On the Women’s March ‘Guiding Vision’ and its inclusion of Sex Workers

I am proud of the work I’ve done as part of the Women’s March policy table – a collection of women and folk engaged in crucial feminist, racial and social justice work across various intersections in our country. I helped draft the vision and I wrote the line “…and we stand in solidarity with sex workers’ rights movements.” It is not a statement that is controversial to me because as a trans woman of color who grew up in low-income communities and who advocates, resists, dreams and writes alongside these communities, I know that underground economies are essential parts of the lived realities of women and folk. I know sex work to be work. It’s not something I need to tiptoe around. It’s not a radical statement. It’s a fact. My work and my feminism rejects respectability politics, whorephobia, slut-shaming and the misconception that sex workers, or folks engaged in the sex trades by choice or circumstance, need to be saved, that they are colluding with the patriarchy by “selling their bodies.” I reject the continual erasure of sex workers from our feminisms because we continue to conflate sex work with the brutal reality of coercion and trafficking. I reject the policing within and outside women’s movements that shames, scapegoats, rejects, erases and shuns sex workers. I cannot speak to the internal conflicts at the Women’s March that have led to the erasure of the line I wrote for our collective vision but I have been assured that the line will remain in OUR document. The conflicts that may have led to its temporary editing will not leave until we, as feminists, respect THE rights of every woman and person to do what they want with their body and their lives. We will not be free until those most marginalized, most policed, most ridiculed, pushed out and judged are centered. There are no throwaway people, and I hope every sex worker who has felt shamed by this momentarily erasure shows up to their local March and holds the collective accountable to our vast, diverse, complicated realities.

Last year we went up to NYC & recorded this short quiet session for Daytrotter/Paste Magazine; couple unrecorded things + some familiars (playing my beloved custom tenor from Wes Lambe Guitars!!). Session came out really nicely. Plus you know it's a truly #authentic & #professional Des performance bc I forgot my own lyrics. Thanks Daytrotter & Paste folks, who have always been & will probably always be the best. Happy snow day everyone!

Anonymous asked:

yo when you finna put the lyrics to your new album up?

how you gonna get saucy with me when you’re downloading my shit for free? when you buy the album instead of illegally downloading it, you will discover the lyrics are included there. 

Hey I was wondering what's the name of the small, guitar-like 4 stringed instrument you play? I saw you guys at The Echo a couple months ago and ever since then I've been wanting to get one of those things and learn to play it. It makes such a beautiful sound. Is it an electric ukulele? Or what?


my 4 string guitar is an electric tenor guitar! i had it custom built by my wonderful friend Wes Lambe, & we made the body a scaled-down version of the rickenbacker 650c I normally play. i know that neko case also plays an electric tenor, but that’s the only other one i’ve ever seen.

RALEIGH 2NITE! Full band. Playing at Lincoln Theatre with La Dispute & gates. La Dispute reached out in advance of the show, wanting to donate $$ to folks working to overturn #HB2. We hooked them up with our favs, Southerners on New Ground, & La Dispute printed up a huge batch of anti-HB2 shirts (through our friends at Lightning Bolt Ink, a trans & queer-run printers in Asheville NC). ALL PROCEEDS FROM SHIRTS WILL BE DONATED TO Southerners on New Ground!! The shirts are FREE, so they are asking for donations.

Really appreciate the folks in La Dispute for asking how they could help, & following through with it in a beautiful way. Stoked for the show tonight. Last local show we have booked, so might be your only chance to catch us for a while. Johnny from Pygmy Lush will be playing with us tonight, stoked to have him. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Whoa. Terrible morning. Nothin to do but put on Perfume Genius & cry. This hits too close to home; my beloved cousin goes to Pulse Orlando all the time. He has located many of his friends but not all–so if you are safe, & reading this, & you party at Pulse Orlando, please let yr friends know. If they haven't heard from you yet, they are breaking inside. #pulseorlando

Damn. Rip Eddie Watkins. You helped make prolly my fav rock record of all time. Polvo changed it all for me. Much love to yr fam. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ahh this is so cool!!! SheShreds Magazine let me teach a guitar lesson (WITH TABS!!) for our song "Ties", off of Everything Dies. Weird tuning + finger-picking, but I tried to make it friendly for players of all levels. I am so stoked on this!! #sheshreds #desark

it's such an intense feeling when economic pressure is the only path to repealing a hateful law.

supporting job-loss in my home feels fucked up, supporting boycotts of my home feels fucked up. i love my home.

obviously these companies & folks have my full support; if I was in their position, I would do the same. but it is hurting us, deeply, & i wish our government gave a shit about that.

that said, if you're making a trip to NC—business or otherwise—we can carve out a safe path for you. nobody i know supports #HB2, no business i give my $ to supports #HB2. we can help you navigate this, & you are welcome here. please ask.

North Carolina, I promise to always live in you while being queer as shit. Everyone is welcome in my god damn bathroom.


Tfw a dude who threatened to have you gang raped last time you saw him is loading into the venue next door to yours. #SXSW Y'all I'm sorry but we will not be playing our last SXSW show tonight at Soho. Gotta take care of myself. I love my band, I love my label Graveface, & I love y'all who come out to support us. But I will not put myself next door to an abuser tonight. Thanks for understanding. ❤️❤️❤️

Bout to play this She Shreds showcase! Free n open to all! STUDIUM - 2108 Rosewood Ave. We play @ 5:30!

2NITE!!! We play 10pm at The Sidewinder as part of the official Ground Control Touring showcase! Come see us when we're nice n fresh & not stress cryin yet 😻😻😻

Pulling our #SXSW #outfits together last minute but I think we're all on the same page here

TONIGHT!!!!! Stoked to hit the road for a few more shows; Savannah tonight before we head to Texass. 8pm @ Congress St Social Club (all ages)!

New pressing/vinyl pour of our latest LP "Everything Dies" just came back from the presses after being outta print for a month!! Whoops 😬 #professional #artist. It's gorgeeeeeous tho!!!

any good male-fronted bands i should check out at SXSW this year? love a good male-fronted band. it's like seeing my favorite kind of music, but with a *twist*