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Canon Created a Canva Competitor

Canon Created a Canva Competitor

Hey all! Today I am taking a look at something I’ve wanted to look at for a bit now, that is the new web app: Poster Artist. It was released on April 1st but I am somewhat happy to report that it was not an April fools joke, it is an actual product. So, let’s open it up and see if they did better than Adobes horrible Creative Cloud Express app. UI:To begin, Canon did make the design very similar…

Cinematic Satellite

Hello! This week I am revisiting a program that I wrote a post on in July 2021, Google Earth Studio! I have actually wanted to revisit this for a very long while but was still learning behind the scenes about new things I can do with the software and ways to improve realism both real-time and in post processing. I also recently got approved by mods into the private Google Groups community which…

A New Video Editor

A New Video Editor

So, I switched to Chrome OS and now edit photos and videos entirely through Crosonti. I have edited with a few video editors and none of them are perfect. I liked OpenShot and still think it is decent especially with the Inkscape and Blender integration, but what if we look at just Blender. Well, I’ve tested it out and am pretty happy with it! So, I’m going to show off a mini edit in Blender to…