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Failure to communicate

RALPH FIENNES Strange Days (1995) 


Like, this movie is such an under rated gem:

Directed by future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow

Cyberpunk noir

Uses Juliette Lewis as a manic pixie dream girl in very effective noir-appropriate ways

Angela fucking Basset is the female lead

There’s an interracial relationship in 1995. Not in the background. Not as supporting characters. Not as a one-off or playing for sexualization. That was Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett falling in love throughout the whole movie. That may not sound ground-breaking to us in 2022 but back in 1995? Like half of the US disapproved of interracial relationships. Even in in terms of representation in media, it was really really rare and IF interracial relationships were shown, it was mostly in an exploitative/sexualized manner (often white men with women of color specifically for sex). But this movie put that relationship -- a complicated familial and, eventually, loving relationship between these two characters front and center in the narrative.

This movie bombed at the time it was released and took a while for Bigelow to recover. It’s still my favorite movie she’s ever been involved with.

So some bad stuff happened on Friday and I had to get out of the house for a little while and shut my brain off. I decided to go see a movie and my choices boiled down to either Dr. Strange -- who is a character I’m generally meh on but it’s a Sam Raimi movie -- and Firestarter -- Zac Efron as Andy McGee???? No way in hell am I paying for that -- so it landed on Dr. Strange.

It was definitely a Sam Raimi film in so many ways and, actually, ended up being one of my favorites -- at least in the top 10. My only complaint about the film is that it reduced America Chavez -- AMERICA FUCKING CHAVEZ -- to the role of basic MacGuffin throughout the majority of the movie. On the other hand, jfc, Elizabeth Olsen delivered hard core.

Anyway, I walked out of the movie remembering that in the comics Dr. Strange worked with Blade several times, MCU is doing Blade, and wondering -- because they’re not living beings -- if Thanos’s snap affected vampires at all and what kind of fucked up ramifications that might’ve had on Dracula, Deacon Frost, and the vampiric ecosystem...

Occasionally, I wish I was rich and famous. Partially for the financial security and the ability to go out to eat and regularly leave a $500 tip on a $20 meal or buy out a fast food chain for a day so that everyone’s meals are paid for but also because I like to idly imagine being the kind of celebrity cryptid that can photobomb people’s pictures and no one realizes it was someone famous until they post their vacation photo on Facebook and someone replies with a “IS THAT CELEBRITY DR.V???”

(So basically, I’d want Tony Hawk or famous drummer that isn’t Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Don Henley, or Ringo Starr level celebrity status because, frankly, to be able to do that sort of stuff sounds amazing.)


So I haven’t seen the movie and, frankly, unless it takes a huge u-turn away from “billionaire goes around beating up people in poverty committing street crime, the mentally ill, and people with PhDs” the way we’ve had in the last several Batman film iterations I’m not going to --


Is there also part of Just Gotham Things(tm) where they, apparently, restrict the number of cats per household to 1? Is Catwoman/Selina breaking the law by having - GASP - two cats?

(If we do actually see more than just two cats in the film, please don’t tell me. It’s objectively a hell of a lot funnier this way.)

What if when we were born we were each assigned a Wikipedia page like a social security number would that be fucked up or what

do you mean a wikipedia page about us? or do you mean some baby is arbitrarily given the rights and responsibilities to update the paramecium article?

ok I did mean a Wikipedia page about us. But keep talking I like where you’re headed

What's your government-assigned Wikipedia page? (No rerolls. I am in charge of "1929 in Wales" now. Not a great year, some bad floods in November.)

So I ended up with the Ocean Paradise Diamond which I think means I’m obligated to learn a lot more about theft just to ensure there’s some updates to the Wiki page.

The feeling when they rebooted a 90s property you love and had a really niche pairing for you also love (there’s a reason I basically beg @eirenical​ for this pairing semi-frequently as one of the only people to, you know, write it) and nostalgia hits and you go track the pairing on AO3 and now the pairing is popular and you don’t mind the reboot version (it’s cool in it’s own way) but still can’t find any classic version

Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

You know, I was never that enthused about Leon in the games but this movie and the gorgeous dumbass himbo Leon Kennedy it gave us basically sold me on making him my second favorite RE character of all time (sorry, Claire is still #1 and has been since 1998), sadly displacing Jill as my #2

(In other news, Wesker was also a fucking amazing re-envisioning of the character because it finally made the whole betrayal thing with RE1 make sense and not feel like “Well, LOOK at the jackass and you expected anything less??!?!?? There’s no WAY anyone ever liked this asshole!” and I don’t fucking know what to do with the Jill/Wesker/Chris triangle which has suddenly become my jam out of no-fucking-where.)

So it’s the end of the semester and I am on campus grading work on a Saturday. When I do this (and I try to avoid having to!) I almost always blast music through Pandora (I’ve been listening to the platform for like 15 years so the algorithms know me REALLY well at this point) to keep me going. While listening this morning, thanks to an unexpected confluence of songs being played back-to-back I had the galaxy brain realization that the Eagles’ Witchy Woman is basically told from the POV of Dolly Parton’s Jolene’s man.

I was talking with some colleagues today about modern Tolkien-inspired swords and sorcery fantasy (surprise surprise all of their examples were dudes) and I realized I have no real way to separate out my support for poly people and poly representation in fiction and my extreme annoyance and tiredness at the gratuitous straight dude harem that shows up in a LOT of fantasy.

So I just saw Dune and am wondering how many of the people now inevitably shipping Paul/Duncan know about Alia? Or, frankly, Leto II?

It’s Halloween and that means it’s horror movie season but... where’s my movies where the monster is the one that’s genre-savvy? I mean, the closest I can really think of in this one would be Marybeth in The Faculty or Max in The Lost Boys. I just want more of that.

so there’s this 450K fic I’ve spent the last hour reading that’s got an interesting plot about healing from trauma, awesome characterization for canon characters, badass original characters, and I’m grooving on and looking forward to the second half until --

Out of nowhere, the main character develops an attraction and relationship that is so WTF on so many levels that I’m jarred entirely out of the story and now debating whether to finish it. Like, I knew I had a Fuck NOTP for this canon and this pairing is not it but -- like -- it could be? I don’t know what to do with this emotion I’m having. I can’t even characterize my emotion about this pairing though I did make the disgust face at my laptop screen when I encountered it.