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This is my photo blog - It'll contain 90% cosplay or costumery in some form. If you have a question, don't hesitate to hit my ask.

I’ll be hosting a brand new panel at Yeticon this weekend! Check it out if you’re attending!

I have wanted to do a photo shoot in a pool literally since I made the first version of my Gabriel costume. It only took eight years, but Elemental and I finally made it happen back at Ad-Astra in April. elementalphotos did an amazing job lighting and editing these and I think that the results are fantastic. Everything I ever wanted out of the shoot (given that I don’t have any of Constantine’s weaponry LOL). It was really difficult picking my favourites to add to my gallery, but somehow I managed. … and the rest might show up in various places later on ^_^

Construction notes and full gallery: http://www.maishericostumes.com/constantine.html#Human

MTAC / March Toronto ComiCon photoshoots are available!  Msg me or shoot me an email at elemental.amanda@gmail.com (email is more reliable) I’d super love to shoot something grunge/horror/creepy with my new lens.