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Hi, I'm Anthony, and I like to draw dumb space marines 

I love that I’ve had some of the same mutuals for like over 5 years and we never so much as exchanged a single dm…..the amount of mutual respect…..

honestly, will poetic cinema ever reach higher heights than the part in the genghis khan music video where the james bond-y hero escapes and then promptly flings himself against the wall in lovelorn anguish and starts singing “ooh, i wanna make up my mind, but i don’t know myself”, echoing the supervillain’s piney lament from moments earlier, and you’re hit full force with the perfect epiphany of “OH SNAP, HE’S IN LOVE TOO!!!!!!!”??

i don’t think so. it’s just unbeatable! unbeatable!


Yeah!! YEAH.

This is what the enemies to lovers trope is all about, condensed into 4 minutes


Hey, @docdufresne ! I'm your Secret Santa for the @redvsbluesecretsanta event!

Docnut is one of my fave ships in all of RvB, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw you liked it, too! I had so much fun drawing this, and I hope you like it as much as I do! (Quarantine baking, anyone?)

Hope you have some lovely holidays, Anthony!


y’all have gotta stop using words like “abusive” to refer to fictional characters who are just evil. like yeah yeah whatever it’s a tv show who cares but like a pattern of abusive behaviour in an intimate relationship with a noted power dynamic (in real life or in fiction) isn’t the same thing as like, a supervillain in a cartoon trying to blow up a planet, and trying to equate everything to serious irl issues for woke points isn’t a good thing to do and kind of makes it seem like you’re trivializing it. especially when people use it in callout posts, like “this person supports ABUSIVE CHARACTERS!!” when they actually just mean like, they own a funko pop of darth vader