you're telling me a queer coded this villain?

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everyone asking me what my ideal future plans are and i have to pretend like the answer isn't living in animal crossing where my next door neighbor is a puppy wearing a sweater vest & i can earn a feasible living selling fruit & working in a cafe owned by a pigeon

For meals, my boyfriend has been eating wads of lettuce and raw turkey slices rolled up into tubes, and then biting chunks off a block of asiago cheese, followed by biting chunks off buttered hamburger pretzel buns.

This mfer has been separately consuming all of the ingredients for a burger and NEVER ONCE considered sitting down to actually cook a hamburger. I need to stress that it's not because making a burger takes effort he doesn't want to spend cooking, he literally never even considered that these ingredients could be consumed in the form of a burger.

When I sent him a recipe for smash burgers he said he would need a skillet. I said "Didn't you bury a skillet in the backyard" and he responded "hang on let me ask." A few moments passed and he said "No it was a frying pan."

"hang on let me ask" followed by a few moments of silence and a confident answer is a whole ass plural mood

He lives in an apartment with other people. People whose cookware he has destroyed and buried in the backyard.

any particular reason he does that??

He, and I quote "likes to bury things"

hate being the generation that remembers no ads on YouTube & the annoyance when we first saw 1 ad every 10 videos, then 1 every 5 videos, then on every video, then multiple ads within a single video, only for YouTube to market paying for Premium™️ to ‘get rid of ads!’ which weren’t even there at the start

I hate being the generation that remembers when I could easily find episodes of anime and whole ass movies on YouTube.

Hate being the generation that remembers when YouTube videos would buffer when you pause them, allowing the entire video to load and let you watch it without interruption even on slow connections.


The idea of dragons in modern times is so fun because imagine a hot summer day on your vacay and go to use the hotel pool and staff is like "valued guests we regret to inform you that the pool area is out of service at the moment, we apologize for the inconvenience"

And people like "wtf why" looking out their hotel room window and there's this. This dragon just curled up in the pool chilling, literally, cooling itself down

Some of the staff are trying to gently shoo him away and the dragon does a soft little "rrrrrr" like a grumpy cat and a warning puff of smoke and they're like "fuck it i don't get paid nearly enough for this" and no ones using the pool today sorry!


no one can ever ever see gay representation as anything other than representation which is why we dont have any like. diverse forms of representation. people are only focused on the fact that these two guys are happy and kissing that it becomes boring and bland and the same cookie cutter story weve seen a thousand times i want stories about fucked up gay people trying to kill each other what about mrs and mrs smith


once we start seeing lgbtq people in art and literature and media as more than just "representation" thats when we start to get the actual stories we want

not inclusive as in "yeah your identity counts as queer" but radically inclusive as in "if you say you are queer, then you're queer. full stop." being queer isn't some privileged position you have to earn or some special secret club, it's an allyship between marginalized identities where we band together to advocate for our rights to exist and live as we want.

the queer community formed before most of the labels we use now were even formed, and you bet your ass there were people a century ago who were nonbinary, or aromantic, or multigender, or, or, or, or! any identity you have an issue with is and always has been queer. as far as im concerned the only thing that revoke your participation in the queer community is causing direct, intentional harm to the queer community. you know like stalking, harassing, and sending death threats to teenagers.