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He looked over his shoulder, patient cerulean eyes slightly intrigued at the sight of Pandora halting her steps behind his figure.

“Yes, my dearest?” A short, yet warm smile. “Is there anything you need?”

Symbols in Renaissance Art

Lilies: Found almost exclusively in annunciation scenes, the lily symbolizes Mary’s purity. In some accounts the golden anthers in the center of the flower represent the “radiance of her soul”. 

Water remembers everything it travels over and through. / If you have been in water, part of you remains there still.

Natalie Diaz, from Postcolonial Love Poem; “exhibits from The American Water Museum” (via luthienne)

Anonymous asked:

Why do you keep everything in? Why don't you speak to anyone about your problems or unpleasant feelings?

“What good would expressing either bring, my dear?” His short smile was patient and understanding despite the lack of warmth. “They are my burden to bear, there’s no need to involve others in such a disagreeable casualties. I’m more than capable of sorting them out on my own.”

Anonymous asked:

Has the weight of things you've done or said ever felt too heavy to bare? How did you react?

“Why, of course. In two millennia that has happened quite a few times.” His demeanor was patient. “I tend to try to give myself more pleasant distractions, be it through the Blood or anything that could prove to be delightful enough.”

Anonymous asked:

Have you ever wondered if the problem in your relationships is you? If so, what do you try to do about it?

“What is there to be done about it, child?” He smiled bitterly. “I cannot change who I am.”

Anonymous asked:

Whats one thing in the bedroom you want to do but haven’t?

“Oh, my dear, do forgive me but I’m not one to expose such thoughts. Besides, admittedly, most of the creative ideas in such endeavors tend to come at the request of my partners rather than my own, if that would soothe a parcel of your curiosity.”

Anonymous asked:

I heard you are a nudist and in your house you're always nacked

Marius let out a small, amused chuckle. “My, that’s preposterous. I am hardly bothered by nudity, yes, yet I often have visitors at my home. Receiving them in nude wouldn’t be quite a polite or proper welcome.”