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Nicolas de Lenfent “If goodness does exist, then I’m the opposite of it. I’m evil and I revel in it. I thumb my nose at goodness.”
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Day 2 & 3

The saga continues as I carry on reading to devilsviolinist every night and recording what she says in her sleep because it’s funny as fuck.  Rincey: Yeah. Me: What? Rincey: Stories. Me: Ohhh? Rincey: the more somebody reads, the more stories.

Rincey: Look what i did! I stole everyone’s powers! Me: Why? Rincey: Because I wanted to boss people around

Rincey: -random laughter- ———————

Rincey: Hm..that’s just crazy. Me: What? Rincey: Everyone being quiet. Me: That is crazy Rincey: Mhm. Me: Yeah? Rincey: Yeah because everyone else is quiet but Sven isn’t! Me: Should he be quiet? Rincey: No. 

Rincey: Looks like Sven is sticking his butt out.  Me:  Is that a bad thing? Rincey: No it’s not but he’s tripping people with it. Me: well that’s not nice.  Rincey: No it’s not, it’s rude.

Rincey: I thought I swore I told you Me: but you just did. Rincey: yeah but it’s different Me: Oh? Rincey: Yeah but its like fan mail and then it’s like not

Rincey: -laughs- Me: -half asleep- what are you laughing at? Rincey: Lestat now.  Me: what did he do?  Rincey: he was at an amusement park and had his photo taken Rincey: there was a Photo Booth but it was made out of the rollarcoaster and the thing you put your head it when you go upside down was the camera and thats what he did. he took a picture. 

things im currently in love with

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// small update: almost done with all of my replies (yes, I’ve been taking my sweet time). And that means they’re almost ready to go onto a queue which will post once a day so I can keep better track in the future. Also, keep in mind that I even replied to people who have since deactivated their accounts, went on indefinite hiatuses, deleted me, etc. So the first few will be like a little funeral procession. :3 Just like Pol said.

You’re not obligated to reply. I just needed to reply to everyone because that’s the honorable thing to do.

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1. Why did you choose your URL? Well, it was a play on divine violinist and I think I had seen it somewhere. Was it in the book? I can’t remember. Devils Fiddler, Divine Violinist. Probably a mix of the two. Besides, divineviolinist was taken at the time. 2. What is your middle name? I’m going to lie and say I don’t have one. 3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? Gizmo the Gremlin. He’s hella perf. That or a Thestral. 4. Favorite color? I like them all... rainbow. However, I’m rather partial to colours on the cooler end of the spectrum: blues and purples. 5. Favorite song?  Almost anything by Aesthetic Perfection at the moment. Though, I don’t think I could live without Brahm’s Hungarian Dance No. 5 6. What are your top five fandoms? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Misfits, Vampire Chronicles... and that’s it because I don’t really.. OH! And the Princess Bride. 7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? Um... I don’t know. It’s easy to interact with people compared to other sites. 8. Tag your nine tumblr crushes! They do the questions too!
oh, jeez.. I don’t know... weestley onlygivenonelittlespxrkofmadness deadlyfixations I’ve honestly forgotten people’s urls.. so if you want to do this, do it. I’m tired and can’t think.

I’m still really mad that iwashislight/asavagegardenindeed was chased out of this fandom by anon hate.

And that’s why I get so mad when I hear about anon hate. That’s why I get so mad when I hear about stuff going sour in this fandom. Because the hate in this fandom has taken someone I really fucking loved away from me. THAT hurts me. It hurts me because every time it happens, I think of him and how much it hurt him. And how much it ended up hurting ME because it caused him to leave.

Nobody should have to hurt that much over something they love when they try to share it with others that are supposed to love the same general thing.

Heard there was drama in the VC fandom...

Heard people are mad at others for being friends with me.

Heard people are accusing others of shit they didn’t do w/o any proof.

Heard people are outcasting others.

Heard this is starting to become a pretty shitty fandom where all the people in it are turning into miniature Anne’s and getting pissy over shit that is insignificant.

Saw my follower count drop by 20-40 people. Not like I care... but somebody had to have said something since it wasn’t that low yesterday morning at 7am.

Now, listen. Everybody needs to calm down. I’ve tried to be the voice of reason in the past and only ended up getting blamed for even more shit I didn’t do. Caused more people not to like me, and I’m going to admit that I even said some shit to some of you that I’m not proud of. But, guess what? We’re human, we all make mistakes, we all say shit in the heat of the moment, we say and do things we regret. But for the love of good writing, please, remember why you’re here.

  • You’re here to have FUN.
  • You’re here to UNWIND.
  • You’re here to GET AWAY from rl shit.

If you’re getting anon hate... then disable anons. If someone is bothering you, block them and go your separate ways. If you have issues with/don’t like someone... don’t talk about them, just ignore them.

I know some things get said that hurt people. People get anon hate that really affects them, but you can’t really control who sends what on anon. What you can control is whether or not to give people the option to even send anonymous stuff. Take advantage of the power you do have to protect yourself. Don’t point fingers. Don’t get everyone to side with whatever you believe to be true. Don’t guilt people for being friends with people you don’t like. Who people are friends with is none of your business, really. Fandoms are supposed to be like families. Huge extended families that all have a common interest/passion. Don’t forget that. Don’t let small things get in the way of why you’re here, why you even communicate with people here. Don’t cause tension or become the source of lasting tension between people.

Just take a step back and take a deep breath like it’s the last one you’ll ever take... and realize that it really might just be the last breath you ever take. Realize that being angry isn’t how you want to spend your last moments.

Okay? Okay.

ps. I don’t care if people here don’t like me. I don’t care if people here talk shit about me. I’m not here 90% of the time, so at least 90% of the stuff being said is falsified or exaggerated or taken out of context. However, if someone DOES happen to be talking shit about me.... I just want you to know that makes you a pretty shitty person.

Talking shit about someone behind someone’s back is a pussy ass thing to do. Anytime I have shit to say, I say it to that person’s face, too. So, if you have the balls to talk shit.... At least have the balls to say it to me directly. Thanks. I could use the entertainment.


He holds him closer, flourishing kisses across his cheek. “I know, but you’re not leaving and if I leave, you’re coming with me. It’s as simple as that…. I’ve missed you.”

Lips pursed, brows finally bringing themselves to knit, glancing over at him with a narrowed gaze. "What if I don't want to go?" Question answered with a question of his own, attempting to loosen Lestat's grip a little; wriggling. "Where would you even go? You've already been everywhere..."