Dreams of Spanking

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Spanking fantasies for men and women, imagined by Pandora Blake. Ethical punishment porn featuring romance, drama and adventure.

It’s female domination, with a twist. In this POV porn film, you’re a naughty child on the receiving end of housewife Pandora Blake’s ire. You are taken aside at a public event, and she has heard all about your bad behaviour – getting into fights, stealing other people’s birthday cake ...  Pandora is appalled. 

She assures you that when you get home, you’re both going straight over her knee for a severe spanking. A cherry red bottom is in your near future, and neither tears nor protests will get you off the hook. It’s what a naughty one like you deserves. Should you misbehave again she will not hesitate to take you over her knee right then and there - and yes, that would be embarrassing!

Fauni’s in trouble with Dr Barton again; this time, the the neighbours have complained about the volume of his music pounding through the walls, so it’s time to go over the knee for a sharp hand spanking in “Turn That Music Down!” at Dreams of Spanking now.

It’s not the first time David’s been called to Miss Blake’s office, but this time, he’s about to get his first taste of corporal punishment. Will it set the unruly teen straight? Find out in “Sent to the Headmistress” starring David Weston and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking.

Hey spanking fans,

You may have heard by now, but porn legislation in the UK is about to take an alarming turn for the worse with the introduction of the Digital Economy Bill. This bill will be a disaster for niche porn producers and consumers; it will outlaw the filming, distribution and publication of a huge number of legal sex acts, including spanking, fisting, face-sitting, female ejaculation, and full body restraint, along with making it almost impossible for producers to ensure the privacy of their customers. If you’ve not heard about this yet or you wish to know more, please read about these Draconian new laws on the Dreams of Spanking blog here, and this recent article from our very own Pandora Blake in the UK press. 

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please consider signing and sharing this petition. Many of the UK-based websites, performers, and studios you love may soon disappear from the internet forever, along with your rights to view them. We can’t let this happen without a fight, and we need your help! 

Love from Pandora, AJ, and the rest of the Dreams of Spanking family xx

Check out our super sexy femdom age-play film, featuring new girl Tai Crimson getting a stern beating from top bitch in the foster home, Nimue Allen. Wedgies, swirlies, face slapping, breast torture, and plenty of hard spanking in “Bullied at Home” at Dreams of Spanking now!

Pandora’s jetted off to Germany for the 2016 Berlin Porn Film Festival this week, and in case you missed it, here’s our nominated film this year “Please My I Come, Mistress?”. See the full film or read about Pandora’s trip to the festival on our blog here, and wish us luck for a big win!