negative thing about them.
  • @hypnoobiwan is a pretty big and to my knowledge trustworthy name in the community. Wrote "Mind Play", which I'd recommend as an excellent beginner's guide to hypnokink.
  • @writtenbynath is good people.
  • Lex of Entrancement UK... I have one personal gripe with him but to my knowledge he's a good guy. More or less the person doing excellent erotic hypnosis videos; his style is very recognizable.
  • @sweettist is cool last I checked
  • @sleepwithgiggli can almost certainly recommend more good resources, she's cool.
  • It's been a while since I checked but Vive Hypnosis is legit in my books.
  • The /r/Hypnohookup discord server is (or was, haven't been there in a while) one of the best discord servers for hypnokink. This is not a high bar - put a pin in that - but the community is nice, they take abuse seriously, and the moderators aren't using that to build a cult of personality. It's, at least, not overtly unsafe.

At the same time I feel the need to point to some very significant names to stay the FUCK away from.

  • Nimja is a predator with a history of playing with people he knew weren't adults.
  • NeuralNets/NNPP is a narcissistic abuser and cult leader with an extremely long and negative history. I'd say stay away from him, and also stay away from anyone who shares his stuff a lot.
  • Bambi hypnosis is a serial recruitment cult whose stated goals include overwriting your personality. They're bad news. Ditto "CORE".
  • In general basically anyone doing serial recruitment (a practice where you include suggestions in the hypnosis to share it with others; things like "good girls make more good girls") should be viewed with significant caution. It's a dynamic that almost always leads to abuse, "sub-collecting", and unpleasant results.

More generally, almost any discord server that's built around a content creator or specific genre runs an extremely high risk of being a cult or at least cult-adjacent. It's an unfortunately common failure state for hypnotists to realize that they have immediate access to people best described as "groupies but more so" and then act deeply unethically with that knowledge.

Be very careful of anything that looks or feels like a harem or cult - even if you enjoy the aesthetic (no shame, I certainly do) the underlying relationship model is unhealthy and needs to be cleanly separated from non-play activities.

Be careful of anyone who makes audio files but isn't offering clear content warnings with what that content aims to do. Know what you're putting in your head.

One more tip. "Hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to" is a common statement, and it's mostly true. A person in trance still has some control and won't typically integrate suggestions they find abhorrent. HOWEVER. Trance is an altered state where you are more suggestible, and you don't actually need trance to manipulate people. Negotiate your scenes beforehand; if someone tries to renegotiate things mid-scene, that's a huge red flag. Know your boundaries, and don't let people push at them.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. 🙂


Thank you!

I write mostly about real hypnosis sessions.

If you like hypnotic fiction I like Read Only Mind.

1. The tagging system is easy to use.

2. There are actually a decent amount of hypnotic works on there that involve consensual hypnosis.

As for good, ethical hypnotists who have a body of work, I always recommend @ellaenchanting.

That's incredibly kind @sweettist - I'm delighted that I've made a good impression. Thank you! :) (And I agree with the above- Caleb/Kael scene writeups are excellent ways to learn about/discover hypnotic possibilities!)

I'm going to mention some other folks to check out that haven't been mentioned yet:

@tennfan2 , @sex-obsessed-lesbian , and @rightthewaydown all have some really excellent basic trance files that are done mindfully and have clear warnings - sites here for Tennfan, here for SOL, and here for RTWD.

Both @theleeallure and Secret Subject are both pros that I admire - both for their skills and their kink education. Lee has pro sessions and recordings available - you can find more about her stuff here. Her amnesia book is incredible. Secret Subject has files and educational videos here . She has a whole educational playlist that's well worth looking at.

@h-sleepingirl has an Hypnokink education podcast and Patreon - she also writes educational books and excellent stories you can find at www.readonlymind.com. Her page is here . I'm going to second @sweettist 's recommendation for ROM- a great site with a good variety of stories. If you're into consensual hypnosis stories, also check out the @consensualhypnofics Tumblr.

Hypnohedonista and Sinister Denial make video hypnoporn under the label Mesmerotic- their main website is here. Spellbound studios also make hypnoporn- their site is here. All of these folks do hypnokink as a hobby outside of making videos so you can definitely tell the difference between these videos and some of the more fantasy-based ones out there.

I know some of these folks better than others- and some of them they may do kink in different ways than I do- but they all seem very safety and ethics conscious - as well as just generally talented. I'd recommend all of these as a good starter list for new people to check out!

Anonymous asked:

could i listen to asking permission again?

You may! Thanks for asking! :)

Anonymous asked:

Could I listen to the file again?

Yes you may. :) Thank you for asking!

Anonymous asked:

Hey, love your work! You might not be the best person to ask about this, but I don’t exactly know any experts- any recommendations of good kneeling positions? I’ve been listening to your kneeling practice recording, and while it’s helping a lot, my feet are always numb and hurt to flex after kneeling for more than a few minutes. I’m getting better at ignoring the feeling while I kneel, but it’s not very fun after. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you! And I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. Also I need to apologize - when I made that file I was already able to quite comfortably kneel for a long period of time so in my head I wasn't asking a lot from the listener. Then, I started running and rapidly got to the point where kneeling for 5 minutes was too much. So- I now have way more empathy for what an unintentionally big ask I was giving to my listeners. I'm going to say for the purposes of that file, any submissive position that feels comfortable to hold counts as a kneel. Even if it's, say, sitting cross legged with your head down and arms open. Or standing perfectly at attention with your head bowed. Anything that feels submissive and that you would like practice maintaining is fair game. :)

Thank you again for writing and for asking!

What is your absolute favorite way to hypnotize someone


Telling someone I'm going to hypnotize them and then talking and talking at them until it happens. :P It's a bit like improv comedy- taking an idea and running with it naturally until it works.

Anonymous asked:

Will you ever make a stage hypnosis file? You seem like you'd be very good at it.

Thank you! And.....maybe? I'd need to find a good idea that's different from the other stage hypnosis files I've heard!

Anonymous asked:

Are you spiritual? How can we use sexual energy to take better care of Each Other and Earth?

Sorry- I'm a big ole atheist. :P But I'm also a humanist and think sexuality can be a great way of connecting with and restoring each other. Also groups focused on sexual repression and related causes (anti-abortion/anti-queer rights/etc.) tend to take up a lot of the public sphere/policymaking that would be better focused on important issues like environmental justice.

Anonymous asked:

Pendulum is an incredible story. That’s all I wanted to say :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! :)

I don't know how many people still use tumblr or see my posts, but I just though you should know that @notthesecretsubjct is *not* Secret. They're posting her old work and gifs, including gifs she was deliberately trying to remove from the internet, and pretending to be her. Secret does not use tumblr anymore. Just thought yall should know. We have reported them, but can't do much more.

Sorry for tagging, but please help spread the word.

Anonymous asked:

Could I listen to the file again?

You may! Thanks for asking! :)

more erotic snap hypnosis files?


Maybe! I've got to say- I'm dealing with a lot of life stuff right now so probably nothing new soon. But I'll think about it!

Anonymous asked:

Can I listen to your file again, please?

You may! Thanks for asking! :)

Anonymous asked:

heya. I just wanted to thank you for the files and stuff you've made. your style is really interesting and has been a huge inspiration to me. I'm currently working on my first file as a christmas present for my boyfriend, and I'm sure this would've been a lot more difficult for me without you being around to steal ideas from. I hope the end of the year is treating you well <3

Oh fantastic! That's an exciting present- and I hope your boyfriend really enjoyed it! You're welcome- and thank you so much for the kind feedback! I'm really glad you've liked what I've made!

What is your absolute favorite way to hypnotize someone


Honestly? Right now, I tend to just kind of talk and talk until they are hypnotized. :P I'll usually try and throw in their own language or ideas around hypnosis to help.

When I get the chance, though, I'd love to do something purely kinesthetic again!

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say I found your writing last month and it reawakened a long dormant hypnokink in me. Since then I've successfully performed my first hypnotism on my wife, and I have a few volunteers lined for future sessions. Thank you for inspiring me to become the hypnodomme I always wanted to be. I look forward to next year's hypnovember. <3

That's so fantastic! 💜 I hope it continues to go well. I'm so happy to have inspired you that I can't quite express it- thank you so much for telling me. :)

Hypnovember 2021 Masterpost

Another Hypnovember done! This was my third year of writing/creating and I’m really pleased by how many people participated this year. I appreciate all of the works and all of the encouragement. I’m also pleased to say I wrote  over 21,500 words this month and recorded over an hour of content.

Here is everything I made during the month. Copying one of my favorite @jukeboxemcsa  ideas, I’ve also included a HypnoBS rating for every work about how realistic the hypnosis/mind control is in each work (IMHO). In this ranking, 1 means to is absolute bullshit and 5 is a normal Tuesday night (for someone).

Icons- 📰- story. 🔊- audio ⭐-author’s personal favorites  😍- romantic 🌈- queer 😴- regular ole’ hypnosis 🛀- brainwashing  👻- spooky ❓- non or reeeally questionable consent  🤪 -crackfic #-#sceneideas 😭-feeeels  🧙-witches 😳-exhibitionism 🦄 -mythological creatures   🔥 -explicitly sexy  🔁 switchy switches 😵‍ -intelligence play 

Choice quote: “There’s a life giving impulse inside you to squirm and make and touch and  create and connect new ideas in a way that feels SO Good. So pleasing. So creative. Sometimes that energy feels like it just moves through you, the second that you tune in.“

HypnoBS- 5. This had some really positive effects! Would love to hear people’s responses to this file. 

Fun Fact- The amazing @mindthebaron recorded this too here and it’s INCREDIBLE.

Day 2: Magic F/f 📰 🛀🧙😍🌈

Choice quote:  “Binding spells WERE powerful. She should have known that they would go both ways.”

HypnoBS- 5. Longterm hypnotic relationships tend to have their own myths and “I’m enchanting you” could be just as effective as “I’m brainwashing you”, if that’s what both people want.  

Day 3: Nurturing Nature (Nature) F-ish/others 📰  ❓🦄 😳🔥🤪 

Choice quote: “ Willow was new to dryad magic when this all started. She had never  MEANT  to make people love  trees quite this…literally.”

HypnoBS- 1 I love the silliness of this though.

Day 4: At Attention  🔊 😴 

Choice quote: “This is a wonderful chance to practice some waking hypnosis.”

HypnoBS- 5. I’ve done things like this in person but never in a file before. A fun bit of practice and very light D/s.

Day 5: Mirrors F/f 📰 ⭐😴 🛀  ❓🔥#🌈

Choice quote: “See? She told herself. This was fine. She felt ashamed that she had assumed that Brett would still be the same person she was when they were kids. She had under-est-im-maaaaaaaa……Darkness.

HypnoBS- 2. I’m pretty sure even with all that conditioning this wouldn’t work. Not with how set the main character is in the beginning. It’s a hot bit of noncon, though, and could be a fun way to do resistance play if you have recordings. 

Choice quote: Tell me- Cunt! Say it with me!

HypnoBS- This is not REAAAALLY hypnosis, although I’ve always found this particular Vagina monologue hypnotic- and incredibly fun to say. :)

Day 7: Pendulum  F/m 📰 😴# 🔥 😳🔁 

Choice quote: “He couldn’t believe Megan was messing this up-  the most cliche induction in the book.”

HypnoBS- 4.5. This is actually my go-to breast induction. I usually give it a bit more buildup than is written here but- totally effective. (I have a friend who does it even better than I do!)

Day 8: Wrong Person m/f 📰 😴😍#

Choice quote: “Gavin started to wonder if he believed in love at first sight.”

HypnoBS- 3. I’ve genuinely thought about doing this with some couple friends (with permission, of course)- but didn’t because I think it would be potentially hard to sustain mentally and kind of awkward if it didn’t work how I wanted it to. It’s a lovely idea though- and a gift I would like to give if I could. 

Choice quote: “Just- go deeper.”

HypnoBS- 5 What a fun little experiment to try. That’s why I love Hypnovember- being able to play like this with low expectations and sometimes interesting results. :)

Day 10: Spirals m/m 📰 😴🌈 ❓ 🛀  

Choice quote: “Suddenly there was a click. And the spiral….Reversed”

HypnoBS- Hard to say! 5 in one way, 2 in implications? This would be fun to play with if I had a reversible spiral.

Fun Fact- By day 10, I was going a bit loopy myself (which is normal for me during Hypnovember) so I also made this. If you’re brave.

Day 11: Aftercare F/m 📰 😴❓ 🛀  

Choice quote: “Jason was a very good boy for you today. He did exactly as you said.”

HypnoBS-1.5  I love the darkness of this one though- especially when connected to a prompt as gentle as “aftercare”. Hot. (If I do say so myself.)

Day 12: One on Two f/f/m 📰 😴 #🔁 

Choice quote: “C'mon, 2 on 1 isn’t fair,” said Carlos. “Even if it’s against your domme.”

HypnoBS- 5, with the right people. I’m not this awesome, but someone out there is. 

Day 13: Kidnapping F/multiple  📰 👻# 🧙

Choice quote: “Everyone knew Esmeralda was the worst witch at the age play con.“

HypnoBS- 5 (although I can see that being dependent on how you read it). 

Day 14: Surprise F/m 📰 😴😳

Choice quote: “Besides,” she winked, “I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ending.”

HypnoBS- 4. But only because the ink would smudge.

Day 15: Cult F/f 📰 🔊😴🌈 

Choice quote: “You see, our recruitment tactics are VERY sound indeed. In fact, we only recruit people who we already know will be joining us.”

HypnoBS- 2. 

Day 16: Hivemind f/others  📰 😴 😭#🔁 

Choice quote: “Now it was just important to let herself have a moment of friendship, of connection, and of magic.”

HypnoBS- 5. Mutual trance is magic- and, like the little ponies say, so is friendship.

Day 17: Wedding F/m/f 📰 😴 😍🤪

Choice quote: “Remember how you guys offered to help me with a sexy kink project?”

HypnoBS- 1.5. But I love my trickster lady hypnotists.

Day 18: Performance F/you 📰 ⭐😴 ❓🔥😳#

Choice quote: “Actually GOING to a kinky hypnosis convention was a huge step for you.”

HypnoBS- 1.5 (Maaaaybe. Mwahahaha)

Fun fact- Very much inspired by @wellgnawed‘s amazing Stage Hypnosis fantasy file.

Day 19: Doll F/f 📰⭐ 😴 🌈 😍🧙❓

Choice quote: “In another town, Goody Hulbrit may have even raised suspicions of being a witch.”

HypnoBS- 2, sadly. But I want it for them.

Day 20: Eyes F/m  📰 ❓🦄😴

Choice Quote- “Don’t look at the light! Don’t look at her eyes! She’ll hypnotize you!”

HypnoBS- 1

Day 21: Two on One Me/you 📰 ⭐ 😴

Choice Quote- “There’s no way to resist when it’s two on one.”

HypnoBS- 5. *winks*

Day 22: Possession f/demon 📰 🦄 👻🤪❓🔁 

Choice quote: “Patrazu secretly delighted at having another innocent under its command. “

HypnoBS- 1

Choice quote: “To walk across a tightrope, you have to concentrate VERY carefully.”

HypnoBS-5. Enjoy! (This was a one take, but really fun to make.)

Day 24: The T Party Tea Party (Tea Party) F/m (+ masc-identified) 📰 😴🌈 🔥😳# 🛀  😵‍ 

Choice quote: “Dax knew from Tyra that the tea contained a mixture of testosterone and a mind altering chemical of Mistress Mona’s own design. He watched each boi drink the tea and noticed how their expressions became immediately groggy. Dopey. Stupified.”

HypnoBs- 2, primarily because this kind of drugging doesn’t exist and liquid testosterone doesn’t exist like this either. But- with some modifications- a fun scene idea!

Day 25: Casino F/f  📰 😴 🌈🤪❓

Choice quote: “’Whoever decided to move the whole stage hypnosis industry to Vegas was a genius’, Becca thought.”

HypnoBS- 1.25. Sadly for my bank account :(

Day 26: Revenge F/m 📰😴 ❓🛀  

Choice quote: “In contrast to all of these ideas, however, her actual lair looked like a boring therapy office. Chris guessed that made sense- he had heard the rumor that Dr Hypnotica worked as a therapist before professional world-conquering.”

HypnoBS- 1

Fun fact- This took FOREVER to write and I still feel like the ending wasn’t quite justified- I didn’t have enough time to write this transformation as completely as I would like to have. Still, though, this one gives me very enjoyable evil therapist feelings.

Day 27: Clingy Nb/f 📰 ⭐ 😴 🛀  🔥😳#😭(maybe❓)

Choice quote: “Tonight at the party I’m going to make you be so fucking clingy. “

HypnoBS- 5. HOT. I’m not usually into degradation, but there’s something about this that is very sexy (maybe because being too clingy is one of my big relationship anxieties).

Day 28: Siren m/creatures 📰 ⭐😍🦄 👻

Choice quote: “Odysseus had tied himself to the mast, but he had never quite gotten their song out of his head..“

HypnoBS- 1

Day 29: Waiting On M/f 📰🛀  🔥😳❓😵‍ 

Choice quote: “Tizzie giggled as she fluffed the ruffles on her little pink cocktail waitress outfit. It was SOO much cuter than the suits she wore at her boring old corporate lawyer job.”

HypnoBS- 1.5. Although you could probably make it into a do-able scene. 

Day 30: Hospital  M/f 📰 ⭐😴😳❓🛀

Choice quote: “Jenna had never gotten into a soap opera before- she wouldn’t have considered herself the type- but something about Hypno Hospital’s happy campiness just charmed her.”

HypnoBS- 1.5

Thank you all for reading these! Thank you especially to everyone who reblogged, wrote me comments, and generally supported me through this past month. I’m going to specifically single out @daja-the-hypnokitten​, @wellgnawed​, @spiralturquoise, and Cammie for their proofreading/listening and encouragement- y’all are the best. :)  

I know this is a long post, but I’d really appreciate reblogs of it so others can see!