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Yeah, I know I’m late on the tumblr game. People are telling me its a good place for you and I to talk Degrassi:NextClass. I honestly still haven’t figured it out. Hence, my zero followers after THREE frickn’ DAYS!?! I hope I’m doing this right. Please follow me? I guess my handle is “stefantbrogrenesq”? This is embarrassing.

Hi Stefan!

You know what? Fuck all of these other pairings on Degrassi,  I just want my fucking Jatie. I want to know how my babies are doing and I didn’t even get proper closure. Are they together, or not? What the fuck, writers?

They don't live in the same place, so they're not together together, but whenever they're in the same city, they hook up, and even though they tell themselves they're allowed to date other people, they never do, so...